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Lt. Commander Dekas - Angry bird

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I was going to post a quote from this shore leave sim by @Dekas in the Denali thread. Then I Saw another that I was going to post. Then another. So I thought I might as well post the whole damn sim! 😂

((Roof of Anchorage tower, Denali Station))

Dekas had done his best not to think about it too much. The fact that his apparent best friend hadn’t even tried to talk to him since he showed up. Not that it surprised him much.

Om-Zora was more than aloof, and while it had certainly gotten worse in the years they hadn’t spoken, he’d always been at least a little like that.

He was very good at dropping off the face of the universe and acting like Dekas didn’t exist for whatever reason.

He wanted to blame it on the Vulcans, but he knew that wasn’t fair to them considering he was pretty sure they would have at least let him know if they were going to go silent for a while instead of just doing it the way Om-Zora had. So he could only blame it on him.

And all of those weird bitter feelings came forth now that they were in visual range of each other. He was mad about a lot of things, and the fact that this Aurelian had picked this time to be on the same roof as him at the same time on accident annoyed him more than he wanted to admit.

The tall, gold-feathered Aurelian glanced over at Dekas and gave him a small wave from the other side of the roof.

Dekas’ eyes narrowed, and he threw up a hand as though to say, “what? Only a wave? That’s it? After seven years???”

Om-Zora had no such need to express an emotion about this beyond a small tilt of his head as though to respond with, “You could just come over here and say hi.”

This somehow made Dekas angry, feathers on his face fluffing up with that emotion. There had never been a moment he so deeply wished he had a middle finger to flip him off with.

oO What if I went off-kilter and killed him? Oo

That wasn’t a great thought.

oO Keep it together, Dekas. You’d probably get severely court-martialed for killing him. Even if he for sure had it coming. Oo

He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. He still didn’t walk over to him. It wasn’t his responsibility to be the one to make proper contact when he hadn’t been the one to cut contact in the first place.

So he crossed his arms and rolled his eyes once, then made direct eye contact after the fact, and they held that eye contact for a solid minute before Om-Zora gave in and walked over to him.

Om-Zora: ::in a monotone:: You are as stubborn as ever.

All he felt was rage. But he was better than letting that get the best of him, and he held back the amount of profanities he had in his repertoire of known languages.

Dekas: You’re so slappable right now it’s almost painful not to. And I don’t consider myself slappy, so don’t say that lightly. Seven years of absolutely nothing, and then weeks of even more nothing, while you have been on the Station. And you expected ME to come to YOU? Entitled. And stupid. You’d think with a medical degree you’d be better at not being an idiot.

Om-Zora: I thought you didn’t want to talk to me.

Dekas: YOU COULD HAVE ASKED! ::he lowered his voice, despite the fact they were the only two up there. Didn’t need an echo to betray him:: I mean, you could have asked.

Om-Zora: You’re right. I could have. I should have. The fact that I didn’t was illogical. But I ended up getting nervous. It’s been so long, I wasn’t sure how to approach you. I am better at handling patients than I am friends, it would seem. I’m sorry.

Dekas was still mad, a sorry wasn’t enough to make him not mad. But the fact he was willing to admit to there being an issue from his side did make it easier to not slap him in the moment.

Om-Zora: I understand if you’re not ready to forgive it. Or if you would prefer we only be on professional terms.

He spoke with that same initial monotone as if he didn’t care either way even though he clearly did care or he wouldn’t have apologized at all.

oO You’re not getting out of this friendship that easily. Oo

Dekas: Don't get me wrong. I'm mad, and it's extremely tempting to agree and say we go our separate ways and only interact during work hours. It would make things simpler. However, I'm not that person, and I already told you before, there is very little you could actually do that would make me not want you in my life. Even now when I'm feeling like this.

Om-Zora simply nodded.

Dekas: So I think I can forgive you. On one condition.

Om-Zora: ::head tilt:: What condition is that?

Dekas stepped close to him and backed him against the edge of the building.

Dekas: This.

And he shoved him right off Anchorage. Which did startle his friend enough to make a noise.

oO Satisfying. Oo

(What? He could fly perfectly well. Besides, he jumped off right after. And by that point, Om-Zora had already righted himself into flight.)

Om-Zora: A warning would have been nice!

Dekas: I thought it was implied!

Om-Zora: It was not implied!

He laughed and then went full speed ahead of him. Om-Zora was taller and his wingspan much larger, but Dekas had the advantage of speed and a better sense of sharp turns and landings now because of the recent tail feather growth.

Dekas: Hope you haven’t gotten a proper tour yet, because I can give you a better one if you can catch up to me!

Om-Zora: You could have just asked.

Dekas: But then I wouldn’t have gotten to push you off the building.

Om-Zora: That is an extremely illogical way to deal with your frustrations, and I hope you know that.

Dekas: I do, but thanks for being such a good sport about it!

He used that moment to fly upwards and very high. Angry or not, there was nothing better than a good flight with another Aurelian. Truly experience wind underneath and through his feathers and be able to know that another person felt the same. As a bonus, he got some exercise in.

Thankfully it seemed Golden Boy wasn’t too bothered by the whole thing because he followed.

Would it be enough to ease all the bitterness he had toward his old friend? No. But it was definitely a start.

[NT / Just some bird interactions. Gotta get them in there.]

Lt. Commander Dekas


Denali Station


Pronouns: They/she (player), He/him (character)

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