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Commodore Taybrim - Big and Fuzzy

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I had forgotten that Sal had his telepathy repaired. I was reminded in this sim. This sim was so warm and fuzzy, just like the title says; it gave me the feels. I can't wait to be a part of this scene with Sal and now Stendhal. @Sal Taybrim 

((Little Risa - Near Beach - Starbase 118))

It was an absolutely gorgeous day on the beaches of Little Risa.  

Sure, the whole weather system was programmed into the computer and nice days could be had upon request – and if Sal Taybrim had wanted it, he could have requested it.  But not once in his seven years of being on StarBase 118 had he messed with the weather.

That seemed like a petty thing to do.  It was better to let the computer move forward with all its meticulously randomized patterns that carefully follow natural weather, and enjoy the surprise of absolutely gorgeous days when they came up.

He was dressed in a warm sand color light wrap tunic with a simple tied belt and slacks.  It was attractive yet casual Betazoid style which certainly made him look far more approachable than a Starfleet Commodore’s uniform.

Willow: Commodore, Taybrim, Sal, Sal Taybrim, ::As usual her words flowed out of her mouth in a complete rush, attempting to keep pace with her million mile per minute thoughts:: I completely apologize, I did not see you there, I was lost in my head, on a mission so to speak. 

He smiled to her, bright like the dawning rays of the sun and fell into step beside the Risian security officer.

Taybrim: We’re off duty, Sal is fine.  

He smiled, enjoying the casual connections.  Of course some officers preferred formality at all times – Sal could understand that reliable separation of duty and personal.  But he liked the warmth of connection.

Taybrim: Where are you headed on this beautiful day, Willow?

Willow: Well I was going to go to the beach. I know it is artificially created but it reminds me a great deal of home, the moon festival. Besides Ksivi-Sava kept mentioning it when in my body and the faded memories are hard to let go of. 

The body swap.  It was funny how many things it brought to the surface.  Since returning to his own body Sal had found that his recently repaired telepathy was now tingly – like it was on fire and ready to reach out and connect.  A new sensation that he hadn’t felt since he was a teenager – and he was quite far from a teenager anymore.  

He rolled his mental focus back to Willow, and wondered what a Risian Moon Festival was like.

Taybrim: I hear there’s festival on the beaches, though I don’t know much about it.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I assume that’s your destination?

Willow: You are more than welcome to join me and in fact I would love it if you joined me. But I’m not going to force you. I’d hate to force you. I want you to be able to make your own choices, not be influenced by me. I mean I don’t let myself get influenced by others opinions and neither should you… ::Deep breath in:: 

He smiled warmly, calmly, reassuringly.

Taybrim: No forcing needed.  I would love to come with you!  I haven’t seen this festival before and I want to learn more about it!

Willow: ?

He considered that.  Things on StarBase 118 were – of course – not the same as they were on one’s home planet.  But they were charming and community-affirming and wonderful nonetheless.

Taybrim: I hear music and see swags of flowers, all of which is a good sign…

Willow: ?

They neared the slowly growing party on the beaches of Little Risa, and could start to smell grilled meats and vegetables, and the sweet smell of fresh fruits.

The crowd started to get a bit thicker as people were weaving their way through local vendor stalls and the brightly decorated shops towards the beach.

Sal was about to point out rows of decorative fire torches that looked like they were being readied for some sort of entertainment when a familiar presence brushed past his mind.

And he noticed.

That was the most amazing part – he noticed, with his telepathy, the mind of someone else.  It had been over a decade since that happened.

He turned, eyes scanning for that impression.

Taybrim: Counselor Stendhal?

The words came from his lips in surprise, partly at finding the correct person nearby, and partially because he had noticed this – him!  The broken telepath noticed something with telepathy.

For a split second he felt dizzy – almost giddy.

Stendhal: ?

Taybrim: By the rings, it’s been ages!  And you’re back here on StarBase 118!

He called out, delighted.

Stendhal: ?

He waved her over and waved Willow over.

Taybrim: Come.  I’d like you to meet the amazing Haukea-Willow.  Willow, meet Counselor Karen Stendhal. 

Two fantastic friends.  He hoped they would become fantastic friends.

He induled a moment in his empathy and let the feelings of fun and friendship and frolic from the festival wash over him like a big fuzzy mental blanket.

Stendhal/Willow: ?

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