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MSNPC Zara Saan - Shadows of Deceit

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Loving this intro sim for @Karen Stendhal 's latest villain. Looking forward to reading more! 😈

(( Miranda VII - Dodgy bar ))

In the sultry underworld of Miranda VII, bathed in the flickering glow of neon lights, Zara Saan, a cunning Orion woman, prepared to embark on a dangerous mission for the Saan family. Miranda VII, once under the firm grip of the Saan's dominion, now danced to the tune of independent factions that scorned Saan authority, leaving the family frustrated and seeking retribution.

Draped in an enticing disguise, Zara entered a dimly lit bar, the rhythmic beats of music weaving through the air. The stage beckoned, and Zara, with emerald-green skin that sparkled under the neon lights, transformed herself into a pole dancer. Her mission: to eliminate Jaxon Marik, a key figure in the independent factions that now controlled Miranda VII.

As Zara's mesmerizing dance unfolded, a dialogue of suspense unfolded in the shadows.

Zara: Tonight, Marik's reign ends.
She whispered to herself.

The patrons, unaware of Zara's true intent, watched in captivation. The tension thickened as Zara swirled around the pole, her eyes locking onto Marik.

Marik: Enjoying the show, Saan?
He said, smirking at her.

Zara: Just getting started.
She smiled.

The stage was set for the deadly encounter, but just as Zara prepared to make her move, a mysterious voice interrupted.

Voice: Zara Saan, a dance to remember.

Zara turned, dagger concealed, to find a cloaked figure in the shadows, the glint of disruptor catching her eye.

Cloaked Figure: Killing Marik won't bring back what you've lost.

Zara: I'm not here for your counsel. Stay out of my way.

Cloaked Figure: There are alternatives, Saan. A path that doesn't lead to more bloodshed.
He said intrigued.

Zara: (snarling) Bloodshed is the Saan way.

The tension in the air reached its zenith, but just as the confrontation seemed inevitable, the bar door swung open, revealing the silhouette of a new player.

Unknown Figure: Zara Saan! Starfleet's on the way. We've got to move!

Zara's eyes widened. She had no intention of tangling with Starfleet.

The Orion woman had to think quickly. 
Zara:  Change of plans. We're leaving.

Marik and the cloaked figure exchanged confused glances as Zara swiftly disengaged from her dance, leaving the stage and making her way toward the exit.

Marik: You think you can escape, Saan?
He shouted. 

Zara: Watch me.
She said disappearing with a smirk.

As chaos erupted in the bar, Zara, the unknown figure, and the cloaked stranger disappeared into the shadows, leaving behind a trail of uncertainty and unfinished business.

Zara Saan slipped away into the cosmic unknown, her fate entwined with the shadows that concealed her family's legacy.


Zara Saan - 
Member of the criminal Saan Family from Orion.

as simmed by
Lt Jg Karen Trisha Stendhal
SB 118 
ID: C239604KS0

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