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Accents on different worlds


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My character is from an Earth colony founding sometime around or after the ENT era. It was made up of colonists from United Ireland and quite a few of the Polish transplants that had made Dublin their home for generations by the 2200's. So the Colony speaks English but has Irish and Polish place names. My character was born in the Captial (Lechia, Nova Hibernia) which at this point (2400) has mostly devolved into a broad "Federation Standard" accent, but still has pockets of a deeper city accent (think one in which someone can mumble-shout "up the dubs" and have it rhyme!). Outside of the capital, the colony has many settlements on smaller and somewhat isolated islands, many of which have developed their own particular (and more extreme) accents.


With Avander's Prep school and then Academy work, he doesn't carry much of an accent, but when he's encountered Scottish lilts, it's been enough to remind him of home.

(He may swallow the end of some of his vowel sounds, so 'Oumuamua comes out closer to 'O-mo'-mo' with the 'a' sound being almost breathless.

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Love this question!

My PC is from Theta VII which is an "Old Frontier" colony, primarily peopled by the descendants of Earth Humans. A terraformed mining world (that, over time has grown to be something more, and centered around a space port rather than just mining), I have described it as being somewhat akin to the iron-mine rich Minnesota in terms of its clime and culture:


A terraformed world, Theta VII had been established during the early days of Federation expansion as a mining port. Resources were extracted from the mineral-rich soil and in exchange, its inhabitants (the workers) got to shape a world to their vision of paradise. Perhaps it was no surprise then, how much it now resembled the aspen forests and glacial lakes of Minnesota, once known for its rich Iron mining industry.

I've also included other nods to Minnesota (e.g. naming the Capital City "Port Hibbing" after Hibbing, Minnesota). Given that history, and the hundreds of years for Human / Federation accents to sort of 'standardize' (plus my Face Claim's native Californian accent) I guess I like to imagine Hopper having a relatively "neutral" accent, with occasional hints of a typical Midwest accent -- at least when speaking Fed Standard.

One of her parents is also Centauran (from Alpha Centauri aka Velestus) and has taught both her daughters to speak the Centauran language as well... So I imagine she speaks Centauran with a fairly authentic accent, given it's how she was taught the language.

Not sure how well this answers your question, but I enjoyed thinking about it!

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Sorry, I had to.


Being from the UK we have so many regional accents, here accents can change considerably within just a few miles. It does make me wonder how accents could evolve over time and how new accents could be formed on colonies on other worlds.

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My Trill/Vulcan speaks with a touch of an English accent. She says Lef-tenat, for example. I figure the accent came from her Trill father. As a Daddy's girl, of course, she picked up his Northern accent.

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