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Lieutenant JG Yael - Expectations, Surprises, & Apartment Views

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After a pretty intense adventure at the Spire our new Counsellor, Lieutenant JG Yael, finally has the opportunity to move into his new apartment at Denali Station.

I really enjoyed reading this, great work @Yael!

((Denali Station - Soldotna Tower, Floor 40))

Having just finished up in the Medical Bay with his arm largely improved by Doctor Indobri, if it was still a bit off as it would need a little time to completely heal, Ashley made his way from Anchorage to Soldotna via the 8th floor walkway.  He’d discovered via the registry that he’d been assigned quarters.  As he’d requested, rather high up… the fortieth floor, the very top.

He had lived all sorts of places but never at the very top of a skyscraper, so he’d asked for “up.”  And it had been delivered.

And he’d instantly cursed his initial request, as the not-a-turbolift took FOR-E-VER to climb that distance.

But… maybe this was a good thing.  A little separation, physically, could be a good thing.  A few minutes transit to switch the mind from work, to personal, and back again.

He would make this work.

Stepping off the blasted snails-paced trudge-a-lift, he turned, stopped, questioned his direction, looked behind him, then realized he was going the right way down the corridor after all.  He found the doorway to his new… apartment?  It was an apartment when it was on a proper settlement, wasn’t it?

Now he could toss down his satchel, strip off the uniform he’d been wearing for nearly two days, and *sleep.*

The door opened… a little slower than a Fleet tech door might… and he stepped in.

And he stopped to take in the entirely empty room with a bit of shock.

The apartment itself seemed huge.  An entry and living space, a full sized separate bedroom, and a relatively massive bathroom… with what looked to be… an H2O shower?  It wasn’t a *sonic* shower, that he knew.  And he did love the floor-to-ceiling window wall that showed the dimming light of the city outside from far above… the view was absolutely impressive.

But he quickly realized he didn’t even have a replicator, and there wasn’t any sort of kitchenette either.

Yeargh… what was this, the Stone Age?

He’d always been a bit of a minimalist concerning space and furnishings, but this was a bit much.

All this combined with the utter lack of furnishings left him wondering what he should do first, and his shoulders slumped slightly as he realized he had some work left to do before he could sleep.

Producing his personal computer and taking a seat on the floor near the vast window wall, he interlinked with the local Fleet system and put in an order at one of the open replimats for some basic provisions.  And he kept it *basic* in the hopes the order could be supplied more quickly.  An appropriately sized single mattress, linens, pillow, a spare uniform for tomorrow, a large towel, and a set of simple sleepwear.

What could he say.  He was tired.  Other things could wait.  It wasn’t as if a couch or table were *vital.*

He took the next few minutes to check his messages, then leaned back against the wall as the “sunset” rolled past and the city was encompassed in darkness.  It all looked so real, he could forget he was on a Dyson Ring instead of a planet… save the few clues that broke the believability.  Such as the artificial ceiling so very high above that replicated the day-night cycle.  It was subtle, one had to be looking for it, but you could see it.

He… wasn’t sure if he *liked* it here, yet.

The Denobulan-Human hybrid was starting to doubt his transfer here and his eyes were threatening to slip shut when he heard the sound of a transport in progress.  His goods were finally processed and delivered, smack dab in the middle of the living room.

This was fine.  He could work with this.

Linens applied to mattress, he debated… sleep, or shower?

……. Ugh.  Shower.

Stripping off his uniform and abandoning it on the restrooms floor, he began to mess with the odd shower and quickly found the temperature settings.  He hadn’t had a water shower in quite some time, but the hot steaming water smashing down into his face and shoulders felt therapeutic.  Especially as it beat onto his previously injured shoulder, which he let it do for longer than perhaps was necessary.  Increasing the temperature bit by bit, he kept going until it stripped off the layer of grime clinging to him and his skin was searing red.  Finally satisfied and with his skin steaming from the heat, he dried off without bothering to organize his scruffy lavender hair, pulled on the soft sleep pants… and collapsed into his bed right there in the middle of his living room.




Lieutenant JG Ashley Yael

Denali Station

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