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@Jacin Ayemet, writing to @Kirsty L. Carpenter's past life, making me feel feelings, all on a Sunday afternoon:


((Personal Quarter, Deck 3, USS Arrow))

((OOC this takes place after Connor and Ayemet’s talk in the science lab))

Ayemet sat down at the table, running her hand through her hair as she debated whether to record a message or not.  She knew it was the right thing to do, particularly after her talk with Connor. Quite how he managed to keep pushing (or was it pulling?) he rout of the protected little ruts she so readily nestled down in, how he managed to gently dismantle those walls she had built up over the years, but he did. 

She smiled and shook her head, hitting record on the console.

Hi Quentin.

Sorry I’ve taken so long to message you. Your leaving was so abrupt and then we seemed to go straight into a mission.  

The usual thing mysterious space station, time travel, and a photon torpedo.  For all it was worth I was acting science officer, not that there’s much competition around here at the moment.  Not sure if it will stay that way. We’ve had so many new officers it’s a strange sensation, almost as if I am the new one on the ship not them. 

But yeah so at the moment it’s just me here. It’s all a bit lonely. You’d probably love that though. Not having to deal with people. Being able to bury your head in research.  Not having to say goodbye.

Sorry; cheap shot. Guess I’m not quite over you going or the way you did.  Not that there’s an easy way to say goodbye. 

I guess I’m angry, or at least was angry. Just like my Father, like Gorva, like R’Ariel you were there one moment and gone the next. I was as you humans say, mad at you. 

And then. Then I realised what it must have taken for you to write that letter. What it must have taken for you to feel forced away by circumstances. 

You’re not a man who makes friends easily Quentin Collins. I know you!  It must have been so difficult to write that letter and leave people who care…no who love you. 

I am so so sorry for just thinking of myself. How I felt. How I was hurt and scared, and not thinking for one second about you. 

I’ve talked to Connor. I guess I’m not that close to anyone else. Not that I’m complaining, or maybe I am. I don’t know.  Anyway, yes still getting married. He was kind of instrumental in getting my Mother and me to start talking to each other…I think he’s a keeper. 

I understand  why you left, but you made a mistake in thinking that you had to go through this alone. I was and I am here for you. Always have been and always will be . So if you need anything, anything at all , you only have to call. 

Maybe that’s why you left. Why you didn’t say goodbye. Because you knew I’d leave with you. Any of us would, because you’re our friend. Because we love you. 

So here’s the  thing Quentin. I’m saving you a place at the wedding, whenever it is. I’m saving you a seat next to me

Because you will always be a part of my life, and I hope you know that.  

If you ever need anything, anything at all please just call. Don’t have one of your existential crisis over it. Don’t feel that you have to go through whatever you are going through alone.

But if not. If you want to maintain that veil of secrecy. Just promise me one thing; that you’ll stay safe. 

So Um yeah that’s it.    Take care and I’m yeah hope to hear from you.” 

She smiled sadly once more, glancing over at a photo of her and Quentin that sat on the small dresser next to her bed then turning to face the screen, forced a smile on her face and pressed send.  


Lieutenant Jacin Ayemet

Science Officer 

USS Arrow



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