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pNPCs Gravestone, Fizzlewick and Twigglenock - Guitars wail like the dragons roar!

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I really like how the NPC's were displayed here, @Karen Stendhal, plus bonus song! :)


((The Mystical Realm of Eldoria))


Wethern: Ummm, Korras are you familiar with an old Earth mythical creature of a dragon? You know breathes fire, tends to eat adventurers. ::looking at the Dragon:: Nice dragon, friendly Dragon.

Korras: I have read about them. An overgrown Krencha that spits fire.

The red dragon stood there in a tense standoff, a colossal manifestation of Eldoria's raw power. Its scales, a fiery red hue, gleamed in the dim light of the cave, reflecting the heat and intensity within. Towering horns adorned its regal head, a testament to the strength and majesty that this mythical creature possessed.

Wings, stretched wide and mighty, seemed poised for flight, though currently, they remained folded, emphasizing the dragon's imposing stature. The creature's eyes, a fierce and intelligent gaze, surveyed the surroundings with an air of ancient wisdom. As it snorted and growled, the cavern seemed to resonate with the very essence of Eldoria's mysticism, creating an atmosphere both fearsome and awe-inspiring.

In the standoff, the red dragon exuded an aura of guardian-like authority, ready to defend its realm against any intruders. The cavern, bathed in the glow of the dragon's fiery presence, became a sacred space where the mythical and the tangible converged, creating a moment etched in the annals of Eldoria's folklore.

Wethern: Do any of you know who brought this dragon? I'm pretty sure this cave had a no pets clause. Also anyone know how to get rid of it?

Fizzlewick: Oh my enchanted gears and gizmos! Look at the magnificence of those scales, shimmering like a thousand tiny rainbows in the sunlight. The horns curling majestically, a crown fit for the mightiest of mythical creatures. This dragon, it's like a living, breathing treasure trove of wonder!

Twigglenook: By the ancient oak trees! That creature is a marvel of Eldoria's mysticism. Look at the wings, the very essence of flight and freedom. The snorting and growling echo the tales of our ancestors. It's both fearsome and awe-inspiring, a guardian of the realms, perhaps.

Gravestone: Well, I'll be a gnome's uncle! That dragon's got a presence that shakes the very stones of Eldoria. The scales, tough as the mightiest fortress, and those horns could pierce through the thickest armor. Eldoria's guardian indeed, with eyes that gleam with ancient wisdom. It's like witnessing a living legend right here in our mystical abode.

Lemoncable: I think you’ll find he’s my pet.

Korras: I am not surprised.

Wethern: Korras you hold this beastie off and I'll look what help we have. ::Looking through the vials talking to himself:: Hmmm Love Potion Number 9, Instant Luck, Superstition, Ring of Fire. Oooo what is this.

Fizzlewick: Feast your enchanted eyes upon my prized potions! Behold the Elixir of Luminosity, a brew that bathes the wielder in a radiant glow, lighting up even the darkest corners. And over here, the Sparkling Brew of Levity, a potion that grants the drinker the agility of a mischievous sprite, dancing through the air with whimsical grace.

Twigglenook: These potions, crafted by the ancient wisdom of Eldoria's forests, are my companions in the mystic dance of battle. The Whispering Wind Elixir, when sipped, renders me as elusive as a zephyr, and the Thunderstrike Draught channels the very storms of Eldoria into my weapon, crackling with electric might.

Gravestone: These weapons of mine ain't just pieces of metal, they're imbued with the soul of Eldoria itself! This here Hammer of Resonance, when swung, echoes with the very heartbeat of our realm, striking fear into the hearts of foes. And my trusty Shield of Twilight, woven with the essence of the setting sun, grants me unparalleled defense against the darkest of adversaries.

In the hands of Fizzlewick, Twigglenook, and Gravestone, these potions and weapons weave a tapestry of magical prowess, each sip and swing a harmonious symphony in the grand saga of Eldoria.

Korras: I think the dragon is the least of our problems.

Lemoncable: Well, you aren’t the only ones with a few tricks up your sleeves.

Fizzlewick, Twigglenook, and Gravestone witnessed the sorcerer's move as he cast a spell, summoning thick vines from the cave's floor and walls. As Zalagon roared, advancing menacingly, the vines started to slither toward the adventurers. The trio's response echoed in question marks, uncertain of the impending danger posed by both the magical vines and the approaching dragon.

