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Rexia -- Two Truths and a Lie

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Fantastic sim that captures the essence of Talaxians, well done @Rebecca Iko! Who would have thought that someone could have so many second cousins...



((USS Independence-B, Gate A1, Terminal A – Amity Outpost))


Amity Outpost truly was bigger and more beautiful than Rexia had imagined, and the Talaxian leader yet again wished she had been able to pay a visit earlier. 


Ah well. There was no time like the present. And there was always the future to come for more visits and enjoy the marvel. Perhaps next time she could bring her daughters along, considering how frustrated they were at the fact that their mother got to go on this adventure while they had to stay under the shields that protected the asteroid from any immediate attacks from the Nedic Drenzin (though it wasn't proving to be as sustainable an option as anyone once thought.)


The Nedic Drenzin had continued to be hostile, despite best efforts to keep the conflict contained and tolerable, and the asteroids’ shields had been running for a solid twenty or so years—longer than either of Rexia’s daughters had been alive—without a proper refit since Voyager had passed through and helped install them. While the shields were still working, and working rather well, they were beginning to show their age. 


So, while the general support of the federation was certainly a definitive factor in the application for membership, the fact this conflict could perhaps one day be resolved because of what the federation could do for New Talax was where the real wins were.


That being said, a fun fly around the outpost just to marvel at its beauty again really couldn’t hurt, and she’d led the way to the terminal at a rather eager pace, her delegates trailing behind, struck and confused by their leader’s sudden energy and excitement.


Once the group entered the terminal, they were greeted by another rather stunning woman, who was said to be the station’s second officer, who smiled, straightened up, and put away her PADD.


Hopper: Representative Rexia! I’m Lieutenant Commander Robin Hopper. It’s both a pleasure and an honour to receive you and your delegates.


Rexia: Robin Hopper, I'm flattered. Really, ::gesturing around to her delegates:: the pleasure is all ours.


Rexia looked around at the faces of her fellow representatives, some more pleased to be there than others, but all filled with a certain type of wonder about the whole place. A wonder that Rexia most definitely shared.


Rexia: What do you have in store for us?


Hopper: We’ve prepared a very exciting demonstration for all of you – a tour aboard Amity’s principal diplomatic craft, the USS Independence-B.  ::Eyebrows raised::  She’s quite a ship. Why don’t we all go aboard? 


Rexia: Absolutely!


Rexia clasped her hands together, looking around the terminal again before catching Hopper’s nod and direction and following the commander with a spring or two in her step.


Hopper: The “Indy-B” as we call her has undergone some modifications to make her more accommodating as a diplomacy-centered vessel. I’m sure you’ll find that, while she’s compact, she’s very comfortable as well… Just through the doors ahead is the shuttlebay, which houses a variety of small craft and our Type-10 shuttle, the Gatineau.


A pair of doors on Robin's left opened for them.


Hopper: ::Indicating the lift::  Right this way.


Rexia nodded, looking around what had to be a lift before stepping inside, still as smiley and excited as she was when she first arrived.


Naxil: And just where is this taking us?


Rexia gave Naxil a smirk and raised her eyebrows a couple of times, hoping that that particular delegate wouldn’t mind a little bit of mystery. The Federation were all for exploring and seeing what was around the galaxy, and Rexia just hoped that Naxil learnt that he needed to open up his own little mind to the possibilities and adventure of it all too.


As Naxil and and co. squeezed into the lift (not that it was very squeezy), their host pointed up, responding to Naxil's question.


Hopper: Deck Two.  ::The doors shut and the lift began to rise::  When those doors open, we’ll check out the mess hall and meet some of your Bridge Crew for today’s tour.


More lovely people!


((Mess Hall – USS Independence-B))


Robin Hopper had graciously led them to the ships “mess hall”, where the rest of the crew were sitting and waiting. When Rexia came in she thought she saw the two starfleet officers trying their hardest to look professional, with their best foot forward, even while sitting down. Rexia was honoured, but she also wanted to see the real starfleet—the one that made a few mistakes and had fun! If Starfleet wasn't fun, then really, what was the point being part of it? For now, though, Rexia left these thoughts to herself. 


Hopper: Allow me to introduce Lieutenant JG Harrison Blackwood, who will be flying the Indy today, and Lieutenant JG Torvi Ylvor, who is in charge of our Security and Tactical needs.


Blackwood: Welcome aboard the USS Independence-B. It’ll be a pleasure to show you the nebula. 


Torvi Ylvor smiled, one that Rexia undoubtedly returned.


Ylvor: Pleasure to meet you, welcome to the Indy, anything you need, please let any of us know. 


Rexia: Thank you very much, Lieutenant. ::nodding to Blackwood:: and thank you as well.


Naxil: ::Indicating S. Richards::  Who is this? She’s not in uniform.


Rexia was just about to ask, in a slightly less gruff way. She wouldn't hold the gruffness against Naxil though—she never did.


