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Tlhiroghni' - Hog heaven

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Never been such a small delta between receiving a sim in my inbox and me posting it here, but y'all have got to read this.


((Serinus Quarters, Deck 3, USS Arrow))

It had been a few sleeps since  Tlhiroghni' met the very friendly female twoleg with the same headfur color as her twoleg. It was so far, an evening like any other. After returning from getting wet and stinky for the second time this  awake, then washing it away with the noise, and putting his outer skin thing back on, her twoleg was rolling her "baw" around, and she was chasing after it, knocking it about the room that was their territory with her little snout , bouncing it off walls and booping it repeatedly until it was close enough for her twoleg to retrieve and toss again. It was the same way every time, but it never got old for the tiny targ. 

She heard people passing outside the moving wall that granted access to their abode, and she had learned to mostly ignore them, but one had stopped right in front of it, and this gave her cause to ignore the baw for a moment and warn the would be transgressor with defensive ornks and grunts. Her two leg stood from the edge of his sleeping rectangle and spoke softly to her as the ringing thing asked if the twoleg outside could come in.
Serinus: Calm down, it's just the doctor. I mean, Auntie Talia.
She recognized that name, the twoleg from the other day had called herself that. Her mood changed immediately as her little tail wagged delightedly and trotted over beside her twoleg to greet her, as he called out.
Serinus: Come in doctor.
Ohnari: Response
The visiting twoleg was carrying some kind of box in one of her hand, and the targlet looked up at her happy to see her again, wagging her little tail as her twoleg spoke to Auntie Talia.
Serinus: Welcome. You seem to have made quite an impression the other day.
Ohnari: Response
Serinus: Pretty standard senior officer's quarters really. Except that's where I keep the kid's pool full of dirt for Tlhiroghni'  to burrow around in, and the tarp beneath it.
That was her name! And she squealed and wagged in delight about her name coming up.
Ohnari: Response
Serinus: Sure, you can set up wherever you like.
The three of them walked together further into the room, Tlhiroghni' padding along beside her constant companion, and her newest friend. This was the good life.
TlhIroghnI', Spike Pig commander, pet Targ of Artinus Serinus.
As simmed by:




- Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus

   Chief of Security

   USS Arrow, 


   Publicity Team/Social Media Team/Image Collective


   C239607AS0 -

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