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Lt. Trovek Arys - Close Call

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Nothing like a good Doctor turned Tactical :D



((Shuttle Nakamura, Bajor))

Arys stared ahead at the dark amalgamation of clouds that was hiding the unidentified vessel from view, scraping a hand through her hair before making a fist to keep it from shaking. Geleth was sat on her lap, facing Arys, and had buried her face in the woman's uniform. The girl was scared - of course she was - and Arys hated to admit that she was too.

Scared, not experienced in a scenario such as this, and certainly not the right person to make decisions that somehow had to be in line with Starfleet’s values, and still made sure they got out of there alive.

The Doctor took a calming breath, allowing herself a few seconds to sort through her feelings. Identify. Acknowledge. Put them aside. She needed to keep a clear head, and feelings were notorious for clouding ones judgement.

Part of Arys felt guilty for bringing Geleth into this situation - she had wanted to take the child to Bajor when they had picked up the Sejin’s distress signal, and it hadn’t actually crossed her mind how dangerous of a situation they might be getting into. Another part of her was mad at Tito for contacting her. It said much about the mans trust in her, but said little about his ability to to put personal preference aside.

A third part of Arys wanted Zel to take over, and that same part wanted to go hide and hope it would all blow over. But Zel, despite being an experienced pilot, looked at her to make decisions. After all, she was the one with the slightly more shiny pips.

Trovek: Prepare to fire a warning shot. I am willing to consider this an unfortunate accident, but I don’t want them to think for one moment that we are easy prey.

Zel raised the scarred and split ridge, and Arys waited for his input on the matter.

Zel: Aggressive. ::He considered:: I like it.

It was aggressive, and Arys already dreaded the report she would have to write in justification of her actions. There was a benefit of not surviving - no reports.

Zel nosed the shuttle up, quickly gaining altitude, and pushed the impulse engines to get some distance so he could spin and make a run towards the cloud.

Trovek: If you are against it, please say so. The way I see it they are willing to try and attack when they think we’re distracted. I don’t want to risk that.

Arys had offered them a truce, of a sort. They had decided not to honour it.

Zel: They’ve already shown that they’ll take potshots if we run. Even if they try to play it as ‘oops, this nasty storm cloud hit you’ they have to know that we can read that energy signature and we’ll figure it out.

Trovek: Exactly that’s my fear. ::she agreed, letting one hand move over the console while the other held Geleth tightly to her:: I can’t get the location of the ship other than ‘within that cloud’. Can we narrow it down?

Zel: No, we can’t actually locate the ship – only the interference cloud. They may have some kind of cloak.

They had brought some distance between the Nakamura and the cloud, and Zel moved the shuttle in a hard bank to port, making a run towards their target.

Arys strapped Geleth in next to her, ignoring the girls protests at being displaced like that. The betrayal in the child's eyes would, in every other situation, have made Arys feel guilty. But guilt was a feeling she had put aside, and one she currently had to place for.

Zel: I have phasers and micro torpedoes locked at the center of the cloud. On your order.

Was it too aggressive? Was she endangering herself, Zel and Geleth, and Foster, Tito and Sill-con with these actions? She could still change her mind, try again to be diplomatic, buy additional time for Taybrim to bring the Narendra as he had promised.

And yet…

Trovek: Fire.

It was an oddly freeing feeling to give that order. The weight of the decision lifted, and Arys was more than ready to deal with whatever consequences it would carry.

Trovek: If we miss them, it’s a warning shot. If we hit them, too bad.

Pushing the engines, Zel performed a full-on strafing run, firing phasers into the cloud.

If the prophets existed, this would be a great moment for them to actually be useful.

And then, just like that, they were.

A burst of electrical sparks and plasma fire welled from inside of the cloud, which promptly shimmered and disappeared. The ship that had hid within it, according to the Nakamura’s sensors an Orion Marauder, seemed to have had diverted power from the shields, not expecting the Nakamura to perform such an aggressive manoeuvre. Their lucky warning shot took out their cloak.

The Marauder was six times bigger than the runabout and probably about six times as well armed, and Zel immediately began putting distance between them.

Zel: We took out their cloak, and now their pissed. They’re raising shields. Strap in, buckle up – I mean it, we’re gonna push the inertial dampeners past the piont of reason and I don’t want you flying around the cockpit…

Trovek: I’d prefer not to.

Arys gave a nod, once more making sure that Geleth was safely secured before making sure that she was too.

The intelligent thing for the Marauder was to make a run for it. They knew that help was coming - at least Arys really hoped that Taybrim came through with his promise. Unfortunately Orion weren’t exactly known for their outstanding intelligence, and these one were no exception.

Trovek: These are the longest nine minutes of my life. ::Arys offered a wry smile:: They are charging their weapons, let’s try to not get hit.

As if to confirm, Zel skilfully avoided whatever the Marauder was trying to throw their way. If they kept it up, they might just get out of here.

Zel: response

Arys' fingers sprinted back and forth over the console, checking scanners for any sign of the Narendra. Or any kind of help, really. Se saw something from the corner of her eye, and lifted her gaze from the display in front of her just on time to see the surge of energy slamming into the Nakamura. Sparks flew from the most port-side console, and Arys didn't need to be an expert to know they couldn’t take another hit like that.

Trovek: Status?

Zel: response

The sound of the impulse drive flattened and slowed as Zel tried to compensate.

Trovek: They’re charging weapons ag-…. what is that?

It took Arys a moment to realise that their pocket-sized rescue was a probe, most likely launched from the Sejin.

Zel: response

The enemy vessel fired, and Arys held her breath. They wouldn’t be able to take much more of this, not with the impulse drive giving up on them. She prepared for impact and the subsequent destruction of the shuttle - perhaps she was a little dramatic with that - … and opened her eyes again as that didn’t happen.

Trovek: They missed.

Way to state the obvious.

Zel: response

Trovek: The probe is overloading their sensors. I am just not sure for how long.

And she wasn’t going to risk finding out. 

Zel: response

Arys exhaled - finally. With the Narendra almost within range, their chances of survival had suddenly multiplied. She nodded, once more relying on Zel’s experience. The Sejin was stranded but hidden, and the Marauder seemed not the slightest bit interested in searching for them. 

Trovek: Divert powers to the engines, get out of here. =/\= Trovek to Narendra. Good to see you, we brought a friend. =/\=

Zel: response

Narendra: response



Lt. Trovek Arys

Chief Medical Officer

Starbase 118 Ops



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