Hopper: ::Smiling::  Samantha Richards is here to represent Amity’s Civilian Science contingent. The Outpost is, of course, a civilian-led station and our primary interests in the Delta Quadrant are diplomatic outreach and scientific exploration.


S. Richards: It’s nice to meet you. 


Rexia: Wonderful to meet you as well. ::turning to the delegate:: See Naxil! She's just another lovely person, here to show us the Federation's beloved Amity Outpost and Independence-B!


Hopper: Great! Now, Talaxian friends, please find yourselves a comfortable seat.  ::Indicating the windows::  Our adapted mess hall layout should be conducive to sightseeing and conversation – and the posted Crewmen would be happy to help you get familiar with the replicators.  ::Nodding to several attendants::  If you’re lucky, you might get to see a Hawlat Angel up-close-and-personal!


A Hawlat Angel? Of course, in her diplomatic career Rexia had certainly heard of the creatures, but she hadn't yet been fortunate to see them. Until now.


Ylvor: We will do our best to make that happen. ::Torvi smiled again:: 


S. Richards: ::nodding: That would be quite the sight. 


Rexia: It'd be so wonderful.


Blackwood: Hope you enjoy the show.


Hopper: Representative Rexia, we’d be delighted to host you on the ship’s command bridge.  ::To the others::  Let’s get the tour underway, hmm?


((Bridge – USS Independence-B))


Hopper: Lieutenant Ylvor, Miss Richards – how’s it looking out there today?


Ylvor: Clear horizons currently Captain. Waters look calm. 


S.Richards: Short and long range scans show all clear.


Rexia took a look at the results on the console in front of her, and gave Robin Hopper a nod, confirming what the two had said, though it was probably unnecessary. 


Hopper: Response


Their pilot for they day undocked the rather magnificent Independence-B, and slowly moved it away from the station, showcasing the view of the station, and soon the nebula beyond.


Ylvor: All tactical systems standing by at full capacity. 


Blackwood: Increasing speed to quarter impulse, just until we clear the station’s perimeter. 


Hopper:: Response


Rexia: I really don't want to rush you, but don't take too long! We have things to see, you know!


S. Richards: ::Quietly to Robin:: So.. if we see the Hawlat Angels, do you think if I find a small pocket sized one I can just take it home? ::Looking around:: I wont tell if you wont.


As the Indy pulls away from the station Harrison looks through the latest navigational data, ears burning as he just barely overhears the chatter in the background. A brow arching. 


Hopper: Response


The talaxian furrowed her brow, and kindly whipped her head towards Robin and her response.


Rexia: So you do hold authority, despite Samantha's position as a scientist?


Hopper: Response 


Rexia nodded, agreeing with the logic.


Ylvor: Response


S. Richards: ::Mostly to herself:: I would take really good care of it…


Blackwood: We are now at half impulse, Captain. 


Hopper: Response


Ylvor: Response


S. Richards: I was just joking, by the way. 


Blackwood: Uh-huh ::Nodding his head with an amused smirk::


Hopper: Response


Rexia: I don't know, do the stellae come pocket-sized? 


Their charming Helmsman then announced some more intriguing news.


Blackwood: Captain, we’ve just received a transmission from the Hawlat. 


Hopper: Response


Rexia: And? What have they said?


S. Richards/Ylvor/Rexia: Response


Blackwood: It’s the most recent coordinates for a pod of Stellaesirenia amicus, several of which are reportedly juniors too. What’s our heading…?


Hopper: Response


Rexia: If they're just there, then why not pay a visit?


Sam/Ylvor: Response


Blackwood: Right away, Captain. Increasing to full impulse. 


Hopper/Sam/Ylvor/Rexia: Response


Rexia: What is our ETA, Mr Helmsman? 


Blackwood: Response 


Rexia: ::clasping her hands together:: Then we have that long to get to know each other! 


Hopper/S. Richards/Ylvor/Blackwood: Response 


Rexia: Well… what's a good get to know you question then? 


Rexia smiled, staring out at the nebula shown on the viewscreen as she thought.


Rexia: How many cousins do you each have? I have twelve. Plus one hundred and nine second cousins.


Hopper/S. Richards/Ylvor/Blackwood: Response 


Rexia nodded, realising that that question was perhaps not the best conversation starter, and afyer some more thought, decided to move to another question down the list.


Rexia: So. The United Federation of Planets. Obviously you all know about it and love and enjoy it, but what does it mean to you? 


The Talaxian raised her hand suddenly, cutting off anyone who wanted to get a word in, and instead continued defining the task for the Starfleet officers and Civilian Scientist.


Rexia: I don't want a textbook definition! I want to hear it straight from you. The best things about the federation, and some of the worse things.


Though their captain was the outpost's second officer, without the highest ranks trying their best to persuade the Talaxians to join the federation, Rexia wanted to hear some of the other, stranger and quirker and possibly problematic bits before she went off to help sign papers. Just to make sure.


Hopper/S. Richards/Ylvor/Blackwood: Response 








Talaxian Leader & Representative 



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