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Ensign Corey Wethern - Eyes Down for a Full House

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Lower Decks, eat your heart out!

Just remember @Corey Wethern, Gogi is an ex-Marine, so good luck! 😈😂

((Deck 10 - Cargo Bay 46 - Starbase 118))

The slightly cluttered cargo bay sat on deck 10 amongst a number just
like it on the station. However the stark metallic walls and large
docking doors were countered by a range of comfortable number of chairs
and sofas amongst some desks and tool benches by a semi built old type-6
shuttlecraft. Amongst the makeshift area was a hot-wired replicator as
well as a dart board and several other games set up.

Stranger still was the unofficial gathering of newly joined ensigns
huddled around the space, drinks in hand. There was a clatter of
different colour uniforms within the crowd each with a glass containing
a fluid of some form some dark hues of a colour and others bright green
and blues.

Wethern: I guess this is the inaugural opening of the unofficial
Ensign's club, everyone got a charged glass that wants one?

Willow/Ksivi-Sava/Marsh/Ross: Response

Corey looked around at the rag tag group of Ensigns that had gathered
all of them had transferred onto 118 at roughly the same time and
probably provided a good cross section to the departments that were
across the station. He sat himself down on one of the shuttles partially
assembled nacelles and poured another measure from the bottle of earth
whisky that sat atop the engine just next to the precision hyper-spanner.

oO I probably shouldn't be sitting here considering Zel mentioned the
amount of radiation that bleeds off this thing when its online Oo

Wethern: I was actually speaking to one of the Ensigns who came into
sickbay the other day and apparently there is a tradition on 118 of
station bingo, where new Ensigns complete a number of tasks which
aren't....how can I say...on Starfleet's approved list of activities and
without it coming to the attention of some of the more senior crew.

Willow/Ksivi-Sava/Marsh/Ross: Response

Corey waited to see some of the side conversations die down a little as
this revelation piqued some of the slightly more mischievous of the crew
before pulling out a PADD.

Wethern: I also managed to get them to provide me the current list,
which I have to say includes some pretty wild things. I mean who has
ever heard of zero G bowling on the hull, putting a call out for the
Operations Officer to Operations on the comm system and my personal
favourite....sitting in the Commodore's chair in the command centre. The
best thing is it is also tradition for each new intake of Ensigns to add
a task to the list once they have successfully completed the current list.

Willow/Ksivi-Sava/Marsh/Ross: Response

Corey looked around and the spark of defiance ignited with the whisky
that was flowing through him, or maybe it was the radiation from the
plasma intermix reactor.

Wethern: I don't know about you all but I'm going to see how many of
that list I can work through during this shore leave. Anyone else up for
a little bit of rule bending? Even better anyone up for some healthy

Willow/Ksivi-Sava/Marsh/Ross: Response

Corey raised his glass.

Wethern: Excellent then I propose a toast to the newest cohort of
Ensigns of Starbase 118 Ops.


Ensign Corey Wethern
Medical Officer
Starbase 118 Ops
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