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Ensign Enzo Solari - Brain Wizard

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This is an incredible debut sim from our newest recruit, @Enzo Solari, who has joined us fresh from the Academy!

Personal log, stardate 240006.18. Dr Enzo Solari, Medical Officer, USS 'Oumuamua reporting. It has been a whirlwind since my arrival on the ‘Oumuamua from Starbase 118. I am excited to have graduated after a final training exercise on Starbase 118. Since my arrival, I have had just enough time to unpack my belongings in my small cabin before checking in with my superior officer Dr Vlen Kel. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to meet with Dr Kel for more than a quick greeting before he rushed off on preparations for the mission to the E-Sho. Now, I am getting settled into one of the desks in Sickbay, minding the store while Dr Kel runs some errands. I hope to develop a good working relationship with him. 

((Deck 7, Sickbay, USS 'Oumuamua))

Solari: Computer, end personal log.

Dr Ensign Enzo Solari yawned. He stretched his legs under a pristine white polymer desk attached to the wall. No rest for the wicked, he thought to himself. The courier vessel to the 'Oumuamua followed a different clock that left him space lagged. It feels so nice to have a real sickbay job after so many years of training, he sighed to himself with tired satisfaction. He stared outside the office partition. The Sickbay sparkled with metallic surfaces and glowing state-of-the-art monitoring equipment. Rows of biobeds lined the circular wall as if waiting to welcome any patients. 

V'Airu: =/\= Bridge to Sickbay. =/\= 

Enzo started in surprise. He quickly reeled in his limbs and tapped his combadge. 

Solari: =/\= This is Doctor Solari. Go ahead, Bridge. =/\= 

V'Airu: =/\= Report to the bridge, please. I have some (beat) unusual 

symptoms to discuss. =/\= 

Solari: =/\= On my way. =/\= 

Enzo stood up and grabbed his plain gray standard issue Medical Kit and hurried out of Sickbay. Alrighty! First day on the job, he thought excitedly.

((Deck 1, Bridge, USS 'Oumuamua))

The turbolift doors whisked open to show the bridge abuzz with voices, computer beeps, and officers moving around. In the center, a viewscreen of swirling blue and gold colors caught his attention. That must be the micro-nebula everyone is talking about, he thought. He glanced away before he got dizzy. He shook his head and walked towards the dais where the Commodore sat with her other bridge officers. He heard the Commodore conversing with them as he stepped up. He suddenly felt his heartbeat pick up, feeling nervous. 

Solari: ::speaking quickly:: Dr Solari reporting, Commodore. What can I assist with?

V’Airu: Response 

Solari: Please hold still, sir, as I run some quick scans. 

Enzo opened his gray medical kit case and removed a medical tricorder and scanner. He activated the tricorder and leaned over to wave the scanner slowly around V’Airu’s cranial region. He half-listened in on the conversation between the Commodore and the other officers he hadn’t formally met yet. 

Herrick: I’m not detecting anything internally; all green signals on my end. If we’re experiencing this here, do you think the away teams are also experiencing it? 

Katsim: My first assumption would be yes, however we have no empirical evidence to support that hypothesis. 

Enzo noticed some slightly elevated readings. These readings don’t seem out of the ordinary but who knows the effects of this space phenomena, he thought, nodding to himself. 

Solari: Sir, if I may, your scans show nothing particularly concerning aside from slightly elevated neural activity in your amygdala. This part of the brain is responsible for emotions. Have you experienced any abrupt shifts of mood?

V’Airu: Response

Katsim: The readings are not any clearer, but they do seem to spike with those waves.  They get stronger, then fade. 

Enzo suddenly felt excitement and exuberance, flooding his mind, his eyes unfocused for a moment. Then it faded away. Whoa I haven’t felt like that since the day I received my medical school diploma, he thought to himself. 

Solari: Did anyone else feel that? ::voice cracking::

Herrick/V’Airu: Response 

Katsim: Commodore, it seems to be coming in steady intervals. 

Enzo ran to the various bridge officers waving his medical scanner like a wizard casting a spell on his subjects. 

Herrick/V’Airu: Response 

Lastly, Enzo awkwardly waved the scanner over his own brain. 

Solari: We all show signs of elevated neural activity in the amygdala. I would like to see everyone come to sickbay for scans when able, Commodore. 

Herrick/Katsim/V’Airu: Response

Ensign Enzo Solari
Medical Officer - USS 'Oumuamua
Writer ID: O240006ES4
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