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Lt. Commander Samira Neathler - What happens on Trueno, stays on Trueno

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@Samira Neathler - an absolutely awesome sim! 😊


(( Cockpit - USS Kahnrah - Rogue World ))

Cory had landed them safely in a forestlike area of one of the many islands that floated above the yellowish-looking sea that covered a third of the planet’s surface. Unfortunately, somewhere, probably when they passed the cloud formation that surrounded the planet, they had lost contact with the Gorkon. Nor could they establish communications with the other shuttle, Ensign Asra had discovered. In other words, they were stranded and on their own. Which meant they couldn’t just barge out there without taking some precautions.

That changed things a bit. She looked outside briefly, squinting her eyes trying to spot any movement. But all she saw was the gentle swaying of the trees, their branches, their leaves. She stood up and turned around to the others.

Neathler: Do we have enough data to venture outside? ::She paused briefly.:: At least tell me the air is breathable, so we don’t have to wear any suits.

Stoyer: Response

Tagren-Quinn: From what I can tell, there is a fair amount of oxygen. Comparable to Earth levels. Gravity, despite the curious suspended islands, seems to be comparable as well. 

Good, that meant no EVA-suits. That made things easier already.

Tagren-Quinn: I’d like to do some comparative scans. Some scans internally in the shuttle to check for any errors as a way to sort of calibrate, and then a few more externally to ensure they are holding consistent. 

Samira nodded. It was quick thinking of the Ensign. Making sure the readings remained accurate and the received data wasn’t corrupted one way or the other. It would even be a good idea to do something similar with the tricorder’s sensors. After they’d transferred all data to a PADD or their tricorders.

Neathler: Ensign Asra, now we know the planet is populated. Do we need to take any special precautions?

There was no way they could have hidden their arrival to those life signs they had detected earlier. At least nobody had blasted them out of the sky, or island, yet. 

Asra: Well... given that we weren’t hiding our approach, we’ve probably already broken the prime directive, and maybe the temporal prime directive as well. We should probably see if we can get an image of the natives, see if we can get clothes that let us pass as them. 

Tagren-Quinn: That’s a good thought. I would hate to do any temporary surgical alterations for appearances, but I can do it if need be. 

Samira frowned. She’d prefer to remain who she was. 

Stoyer: Response

Looking at their pilot, she figured Cory hadn’t packed any cloaking device on him.

Neathler: I guess we better hide or shield the shuttle somewhat before we venture out. Without contact with the Gorkon, it’s our only way out of this rock.

A mumbling agreement or disagreement, Samira couldn’t make it out, came from Ensign Asra.

Asra: I’ve got a live feed of the inhabitants ... huh. 

The forest view on the screen had changed, and all heads turned towards the feed. Humanoids beings of varying heights, build and sizes showed on the display. They wore clothing in different styles, colors, some wearing hats, others didn’t. What stood out was that everyone carried on their business, casually walking in the streets. As if seeing a shuttle land on their planet was every day’s news. Or they hadn’t been spotted at all. Something Samira could hardly believe.

Asra: ... they look human to me, as far as I can tell. Would need to see a medical scanner to be sure, but they’ve got the same boring foreheads, no offense. Looks like enough of a variety in spectrum that we might be able to fit in. 

She raised an eyebrow, resisting to turn around and look at the Ensign. Boring foreheads? Was the Ensign suggestion they’d paint something on their heads to make it less boring? 

Tagren-Quinn: Ah, I’ll see if I can collect anything from the shuttle’s scans but having a closer range will likely yield more detailed results.

Neathler: Who knows, maybe they’ve already sent us a welcoming committee.

Stoyer: Response

Asra: I’m definitely going to need a hat. ::ze started looking for a simple forehead-covering that wouldn’t look out of place.::

Too bad they had no access to Loxley’s elaborate cap collection. Maybe he’d have the perfect cap, one that carried the words: No Boring Forehead.

Tagren-Quinn: What about that one right there?

Whoever it was that Bryce pointed at, Samira saw several people carry it. Maybe it had a special meaning and could only be worn by certain people. 

Tagren-Quinn: …err, or not. 

Neathler: Yeah, I’d try something similar, but one that is not carried by the … locals.

How should they even address those people? Roguees? She sat down, took a clear scan from a few persons in the feed, and let the computer do a search, comparing it with the ship’s database and list of known species.

Stoyer / Asra: Response 

Tagren-Quinn: I can confirm we are able to step out safely, at least for now. Oxygen levels are currently stable, temperatures 20 degrees celsius with some humidity. I’m transferring the data collected to our PADDs and tricorders. Surrounding wildlife and fauna appears to be much like a North American temperate deciduous forest, though I don’t see any large apex predators that we might need to be immediately wary of.

So no dinosaurs, noted. Or they hid underwater. Giant crocodile or alligator like creatures. Ready to step out of the yellow water as they set a foot too close to it. Which would mean they’d have tumbled off the floating island to begin with. Maybe the underwater creature would snatch them out of the air before them even touching the water. Samira took a deep breath. Why was she even thinking of that now?

Stoyer / Asra: Response 

Tagren-Quinn: From what I can tell, I do not propose any surgical alterations. That does not take into account the many unknowns. If we dress and look the part, as you know, that doesn’t mean that we won’t come across as alien to them, so best to observe and mimic what we can. 

Neathler: We can always say, we come from the other side of the planet. Maybe it is unknown territory to them too. ::She paused, checking something on the map.:: Scans don't show any floating islands on the other side.

Or something blocked their sensors to have accurate readings.

Stoyer / Asra: Response 

Behind her, she heard the replicator working overtime as Bryce apparently set to work. She kept an eye on the display before her as the computer was still comparing the images she had fed the device. A faint sight escaped her lips as the results came back empty. She stood up and turned around. Bryce now dressed in a steel blue tunic, with a jacket over it. She nodded towards the others to change, too.

While they did, she made another attempt to contact both the Gorkon as the Kerla, all with the same result as before. She looked down, wearing a white pants was not a good idea when they had to traverse part of the woods. A few moments later, the white was now black, joined with a dark blue t-shirt, hidden underneath a grey jacket that held her tricorder, a PADD with the exact location of the shuttle, a phaser and her combadge. She held a couple of large camouflage nets as she approached the others.

Tagren-Quinn: When we’re ready, I’d be happy to take the first step out. 

Neathler: We’ve got another task first. ::She raised the nets.:: Why don’t you three step outside, I’ll toss the sides down from the roof.

Stoyer / Asra: Response 

In no time, she reached the hatch and climbed on top of the shuttle. She used the higher vantage point to see if someone was approaching, but didn't spot a living being nearby, at least no-one humanoid. Not wanting to waste too much time, she folded open the net and covered most of the top of the shuttle craft with it, tossing a few of the sides of the net over the flanks of the shuttle. When done, she climbed back inside, grabbed a backpack, joined the others, and locked the craft.

Neathler: One would think shuttles would have some holographic paint by now so you can change the exterior to your liking. ::She took a deep breath and grinned.:: It would save us some work.

Stoyer / Tagren-Quinn / Asra: Response

Neathler: I ran the clothing and people through the ship’s database, but the results came up empty. So this might be a First Contact or something.

Stoyer / Tagren-Quinn / Asra: Response

She took a few steps forward, inhaling the fresh air. It smelt somewhat different from that on Palanon. At least the temperature was good, perfect for a little hike even. She turned towards the others.

Neathler: Which direction next?

Stoyer / Tagren-Quinn / Asra: Response


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