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LT Melvin Martinson - A Friend In Need

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I do so love a good bit of character drama and set up, and a juicy promise of story to come.  Nice opening @Lt Aine Olive Sherlock!
((OOC: This is a setup for a series that will take place next shore leave, but since the impetus starts with Aine's message to him, I figured it was an appropriate time to post it.))
((Diplomatic Offices, USS Glenn))
Mel had always been career focused. To the point that when he graduated from the Academy, he'd split up with his Academy sweetheart. His family was always goal oriented and didn't let things like feelings and emotions stand in their way. It was a bad habit he himself had picked up. And at times, even regretted.
It wasn't until a year ago when he'd decided to surprise her, maybe hoping she'd gotten over it, on Deep Space 224. It was ultimately a mistake. What started as a small confrontation transitioned to a peaceful drink which turned into an emotion charged lashing he'd received from her, and rightfully so. He'd respected her privacy so he didn't even know what had transpired. As for himself, he was devastated. More for her than for himself though. But he never got the chance to tell her. He'd let his emotions get the best of him and when he went to confront her again, this time to apologize, the simple mistake of grabbing her by the arm ended up with a Vulcan grabbing him by the neck. Next thing he knew, he was in sickbay.
Between then and now, he determined it was best to leave her be. It was what she wanted otherwise he'd have heard from her. He figured she'd moved on. He heard the occasional news from the Resolution, including its destruction. He knew for sure she'd be angry to hear from him then. Her move and rise in rank and position on the Excalibur, he was proud of her, but didn't dare tell her. And of course it made it to him that she'd transferred to Ops. Which made it all the more shocking when his console told him a holo message had come through for him from Aine. He queued up the message and there she was. Her hair was pulled up and secured tightly to her head. Gold collar tight to her neck. And that jacket, just a little loose as she always wore it. He got nervous, as if she were really there. Half afraid she'd reach right through the screen and punch him. But then the recording started and her voice. Something about it seemed nervous itself, almost shakey. And now he was worried.
Sherlock: =/\= Hi. I'm not exactly sure why I'm doing this... =/\=
As he listened to her entire message, he was both relieved to hear from her, but rattled by how scared she seemed. In all the time they got to know each other years ago, Aine had never been one to say she was afraid. Sure he knew there were times she was, but that was just because he knew her well. But show it outwardly? That wasn't her.

Sherlock: =/\= Anyways, I just wanted to send you this message. You know, just in case. =/\=
He sat, arms crossed, for a minute pondering what all this meant. She didn't need his help, after all, she was posted to a starbase, what was a diplomatic officer on the Glenn going to help with. He knew he'd have to wait however long whatever she was doing and hope she came out the otherside alright.
But now, he was just anxious.
Martinson: Computer, list current fleet deployments out of StarBase 118.
Computer: Unable to list current deployments.
Martinson: Why?
Computer: That information is currently classified.
((Timeskip, a few minutes later, Bridge, USS Glenn))
The turbolift ride to the bridge seemed long despite there not being anyone else in it. Mel went over and over all these possibilities of what Aine's message could mean. And with no way to get in contact with her, the only way to find out would be to get to where she was posted and wait for her to return there. Not an ideal tactic considering the outcome of his last surprise visit. Now the question was: how?
When the lift doors open, his face immediately went from worried to his normal, confident, grin. He walked past a couple crewman saying hi and giving them a customary pat on the shoulder. The crew of the Glenn was tight and he didn't want to give any indication he was distracted, and being a trade negotiator, he had plenty of practice the last five years. He approached the Captain's Ready Room and signaled his request to enter.
Monroe (Captain): Enter.
Mel stepped in confidently. He approached one of the chairs opposite the Captain and swung a leg over the back of it and took a seat before being signalled to.
Martinson: Captain ::beat:: I've come to discuss an urgent matter with you.
Monroe: Oh?
Martinson: ::leaning in close and clasping his hands together on the desk:: The Glenn's next shore leave.
Captain Monroe seemed only half amused. She set her PADD down and leaned back in her chair, giving the hem of her uniform a tug before crossing her arms.
Monroe: Go on.
Martinson: Trinity Sector.
Monroe: Trinity?
Martinson: Yeah, think about it. StarBase 118. New Scotland just a shuttle ride away. Romulan refugees. Vulcans seeking reunification. Klingons ::beat:: being Klingons. The place is a melting pot! And I've never been and I'm sure the majority of the crew hasn't either.
Captain Monroe's eyes narrowed slightly. She knew there was something more. But she also knew she'd have to play the game.
Monroe: You know, Mel, you've served under me for five years now.
Martinson: ::giving a tilted nod:: I have.
Monroe: And not once, in all that time, have you ever suggested where we go for shore leave. Why now?
Still leaning on the desk, his hand seperated in a shrug.
Martinson: Maybe I just found somewhere I'd like to see?
Monroe: Uh hmm ::beat:: And it wouldn't have anything to do with the Trinity fleet being deployed would it?
Martinson: I don't know anything about that.
It was mostly true, he didn't as he was cleared for that kind of information. The Captain eyed him closely.
Monroe: We're not due for leave for a couple more weeks. And I don't know what you were expecting to do, but we're not going anywhere near that fleet.
Martinson: I don't want to go near the fleet. I want to go to 118.
Monroe: Why?
The Captain was putting her foot down, subtly, but he knew it.
Martinson: I got a message from ::beat:: an old friend. Lieutenant Sherlock. She's had a rough year. And she sounded a little worried about whatever they were going to do. And I just thought it would be nice to be there when she got back ::long pause:: and for the crew to see a new place.
Monroe: I'll consider your request, Mel. ::picking up her PADD to return to her work::
Martinson: I've heard Little Risa is nice this time of year...
Monroe: Out!
Martinson: ::flashing her a smile:: Yes, ma'am.
((OOC: The USS Glenn, if you haven't figured it out, will be visiting 118 next shore leave and there will be a tour of the Galaxy Class diplomatic cruiser if anyone is interested.))
End Scene
Lieutenant Melvin H. Martinson
Diplomatic Officer
USS Glenn



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