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Ensign Zenno - Transitions and Turnovers

Nolen Hobart

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I'm really enjoying this glimpse into our junior Security Officer's trials as he is thrown into the deep end of the pool as we say farewell to Lt. Cmdr. Serinus. Sim below:


((Location unknown, time unknown))


The sea raged against the shore. Spray went in high looping arcs in every direction. The sun was low, deep, and showing an angry orange as it dipped behind the horizon. 


Zenno sat on a lounger and looked at the water as it pounded the sandy beach with wave after furious wave. A giant one, larger than the others by far spent itself against the land. The edge of waters washed up and just touched the leg of lounger…


((Zenno's Place, Deck 3, USS Arrow))


Computer: BOOOOOP! Good Morning, Ensign Zenno! The time on deck is 0600. Your number is zero.


The Bolian, suddenly awakened from a deep slumber shot straight up from the chair behind the desk, smacking his head on the wall behind. 


Zenno: Ow! ::rubs the back of his head::


The computer, oblivious, continued on with a chipper attitude.


Computer: You have 17 new messages, 4 unread files, and 3 reports from the Security Office. Message one from Ensign Saava, USS White Pine, message two from Crewman Astrid, message three from Lieutenant T’Lyra, Deep Space 33, message four from Ensign Grall, Starbase 88, message five from…


Zenno: Halt, stop, cease. ::still rubbing the back of his head::


He wanted nothing more than to hear from his friends, and T’Lyra too, he supposed. But there wasn’t time this morning. It was going to be a quick workout, breakfast, and then to the Commander’s Office.


Zenno: Computer, hot tea. Very strong. 500 milliliters. 


The replicator whirred and Zenno got on with his plan.


((Security Office, Security Desk, Deck 3, USS Arrow, 0700 Hours))


Serinus: Come in, Mr. Zenno.


The Ensign came in carrying several PADDs, as was consistent with Starfleet protocol. All meetings with the boss must have PADDs. Many PADDS in different sizes. Some that go bleep and others that go bloop. oO Stop it, you are getting punchy because you didn’t sleep hardly at all last night. Oo 


Zenno: Good Morning, Commander. oO I could probably count how many ‘Good Mornings’ are left. Three? Two? We will be at DS 33 soon, the Commander will leave, and that will be that. It will not be a welcome transition. Oo


Serinus: Have a seat. Would you like a beverage, Zenno?


Zenno: Very thoughtful, yes please. A hot tea. oO Two is probably enough for any morning. Oo


The Commander engaged the replicator and returned with the drinks. Zenno took the tea but waited for the Commander to sit and drink his espresso first, which he did in short order. 


Zenno: I have many thoughts and so much I want to ask about. :: sips tea:: I’m still in somewhat of a state. Big news. I’m still trying to understand it all.


The Ensign didn’t think they could possibly cover even a portion of what they needed in the time they had left. It would be up to the Commander to decide what was most necessary and to start there, so Zenno was careful to not direct the conversation at all. He waited with patience.


They locked eyes. To Zenno, it appeared that the Commander was tired, as if he had not slept well either.


Serinus: It wasn't supposed to end this way. I had to split the responsibilities of a Security Chief from the very beginning of my career. When I got here, and had it all put on my shoulders, I swore I wouldn't let any of my Officers go without a  duty post mentor like that.


Zenno considered his next words carefully. He didn’t wish to dismiss the Commander’s experiences. But it was important to acknowledge the effects they had had on him. 


Zenno: We haven’t talked about this, but I read and write poetry. I was reading some the other day. From Earth, of all places, and from long ago. “Walker, there is no road, only foam trails on the sea.” I find that line applies to our current predicament. There is the plan, and then the world happens to us. And then there goes the plan, right out of the airlock. I think in this moment, that it applies to us both. I think it is also the way of things in the Alpha Isles in particular. ::beat:: If I may ask, are you regretting your choices?


The Commander shook his head sadly to indicate the negative.


Serinus: We have a lot to cover in only a few days, I will have to table my regrets for later.::break:: Have you had the time to review all of the tactical plans that we made a few years back? oO It’s to be all business, then? So be it. Oo


Zenno: I had reviewed them all when I first came here. I had arrived when everyone else was on shore leave, if you recall, so the ship was near deserted. This suited me very well, since I could examine the entire ship, memorize the layout, and review all the files in the Security Computer without interruption. 


Serinus: Good. Those will yours to modify at your discretion, I'd advise to ask the Petty Officers for help. You will need to do one for The Starboard Bow, since it wasn't established yet.


Zenno took out one of the PADDs, one of the smaller ones that went “blooop” and started making notes. There were multiple things that needed updating now, and this was just the start. It was going to be a long time until he got everything sorted and he was resigned to his fate.


Zenno: Of course. I’ll see to it first thing. 


Serinus: As you've probably recognized as shift lead, most of our work is administrative. PADDwork, and the hell that is bureaucracy and red-tape. On top of forms, this includes training plans, scheduling and the like. Questions so far?


Zenno: Many. Last night I was trying to prepare as best I could and I came across this planning form in some training materials called the “Division Officer’s Checklist” and I’m sure it’s missing a few things. Might we take a look at that?


((Time Skip: Some 12 hours later))


Zenno’s vision was getting blurry and his little PADD had run out of storage, somewhere between list item CCXLIII.R.47.k.iii, “Petty Officer uniform lockers must be inspected for infestation at least monthly, see logs Stardate 240004.15 for reasons” and list item CCCIII.X.11.b.iv, “Crewman Astrid never to be assigned Phaser charging duty again. See numerous incident reports for details.” Big PADD had to take over.


His poor sleep from the night before was not helping at all either. But he was trying to be a good sport about it and keep up. He looked up at the Commander, ready for the next item…


Serinus: Get some rest, Ensign we'll resume same time tomorrow morning. They'll be plenty of time for overwork when I'm gone.


Zenno: A wise idea, Commander. I think some rest will serve us well. But I do believe we made a big dent in the work to be done. Thank you for letting me know about the trouble on beta shift. I’ll certainly keep an eye on that. If it festers, it will be an issue. Have a good evening.


The Ensign made his goodbye and headed straight back to his quarters to answer some messages and then to get some rest.




Ensign Zenno

Security Officer

USS Arrow


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