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Lt. JG Rebecca Iko – A shot for a shot.

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This sim by @Rebecca Iko really had me mentally fist-pumping in enthusiasm for her transformation into an action movie badass.


((Later, Unknown Location))

Vataix: Is everyone all right?

Bec came-to slowly, waking up to aching all over with a perfect view of where the floor and wall connected. Well, not perfect – it took a bit for her vision to focus.

Richards: I’m in one piece. ::Wincing:: Which is better than the last time an anomaly tried to kill me.

Veers: Response

She began to get off the floor, and upon putting pressure on her hand and wrist, flinched in pain and realised that it ached more than it should. Of course, there was the ache in her ribs, elbow and knee, but her wrist – that was probably sprained, or something worse.

Taival: A little worse for wear, but I'll manage.

Bec had now pulled herself into a sitting position, and saw the bumps and scratches that had affected everyone. She slowly looked over them all again, wiped the blood from a cut on a probably bruised cheek and gripped her sore wrist with her other hand to test how well the rest of it was holding up in terms of manoeuvrability.

Polgonz: I’m alright. I think…

Iko: I'll be fine.

Vataix: See if you can contact Amity and let them know we need help.

Richards: Yes, ma’am. ::Looking at Veers:: See what you can do about getting outbound Comms and Sensors working. I’ll see if I can get us away from whatever is -

Bec had just gotten back onto her feet when the shuttle was tugged from underneath her, sending her back to the floor with another "Oww".

Veers: Response

That was when a comms signal burst in to greet them

Unknown: =/\= Unidentified spacecraft, you have violated Betazed imperial territory. Prepare to be boarded. =/\=

Bec's immediate thought was oO What now? Oo. Well, Actually, her first thought had been oO What the #$%@ Oo, but who's counting?

Taival: ...what does that mean?

Polgonz: Betazed “Imperial” territory?  ::Shaking her head::  That makes no sense at all.

The security officer stood up, offering her good hand and wrist to help anyone else to their feet.

Iko: It’s probably that we’re somewhere we definitely shouldn’t be…

Richards: According to the computer, we are exactly where we were, give or take a couple kilometers. 

Veers: Response

Vataix: It means we figure out what's going on.

Bec looked to her starfleet buddies, to Tri'lea and Naminae, and finally to Rivi.

oO What next? Oo

The answer to her question was the sound of shuttle hull being sliced and torn open. 

Polgonz: Shouldn’t you do something? Get us out of here? ::Glancing at Iko’s phaser:: Prepare to defend us? We cannot afford to be taken hostage.

Richards: Ship systems are offline. That includes engines and weapons. The best thing we can do right now is not panic.

Bec moved up to where the grinding sounds were coming from, taking her  phaser in both of her hands, getting ready to strike. 

Iko: Behind me. All of you. Now.

Any: Response

Polgonz: Well, I don’t intend to go down without a fight. Are there any other weapons on board? I say we make a stand.

Richards: ::Motioning towards door:: There is a lightly stocked armory behind that hatch.

However, before they could go raid the armoury, the sound of grinding changed to the sound of silence, before there was the clang of a hatch unwillingly opening, and their new guests entered with smoke and targeting lasers that sat on the bodies of the shuttle crew. Bec stepped backwards, once, twice, giving the newcomers room to trod in, but she did not lower the phaser. 

Aaris: On your feet –  and hands up, where I can see them! You’re going to come with us and if you so much as twitch, I will not hesitate to fire. 

The voice had been from someone she had met once before, but who she was not too sure. Bec complied, raising her arms above her head, but she kept the phaser in her hand, holding it with her thumb and palm. They hadn't asked her to drop the weapon, and she wasn't going to unless they explicitly did. 

Any: Response

Richards: This is bull-

Bec turned to look behind her, and saw Richie ganged up upon by their new "friends".

Polgonz: What’s going on? Where are you taking us?

Aaris: ::Wicked smirk:: Play ignorant all you want, traitor. It won’t save you. You’ve got a date to keep with the Mother Eternal herself… and if you’re lucky, after that, the execution chamber.

Iko: And if she's not lucky?

Any: Response

There were sounds of someone behind her stepping forward. 

Richards: I think our only option is to follow these nice gentlemen and see what it is they want. I’m sure there is some sort of diplomatic solution to all of this, right ambassador?

Any: Response

The security officer remained silent, but alert. She turned to face the others.

Richards: Lieutenant Junior Grade Nathan Richards, of the United Federation of Planets.

That didn't make their new "friends" any more pleased. Two of the figures circled around Richards, like bloodthirsty hunters. Bec looked on, concerned and afraid. One wrong move, and he'd be taken down and out in a jiffy.

Any: Response

Richie began to say something else, but he was silenced with a blow to the head from their captor's weapons and tumbled down to the floor. In response, a fury-filled Bec immediately gripped her own phaser and fired at the figure who had taken down her friend. And she would have most certainly done more… if there weren't now several weapons pointed at her. 

Any: response 

Bec slowly raised her hands above her head, and dropped the phaser onto the ground, immediately kicking it across the floor. She tried getting it to go in the general direction of Rivi, but all that really mattered was that one of them picked it up before their new "friends" did.

Any: response 

Iko: Relax. He's alive. ::looking down at the guy she stunned:: Check if you want.

Any: response 

Bec swallowed and answered with a strained smile.

Iko: My name is… Rebecca Iko, and I'm also from the UFOP. 

That was when her smile died. She had chosen to mention her full name – their new friends did not have the privilege of knowing her as Bec. She stared into the pairs of eyes in front of her with her own determination. A look that said "this isn't over". 

Iko: But you can call me "The Klingon %$@^# you pissed off.". 

Any: response 

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