Fizzlewick's eyes widened with a mix of fascination and trepidation as he observed the sorcerer's magical incantation. The summoned vines twisted and coiled, a spectacle of enchantment that ignited Fizzlewick's curiosity. Yet, an undercurrent of concern bubbled within him, unsure of the impending danger that lurked with each undulating movement of the vines.

Twigglenook's brows furrowed in thoughtful contemplation, his keen eyes analyzing the unfolding magic. The vines, conjured with a mysterious force, sent shivers down Twigglenook's spine. He sensed the imminent challenge, a puzzle to be solved in the dance between magic and reality, leaving him both intrigued and wary.

Gravestone, ever stoic, observed the sorcerer's spell with a watchful gaze. The vines, thick and sinuous, bore an air of ominous intent. Gravestone's grip tightened on his mystical weapon, ready for whatever adversities the magical display might unleash. A sense of determination flickered in his eyes, knowing that Eldoria's fate hung in the balance of their reactions to this arcane spectacle.

Fizzlewick: ::Eyes wide with excitement:: Well, blow me down with enchanted breezes! Did you see the finesse in that spell? Those vines are practically pirouetting! But, erm, lads, do you reckon this is a friendly forest dance, or are we about to be twirled into a knot of trouble?

Twigglenook: ::Brows furrowed in contemplation:: Intriguing, indeed. The sorcerer's mastery over the natural elements is unparalleled. Yet, my friends, there's an unsettling whisper in the wind. These vines, they may be serenading us into a trap. What say you? Time to unsheathe our mystical wits?

Gravestone: ::Stoic, gripping his weapon:: Ain't no song and dance I signed up for. Them vines look mighty ominous, like a nest of enchanted serpents. Hold tight, mates. I reckon we're in for a wild ride. ::Nods towards the advancing vines:: Ready yourselves, and let's show Eldoria we ain't ones to be tangled easily.

Korras: I have had enough of this. DabuQlu'DI' yISuv. ((OOC: When threatened, fight))

Fizzlewick, Twigglenook, and Gravestone witnessed a surprising turn of events when the Klingon, to their utter amazement, diverted his attention away from the dragon. Corey, the valiant healer, unsheathed his sword and skillfully kept the dragon at bay with precise swipes, gradually weakening the creature as the sorcerer struggled with a change in its power.

Korras, with a swift and unexpected move, retrieved three throwing knives from his belt and hurled two of them with impeccable accuracy at the sorcerer's shoulders. The knives hit their mark, causing the holographic figure to collapse to the ground. Lemoncable, the sorcerer, felt a momentary disruption in his photonic form.

As the sorcerer looked up at the Klingon, the expression of shock still etched on his diabolical face, the trio of witnesses couldn't help but marvel at the unexpected twist in the unfolding magical drama.

Korras: ::holding the third knife, aimed directly at the sorcerers chest:: Now, either end this ::motioning to the dragon with his other hand::, or be ended.

Lemoncable: Typical Klingon. Always ruining the fun!

Fizzlewick, Twigglenook, and Gravestone observed as the dragon shifted its attention back to the cave, intermittently flickering within and outside of the simulation. In response, Corey, with a determined stance, directed the tip of his weapon toward the sorcerer.
Wethern: Looks like you are outgunned, well out knifed, slash sword. Pardon the gun.

Fizzlewick: ::Scratching his head:: Well, I reckon we've found ourselves in a bit of a magical melee, haven't we? Outgunned, outknifed, and the poor dragon's stuck in the middle. What's our enchanted strategy, mates?

Twigglenook: ::Rubbing his chin:: Aye, outmatched in the arms department, but there's always a trick or two up Eldoria's sleeves. Perhaps a sprinkle of fairy dust or a whispered charm could tip the scales in our favor. What say you, Gravestone?

Gravestone: ::Gripping his weapon:: No doubt, we're in a bit of a pickle. But I've faced tougher challenges in the enchanted woods. We may be outknifed, but our resolve is unyielding. Let's stand our ground, mates, and show 'em the might of Eldoria!

Korras: If he could have stopped the knives, he would have done so already. The safety protocols work either for all, or for none. And they do not protect the holograms themselves.

Wethern: So that means if we take whatever the hell this is out here then it's done for.

Fizzlewick, Twigglenook, and Gravestone observed as Corey cautiously advanced, strategically avoiding the swords' line of sight.

