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MSNPC Senna Kor - Risky is the Road

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Zenno is known for his world creation, but he exceled himself again with this introduction of a new MSNPC. It has been a joy to read, thanks, @Zenno



((Dome Selegrathe, on the surface of Emisa III))

Senna Kor’s tail curled tightly, as it did whenever she was deep in thought. She leaned over the rickety table, studying the maps of the underground tunnels, where most of the clan lived. Since the collapse of the fourth wing, mostly everyone had moved into the second, but space was tight and rations, even tighter.

The drip-drip of the contaminated rain water from this morning, seeping in through the cracks in the joints of the dome kept time for her as the minutes passed. She wished she had convinced more of the clan to move into the domes, but the old superstitions were hard to break. Nevertheless, they had to risk, as Rodonthi Crusader Patrols were getting bolder, pushing her people further back, and the Moon People, well, the Moon People continued to do as they have always done.

She looked at the old radio, still powered by a barely working generator. When the generator quit, they had no parts to fix it. Another piece of the old world, gone forever. The broadcast loop had continued now for eight revolutions. Would the ninth be different? She didn’t think it would, but the people had hopes. And she was a dealer in hope. It was all they had, living in the ruins of what was. But her contemplations were interrupted by War Captain Sullustis.

He strode into the dome, his nose already crinkling with the musty and damp odors that assaulted him. Like all his people, he was lean and wiry. But unlike Senna’s coppery skin, he was silvery and the sunlight, fractured as it was by the cracks both old and new in the dome made quite the rainbow effect on his arms as he strode towards her.

Sullustis: Senna, the Rondonthi zealots attacked the Cave of Whispering. Three of ours were taken, likely converted or put to death. But we drove them back, killing five. Should we pursue and take revenge? His tail, lithe and supple, hung low, indicating his anger.

Senna’s tail draped around her shoulder, with the end to her right, indicating a gracious welcome. She turned from the unbalanced table which shifted as soon as she took her hands off it.

Senna: War Captain. No, we don’t have time. I think the Death Towers have destabilized everything below the third level. ::beat:: Get the people ready to move. I want every Warrior ready to fight, and that includes able boys and girls who can hold a knife. We leave tomorrow. ::turns back towards the map::

Sullustis had not expected this response at all. His tail wrapped around his left arm. He had to secure it otherwise it would have indicated his extreme displeasure at this turn of events.

Sullustis: But Senna, where are we going, if not to pursue?

Senna: Here. ::points at the map::

The War Captain looked and his eyes grew big and his tail fell off his arm and went straight back in surprise.

Sullustis: That.. that… ::restarts:: Is that wise? What is the plan?

Senna:: The plan, my dear friend, is that we must risk. We must move everyone and leave nothing here for our enemies. And we will administer violence to any who offer to oppose us. 

Sullustis: And then?

Her tail coiled and tensed.

Senna: My friend, we are going to send a message to the Moon People that they cannot ignore as they have done for countless revolutions past. They are going to have to come down here. We will put their tails to the test. ::pauses, looks at the map:: And if the result is what we suspect, we will kill every last one of them and rejoice in it.

Edited by Connor Dewitt
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