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MSNPC Intergalactic Journalist Saveal Iru - Take me to your leader

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For those that don't know, we're in a body swap. And our brains are going a little haywire. Leading to an absolutely, in my opinion, hilarious scene in which we're having to deal with this creature (reporter)! Every sim @Rustyy_Hael has added to our scene has me grinning and laughing with how animated this character is!




((OOC this is all IC only. Saveal is only being … absence, rude and crazy because that is Saveal Iru, intergalactic journalist! Push the boundaries, except responsibilities, character growth and struggle! …))


((Sannin VII - Cardassian Embassy - Corridor))


When one said and sh*t hit the fan, it was moments like this that they referred to. There were screams and shouts. One who spiraled with her own existence, one who volleyed with their rank and role, and the third… Well Saveal couldn’t quite put her finger on it, nor did she spend the mental time to dwell on it.


Insanity! Things went from bad to worse. 


Forcefully, she threw her head upward, connected with something and bit her tongue. 


Bad choice. But another chance to get away presented itself. She lunged forward, surprising someone with her hidden strength, and managed to slip their grasp. Yet she didn’t feel out of the woods yet. Oh no, she would create a scene so ugly these people would have no choice but to do exactly what she wanted. 




The door she had weaseled them all closer too opened from their presence. She just had to get through it - !


Willow (as Sherlock): ::Haukea stepped firmly in front of Iru:: Now just where do you think you are going?


Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): ::yelling at Iru:: You’re being attacked? ::shriller:: Attacked? I’m ceasing to exist, here! I've never even been to a beach!


oO What in the absolute hell?! Oo There was something very wrong here. Literally everything. The boney woman wiggled and wormed, all of her weight put into every twist and jerk to make her get away. It resembled something of a fish on land… 


Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): ::casually joining the fray, looking at the body of Willow:: Life's a beach right? ::then looking to Iru:: You're not being attacked, you're being...well... ::lets out a sigh:: I don't know...


Iru: Attacked :;she filled in.:: I’ll see you all in trouble for this! I demand ::grunt.:: to speak to ::pause to wrangle herself away.:: your commanding officers! oO bunch of freaks! Oo


Willow (as Sherlock): You’re not getting away that easily.


Fight or flight was a real thing. For a moment, Saveal thought she held the upper hand. Was so sure of how and where she’d make her get away. But that was if these starfleet officers played by Starfleet’s rules… 


They did not!


Now she was … really concerned. Yet still arrogant and belligerent enough to think she’d get a killer story from this. Oh just wait till her readers read this one! Why oh why did she turn off her PADD? this would have been gold. If not for the sudden fear of her well being. If it was recorded though, it would have been part of the most riveting audios of her career.


Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): ::in a mocking Vulcan-like tone:: Your attempt at escape is illogical.


Iru: Pffft - you're one to talk. ::she threw an elbow.::


Willow (as Sherlock): You’re going to have to do better than that.


Ksivi-Sava: ::yelling, all the while waving at everybody in a sprawling gesture:: We all have to do better! We have to deal with this madness, because that’s what it is! Madness! Tell me you remember your mothers! Tell me with a straight face!


There was an idea that being hefted up by a man was romantic… Right now it served to put the journalist at a distinct disadvantage. One that had her bones and pointy, sharp edges flailing wildly. her sunken eyes darted about frantically. How was this the most disserested corridor of the entire embassy? 


Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): ::to the real Ksivi-Sava while holding a flailing suspect:: Of course I remember my mother, she takes every chance she can to tell me how much she hates that I joined Starfleet.


Iru: Oh my g- ::she cut herself off. one shouldn’t enrage the crazy:: Put. Me. Down. ::her voice was low. which added to the hooded look her pointed and sunken appearance already had.::


Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): No! Not until you calm down.


Willow (as Sherlock)/Ksivi-Sava (as Willow):


Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): ::pouting:: Fine, Lieutenant. I'll put her down.


There was a triumphant moment followed immediately by immense pain in her gluteus maximus. 


Iru: You! Ugh!


Long tendril known as fingers snatched up her PADD. She pressed record - Saveal stood up and fixed her dress top. It was wrinkled and a button had snapped off in the attempt on her life!


Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): ?

Willow (as Sherlock): ?

Ksivi-Sava ( as Willow): ?


Iru: Oh no - I’m not going anywhere - ::a few steps away for her safety.:: YOU ::an old witchy like finger jutted out towards the calmest of the three… except for the whole screaming for no reason she knew of.:: Take me to your commanding officer, now!!


Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): ?

Willow (as Sherlock): ?

Ksivi-Sava ( as Willow): ?


Iru: Call him! ::there was a hint of desperantion.:: Then I just call the Cardassian security. ::her threat was not hollow.::


Saveal stuck that chin in the air. Life or death. maybe. A chance for a story that would get her as known as Jake Sisko….


Sherlock (as Ksivi-Sava): ?

Willow (as Sherlock): ?

Ksivi-Sava ( as Willow): ?



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