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Initiate Nathaniel Richards - Weakness

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Amity is currently lucky to be participating in a Mirror Universe mission.  Of course, there are mirror version of our characters there, including "Initiate Nathaniel Richards", a inquisitor and torturer for the Betazed Empire, and MU version of the loveable @Nathan Richards.  

This sim is a really alternate view of the Federation and Starfleet, from a dark madman who wants chaos.  (Also credit to @Rebecca Iko for helping to make this scene so tense!)



((Sensor Hub, Resistance Camp))


Veers: Bec, could you put some muscle on this bolt, it seems to be seized.


Richards turned again, reaching the end of his pacing path.


Veers: Appreciated.


M-Richards: Teamwork. How beautiful and quaint.


Iko: ::To Cara:: I’ll be right back.


The Klingon moved into Richards’ path, stopping him in his tracks.


Iko: You wanna be helpful?


She grabbed him by his shoulders, shoving him towards the console. He had to quickly adjust his footing to avoid falling directly into the equipment.


M-Richards: ::Chuckling:: Oh, you know, I would but…::Holding up bound hands:: I’m a little tied up.


Veers: Response


Iko: I’m FINE!


Richards turned back to look at the Klingon. The rage was apparent on her face.


Veers: Response


M-Richards: I do believe that one of our friendly escorts said it best. If you are fine, you are fine to keep going. ::Twirling a hand in the air:: Or something to that effect.


Iko: ::To M-Richards:: Do you even expect me to be capable of helping? I’m a Klingon. Better: A Klingon-Human mutant, who can’t find a brain small enough to fit behind half-arsed forehead ridges.


There it was. The break. A smile grew across the Interrogator’s face.


Veers: Response


M-Richards: ::Placing bound hands against his chest, sarcastically:: And how does that make you feel?


Iko: And you, you are a coward who hides behind a stupid mask and shows up to join whatever group happens to be in power because that’s safer.


Richards let his hands fall in front of him, his smile never fading. He knew they couldn’t see behind the mask and wanted them to believe she had just struck a nerve.


M-Richards: You would think that, wouldn’t you. 


Richards slowly walked around the Klingon and back onto his pacing path. 


M-Richards: United Federation of Planets. Starfleet. Federation Diplomatic Corps. You all hide behind masks in your own universe. ::Turning to look back at Iko:: The Terran Empire had a fairly extensive database on your people. Before it was all destroyed with the fall.


Iko: ::Raising eyebrows:: I’m sure they did.


Veers: Response


M-Richards: You call me a coward, but those who rely on Diplomacy are the cowards. Power is what matters. Negotiation is weakness.


He continued to pace, watching the two as he did so.


M-Richards: I don’t need this mask. It has become apparent with our little “Chat” here that all I need are words. 


Iko: I’m not a diplomat. ::beat:: If you don’t need the mask, take it off.


Veers: Response


Richards ignored the officers as he continued to pace.


M-Richards: You hide behind the people who lead you. Their…protocols. Their morals. The Mother Eternal, as well as all others who have risen to power, have relied on pure tactics. Relentless and vicious assaults on those who came before them. 


Resistance Fighter: I said that’s enough.


Iko: And what do you care?


The Klingon’s anger seemed to be growing even further. It appeared that she was beginning to lose control.


M-Richards: ::Gesturing towards the rebels:: These are cowards. Hiding. Plotting. Never actually taking action…::Chuckling:: No wonder they are so few. So weak.


Richards twisted his wrists against the restraints as he had his back turned towards the others during his pacing. There was a faint *pop* as he slid one of his hands from his restraints, followed by another faint *pop* as he fixed what he had done to slip free.


M-Richards: It’s no wonder the Betazoid Empire will strike them all down. There is a reason that the Mother…is Eternal.


Iko: Just like how the Terran Empire was eternal.


Veers: Response


He turned around to face the others again, very obviously moving his hands behind his back so they could see he was no longer restrained. One of the rebels raised his rifle and leveled it at the Interrogator, making him laugh.


M-Richards: Go ahead. ::Holding hands up:: Add fuel to the fire of this war. ::His tone suddenly dark:: I welcome it.


Iko: Well–


The Klingon suddenly reached out and grabbed onto the beak of his mask, pulling it downward against the mounting points that lined Richards’ face. While he was hunched forward from the sudden attack, a kick collided with his side that sent him stumbling somewhat. The sudden outburst was what Richards had been hoping for. Opening that door into the innermost depths of his target. He let out a cackling laugh as he stood up straight again.


Resistance Fighter: ::Aiming rifle:: Stand down.


Veers: Response


M-Richards: Perhaps you should listen to them. Wouldn’t want you to go hurting yourself any further, little one.


She paid the warnings no mind as she rushed forward again. Richards held his hands out in an attempt to stop the Klingon’s assault but she continued to duck his hands and landed a few small punches into Richards’ body before she slammed him up against a was and hold him there.


M-Richards: Well, now you have me here. ::Tilting his head to peer at her through one of the eye holes of his mask:: What’s your next step? What is it that you want to do? Could you hurt a facsimile of one of your friends?


Veers: Response


She stood there, staring at Richards and weighing her options. He could see it in her eyes as she processed everything in front of her.


M-Richards: ::Quietly:: Weakness…


Veers: Response


Two rifle shots rang out as the rebels finally decided to do something about the confrontation. The Klingon slumped to the ground in front of Richards as he felt a searing pain pass through his abdomen. The edges of his vision grew dark as he himself slumped to the ground and was overcome and slipped unconscious.




Initiate Nathaniel Richards

Betazoid Imperial Interrogator

United House of Betazed



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