Lemoncable, on the other hand, cast a glance at the dragon and the vines. Both appeared to be experiencing glitches, with flames flickering. His reaction was one of nonchalance, rolling his eyes at the seemingly erratic display of magic.

Lemoncable: Fine. You win this round, Starfleet. But I’ll be back when you least expect it.

Fizzlewick: ::Chuckles nervously:: Well, that sorcerer fella may be bowing out for now, but I can't help but wonder if he's got a trick or two up his holographic sleeve. What do you reckon, Twigglenook?

Twigglenook: ::Rubbing his chin:: Indeed, Fizzlewick. There's an air of mischief in his parting words. Perhaps there's more to this sorcerer's tale than meets the enchanted eye. Gravestone, your thoughts?

Gravestone: ::Squinting:: Can't trust a sorcerer's words as far as you can throw an enchanted boulder. But mark my words, we best stay vigilant. A hologram with a vendetta ain't something to be taken lightly.
Korras: What are you? And what are you doing in this holodeck?

Lemoncable: Ha! Wouldn’t you like to know?

Fizzlewick, Twigglenook, and Gravestone witnessed as the sorcerer vanished in a puff of smoke. Corey, responding to this magical disappearance, sheathed his sword. A slight glitch ensued, followed by the reappearance of the holodeck arch.

Wethern:  I'm not sure what any of that just was however we need to get out of here and speak to engineering.

Fizzlewick: ::Wide-eyed:: Well, that was a whirlwind of enchanted madness! Any idea what just transpired, mates?

Twigglenook: ::Pondering:: Eldoria's mystic dance has taken an unexpected turn. I'm as puzzled as a pixie in a labyrinth. Wethern mentioned heading to engineering. Thoughts?

Gravestone: ::Frowning:: Don't like mysteries much, especially when they mess with our enchanted realm. What's the plan, then? Off to seek counsel from the wizards of machinery?

Fizzlewick: ::Nodding:: Aye, let's unravel this tapestry of confusion.  May Eldoria guide our way through these peculiar twists and turns.

They move purposefully towards the exit of the cave.

A rock song started to play at the end of this magical story...
((OOC based on Queen's Ogre Battle))

(Verse 1)
In the realm of Eldoria, where magic meets the light,
A battle raged with fury, a clash in the mystical night.
Lemoncable's holograms, dancing in the air,
Red Dragon and gargoyles, a chaotic affair.

But heroes emerged from history's page,
Korras and Wethern, strong and brave.
In the heart of the battle, they stood tall,
Fighting for Eldoria, they answered the call.

Oh, the heroes of history, with swords in hand,
Defenders of Eldoria, against the sorcerer's command.
Through the glitches and flames, they never fall,
Korras and Wethern, the saviors of all.

(Verse 2)
The sorcerer vanished, a puff of mystic smoke,
Corey sheathed his sword, and the holograms broke.
A glitch in the matrix, a momentary pause,
In the holodeck's arch, the resolution draws.

But heroes emerged from history's page,
Korras and Wethern, strong and brave.
In the heart of the battle, they stood tall,
Fighting for Eldoria, they answered the call.

Oh, the heroes of history, with swords in hand,
Defenders of Eldoria, against the sorcerer's command.
Through the glitches and flames, they never fall,
Korras and Wethern, the saviors of all.

Guitars wail like the dragons roar,
In the realm of Eldoria, forevermore.
Through holographic storms and glitches in the night,
Korras and Wethern, they'll stand and fight.

(Guitar Solo)

(Verse 3)
Now the battle's over, the heroes prevail,
In Eldoria's tale, they set the sail.
The echoes of their victory in the enchanted air,
A rock anthem for heroes, a triumphant flare.

Oh, heroes emerged from history's page,
Korras and Wethern, strong and brave.
In the heart of the battle, they stood tall,
Fighting for Eldoria, they answered the call.

Oh, the heroes of history, with swords in hand,
Defenders of Eldoria, against the sorcerer's command.
Through the glitches and flames, they never fall,
Korras and Wethern, the saviors of all.

In the rock anthem of Eldoria's lore,
Korras and Wethern, forevermore.
A tale of magic, battles, and might,
In the realm of heroes, where legends ignite.

End of the story for Gravestone, Fizzlewick and Twigglenock

Gravestone, Fizzlewick and Twigglenock
The Eldoria three companions.

Played by

Liutenant JG Karen Trisha Stendhal
Starbase 118 Ops  


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