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Star Trek Adventuring


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I'm CET/ UTC+1! I prefer weekends :D

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Hi All! 

Thanks for all the responses, it's been super useful.

Just a few more days to wait to ensure that everyone that wants to play has a chance to add their time zone. 

Full disclosure: if you do not add your timezone to this thread you won't be included on my list, alternatively you can drop me a DM on discord or on here and I'll add you with your timezone. 

If you've written on one of the channels that you're interested but you haven't reached out to me or left a note on this thread you will not be on my list.


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Hi Everyone!

We are getting to crunch time!

@Gila Sadar, @Talos Dakora, @Alieth, @IsKah, @Lhandon_Nilsen, @DrPsyPhi, @Jaseb Chevalier, @T'Mar/Mel, @TAma, @ArthurStrathmore

Above are all the names on my list (if any are missing please let me know!).

Timezones: GMT, GMT+1, US EST, US MST, US Central Time, US CST, US EST

So now on to the next order of business - Session 0. I imagine the session would last no longer than 2 hours. 

I have some options for this: 

Saturday 3rd Feb - Potential start time from GMT 9pm, starting no later than 11pm. 

Sunday 4th Feb - Potential start time from GMT 7pm, starting no later than 9pm. 

Location: I have created a Discord server, in which I would set up the Sessions. Please use this link to join, https://discord.com/invite/9Xym65z5

The purpose of this session is to organise potential groups, discuss character ideas and establish duty posts etc. 



As advised I have also created a Discord Server. This will allow us a centralised place to chat, have fun and bounce ideas off of each other!

Please note: For those who have never joined an RPG before - just because you have an idea doesn't mean that it's going to be incorporated into the game. My aim is for this to be as collaborative as possible although I will be preparing the sessions etc and with that in mind, I'll guide and keep the story consistent for all players! 

With regards to canon, we'll adopt a similar stance as SB118, which we should all be familiar with - canon should be adhered too but it should never detract from something cool or fun at a character level (in play!)! 


Campaigns (these are just rough ideas)

These suggestions can be adapted, improved upon and interchangeable depending on what you guys want! You will see (!) next to a piece of information, this means that, as a GM, this is not something I'm willing to alter. I promise I only do this reluctantly and sparingly and it's for my own enjoyment as some eras, elements I find wholly unenjoyable even as a Trek fan of 30 years. 

Ship names and classes are just my suggestions and should be viewed as placeholders - in Session 0 we can discuss the ship in more detail and see if we can reach a consensus!

Era: 2 years Post Voyager, post Dominion war: 2380 (!)

A) The Misadventures of the USS Renegade.

An experimental Defiant class vessel has been assigned to a Daystrom Institute Blacksite by a controversial admiral, eccentric scientist Rebecca Dressler.

She brings together a motley bunch of Starfleet misfits and renegades to take on the bizarre, dangerous and the downright strange of the galaxy.

Their first mission to hunt down a former CO of Starfleet who has stolen various artefacts and items from the institute.

Will they be able to come together? Can they retrieve the items before they cause too much havoc?

Vibe: Fun, exciting, crazy and a little bit weird. Stranger the better.


B )A Delta Trip with the USS Móra

A Galaxy Class (or variant, no children or families are allowed on starships(!) ) ventures off on a five year mission to the Delta Quadrant. Equipped with the latest technology that Starfleet can offer and the brightest officers the fleet could provide.

It isn't long before they receive a distress call from an M Class planet.

What will they find out there in the unknown? What will this new crew discover about the universe and themselves?

Vibe:  Standard Trek space exploration type stuff!


C) Academy Troubles

A bunch of fresh faced Starfleet Academy cadets are plunged into a mystery after a betrayal during a training mission that goes horribly wrong ... Stranded, alone and in command of an experimental starfleet vessel behind enemy lines.

Who can they trust? Where do they turn? Can these young wannabe Starfleet officers pull together to survive?

Vibe: Action packed, fun, youthful inexperienced crew. Character growth and challenges.


D) Oh my Gamma Days

Similar to option B except in the Gamma Quadrant. The crew of the USS Móra have been sent on a mysterious mission to an unexplored part of the Gamma Quadrant (not Dominion controlled).

What will they find and why is it so important to Starfleet command?

Vibe: Exploration, exciting and mysterious


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Hey, I'm going to have to pull out, I don't think I can give the time to commit right now and it's better that I step away at this moment, than become really flakey. It sucks because this is such a cool idea; but please do keep me in the loop for future games.


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Hi @Lhandon_Nilsen you had said that you were limited in time! Just let me know if you ever get the time and want to try it out. 

To all others, I'll be locking down Session 0 tomorrow based on the results in the discord server. 

Live long and prosper! 

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  • 3 months later...

Hey all. Late to the party but very interested. 

If there isnt space to join, perhaps a second game would be okay? I've played AND run STA and own most of the books!

I am UK time zone GMT

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Hi @Maximilian Whitlock We have five players at the moment so definitely room for one more! I'll send you an invite to join the discord channel! We've only done Two Sessions thus far and about to schedule the third so perfect timing. 

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Just now, LuxaLorana said:

Hi @Maximilian Whitlock We have five players at the moment so definitely room for one more! I'll send you an invite to join the discord channel! We've only done Two Sessions thus far and about to schedule the third so perfect timing. 

Amazing :D

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