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Lt Jg Karen Stendhal - Don't ask her to dance or sing!

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@Karen Stendhal has such an incredible knack for describing...well, pretty much everything, but especially hot drinks! The touch of the actual recipe at the end of the sim on this one was just *chef's kiss*.

((Starbase 118 Ops - Main Sickbay))

Stendhal: What else I can do for you Doctor?

Marsh: I would love to try a coffee that is native to Betazed to keep me focused while I heal my patient Head Nurse Stendhal. Do you think you can handle that for me?

Karen Stendhal considered Madison's request with a thoughtful expression as she approached the replicator in the bustling sickbay. A slight smile played on her lips as she envisioned creating a coffee that would not only meet Madison's request but also surpass her expectations.

Stendhal: Computer, replicate a Zentharian Focus Betazoid Coffee.

As the replicator hummed to life, Karen's mind focused on the intricacies of the blend she was about to create. She pondered the nuances of each ingredient, recalling the unique properties of Betazed Blue Beans and the telepathic mint leaves that would infuse the brew with their refreshing essence.

The hum of the replicator intensified, and Karen couldn't help but add a touch more Telepathic Mint Leaves, contemplating the potential synergies with Madison's empathic abilities. A subtle adjustment of the Lunar Spice Essence followed, as Karen imagined the warmth it would bring to Madison's senses during those critical moments of patient care.

Stendhal: Computer, a dash of extra Harmonizing Honey, please.

Her fingers danced over the replicator interface, ensuring that the harmonizing properties of the honey would create a soothing backdrop to Madison's demanding duties. Karen couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction as the aromatic brew materialized before her. She also replicated a special Betazoid ceramic cup designed to enhance the sensory experience.
With the finished Zentharian Focus Betazoid Coffee in hand, Karen turned to Madison, a glint of pride in her eyes.

Stendhal: Here you go, Doctor Marsh. A Zentharian Focus Brew, specially crafted to keep you sharp and focused during your healing endeavors. May it bring you the clarity and tranquility of Betazed.

She offered the cup to Madison with a knowing smile, curious to see how the unique blend would be received by the dedicated doctor.

Marsh: Oh and please have dinner ready when I arrive at your quarters later.

Karen shrugged with a touch of her natural innocence, nodding and smiling broadly, taking it quite literally. On Betazed, this reaction would be considered normal, given their forthright honesty, as they could read each other's minds and feelings.

So she caught Madison's playful wink and couldn't help but smile. The camaraderie between them was always a source of joy for Karen, and she appreciated the lighthearted moments they shared. As Madison mentioned their upcoming dinner plans, Karen's thoughts turned to the delightful evening they were about to spend together. Of course, Wethern, Nijil, and Hopper would also be invited. They are welcome to join if they would like to.

Stendhal: Of course, Madison. I'll make sure dinner is ready and waiting for you.

She responded with a warm assurance, her mind already considering the menu and the ingredients she would need. Karen appreciated these moments of connection with Madison, and the prospect of a shared meal only added to the anticipation.

As the exchange continued, Karen was careful to match Madison's playful tone, knowing that their banter was a cherished aspect of their friendship.

Stendhal: Anything specific you're in the mood for, or shall I surprise you?

Marsh: ?

As Madison approached the final burn, Karen couldn't help but admire her colleague's skill and dedication.

Marsh: One more burn to repair, and then I will draw up a post-op treatment plan for our patient.

Karen's response was measured, acknowledging the critical phase they were entering. She considered the intricate details of the post-operative treatment plan, envisioning the comprehensive care that would follow to ensure the patient's continued recovery.

Stendhal: These plasma burns don't seem typical. Is there something suspicious about them, or am I mistaken?

Marsh: ?

Stendhal: Do you need more coffee or something else to help with the patient? ::She quickly checked Nijii's whereabouts; it would be better if he didn't overhear this.:: Just don't ask me to sing please, it would kill the patient.
She smiled.

Marsh: ?

Stendhal: Here is the Zentharian coffee recipe! 

Karen handed Madison a pad with the coffee recipe:

Zentharian Focus Coffee Recipe.


Betazed Blue Beans: These coffee beans are native to Betazed and are known for their unique blue hue. They are carefully cultivated in the rich soil of Betazed and are said to have natural properties that promote mental clarity.

Telepathic Mint Leaves: Sourced from a special mint plant on Betazed that is believed to enhance telepathic abilities. The mint leaves add a refreshing and uplifting flavor to the coffee while providing a subtle mental boost.

Harmonizing Honey: Collected from the native Betazoid honeybee, this honey is infused with the essence of Betazed flowers known for their calming and harmonizing effects on the mind.

Lunar Spice Essence: A touch of this spice, harvested during the full moon on Betazed, adds a hint of warmth and stimulates cognitive functions.


Grind the Betazed Blue Beans to a medium coarseness.
Brew the coffee using a traditional Betazoid coffee press, allowing the rich flavors to meld.
Add a pinch of Telepathic Mint Leaves to the coffee, stirring gently to release their essence.
Sweeten the brew with a teaspoon of Harmonizing Honey, adjusting to taste.
Finish by infusing a few drops of Lunar Spice Essence for an extra layer of complexity.

Serving Suggestion:
Serve the Zentharian Focus Brew in a special Betazoid ceramic cup designed to enhance the sensory experience.

Marsh: ?



Lt Jg Karen Trisha Stendhal
SB 118 
ID: C239604KS0


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