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(Amity Outpost) Doctor Jansen Orrey: The stream flows on

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Some amazing writing here from @Jansen Orrey showing the years of experience his PC has earned...


((Office of The Counselor for Culture and Press Affairs))


Jansen sat back down rubbing his temples after the medical emergency that was Crewman Barberra ran back out of his office.


Keehani: ::Blinking eyes:: Well.  That was some unexpected excitement for the day.


Orrey: Whatever it is, I am too old for it. ::still rubbing his head::


Keehani: Envoy?  Are you okay?


Orrey: I think…I think it is time for me to retire from this life…


He raised his head back up finally, to take a drink looking forward rather than at his crewmate. He could feel the pressure rising in his sinuses and the glassy sheen covering his eyes, but to have actually said it out loud. To him at least was a major failing. Damn those Ukinix and the ease of talking to them.


Orrey: My whole life has been Starfleet. Plus or minus some breaks where I was working to get back to Starfleet. ::dabbing at the inner corner of his eye before rubbing the same eye to resist the tears threatening to escape.:: Amity is an amazing place, the Delta Quadrant is brilliant. I just don’t think I belong.


Keehani: ::Concerned tone:: Oh, Jansen.  ::Gasp, hand on chest::  We all love you here, especially Rivi and Wil, but you’re not beholden to Amity.  I don’t agree that you don’t belong, but like all of us your life comes first.  You know what’s best for you.


Orrey: It isn’t just about me. Either way you look at the decision.


Jansen sighed and rubbed his face, working to reassert his calm control over himself. This wasn’t the place for something like this to happen.


Keehani: Envoy – Jansen – by the Four, your professionalism sets a high standard for me, especially since I have only graduated from university just under a year ago.  ::feeling her own tears::  What is the Earth saying?  “We stand on the knees of hulks?”`


Orrey: ::kneading the back of his neck:: ‘On the shoulder of giants’ I think you mean my friend.


Keehani: ::Glassy eyed, smiling, slight chuckle:: Yes, that one.


The chime on the door sounded.


Jansen looked up…




((Office of the Chief Medical Officer - Starbase 118 Command Center))


…from his work at the sound of the door chime and briefly caught a glimpse of himself reflected in the worktop smoothing his hand over the chestnut brown hair before he…


((CMO’s Office, Sickbay - USS Constitution-B))


… stood up with a warm and welcoming smile spreading on his face while he adjusted the long white ponytail. If someone was coming into a sickbay it was not likely to be a good day so there was no reason to not start off as well as possible. …


((Counselor’s Office, Deck 5 - USS Vigilant))


…. Even before he became a Counselor, it was a rote action to welcome his guests with a smile and offer of food or drink to help them relax. He had big shoes to fill moving to Counselor to take the roll over from the new XO as he moved into his own new role. …


((Acting Chief Science Officer’s Office, Deck 2 - USS Darwin-A))


… Because no matter who it was, or what brought them to his office no matter how quickly his mind was racing trying to keep up with his flagging health they had people to help like the Romulans of Talvath they were winging their way toward now. …


((Counselling Suite, Deck 7 - USS Gorkon))


…He made sure to make them as comfortable as possible. Even if that meant clenching his hands behind his back to hold the tremors back, the Year of Hell hadn't been kind to any of them but…


((Counselor’s Office, Deck 6 - USS Veritas))


… His crew was his family as well as his friends. They all deserved the best from him…


((Officer of the Executive Officer, Deck 2 - USS Juneau))


… and they deserved him at his best….




((Office of The Counselor for Culture and Press Affairs))


Because like he told Ikaia about caring for Suribana, the true matter of being on the ship meant that everyone needed the undivided focus to keep each other safe.


Orrey: ::still smoothing down his vest:: Enter.


When he saw one of the Wils, assumedly the human one since he was in uniform Jansen sat back down at the table.


Ukinix(H): ::smiling, cheerful tone:: Hey Jansen, Keehani, what can I do for-


Jansen finished his glass of tea and stood back up once again. He needed to be moving around.


Ukinix(H): ::To Both:: Are you okay?  Has something happened?


Orrey: She talked me into some sushi, can I get you a drink or some lunch? ::glancing between the two of them:: I suspect we will be going to talk to the Ambassador before very much longer.


Ukinix(H)/Keehani: Response?






Jansen Orrey MD, M.Sc

Envoy(Lt. Cmdr.), Federation Diplomatic Corps.

Counselor for Culture and Press Affairs

Deputy Chief of Mission, Amity Outpost



Edited by Hopper aka Kivik
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