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'Oumuamua EMH Mark IV - If I Only Had a Heart

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OOC: Just loving the sauciness of the EMH and the character development that is blossoming here with V'Len.




EMH: I don't mean to distract from the problem at hand Counselor, however there seems to be some confusion here that needs to be addressed. Lieutenant Kel was CMO onboard the Thor, not the Oumuamua.  

Toz: I’m sure you’ve been preparing for this conversation, but now is not the time to stand your ground, doctor. Give us a little time. You won’t be left out, I assure you.

This Doctor Toz was perceptive, and seemed to be trying to offer some assurance. The EMH had little value for verbal promises however, as she followed written guidelines and official orders. To her "not being left out" probably meant responding to emergency situations only.

V’Len:  ::softly:: Ok. Ok.  ::sigh:: Do we need to discuss with V'Airu how the sickbay is organized?  I'll admit to having some days when I'm full of energy and others when I'm exhausted, do we need to determine what to do in those cases.

Brodie: Response

EMH: Until I am ordered by Commodore V'Airu herself, I will not stop performing my duties as CMO aboard this ship. Frankly, from what I have heard so far on your last mission, the Thor's medical crew did not understand the saying "Help, or at least do no harm”.

Toz: What? We have not caused harm, and we do understand the word help.

V'Len:  Yes I'd like an explanation.  Our backs were against the wall and we saved a lot of lives.  Perhaps you ought to put a sock in it?  

V'Len:  oO Oh no that's exactly what I did to Greaves on the Thor.  Darn it. Oo

Brodie: Response

EMH:  First of all, watch your language while in my sickbay. Secondly, I understand you were in dire circumstances, but the use of unapproved fungi and alien water to treat crew members was beyond risk averse, it was just dangerously cavalier. You had no idea the danger you could have caused to your crewmates. It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but my programming ensures that I will make the best medical decisions possible for the crew over an extended period of time.

Toz: Then this report is accurate? ::waving the tricorder around:: You used the fungi and alien water as a treatment? And it worked? I’m thoroughly impressed, doctor.

V’Len:  Yes, it was excellent.

The EMH watched as V'Len and Toz reached across the room to bump fists. They seemed to not understand her point. Without understanding the risks, sometimes you could do more damage to patients by not using studied, approved interventions. In her opinion, the fact that it had worked this one time for Lt. Kel was dangerous, as he might feel emboldened to take such action in the future. The next time it could cause casualties, and he would likely stand trial in that case. She would table this for now, as V'Len needed to be examined.

V'Len:  I'll make sure your name is on the publications.  

Brodie: Response

Toz: Can we get on with the exam? Cussing and discussing isn’t getting us anywhere.

V'Len:  Well I think we're good here.  Should I check back in a week?

EMH: Lt. Kel, I still need to perform a full assessment of you, or as you indicated that you have a rapport with Doctor Toz, she will need to examine you.

Rox:  Dr. Kel are you going to tell them or should I?

She gave a stern look towards Nurse Rox. The Nurse should be keeping her informed of everything going on related to sickbay. It would seem she was keeping some sort of secret for Lt. Kel.
Toz/Brodie: Response

V'Len:  ::hesitantly:: I have been experiencing some anxiety that my cardiac inducer will stop working.  

Rox:  I've found him sleeping in his office 3 of the last 6 nights.  

EMH: Lack of a good night's rest can further increase symptoms of anxiety. Lt. Kel, you should be sleeping in your quarters and keeping good sleep hygiene.
Toz/Brodie: Response

V'Len:  Well it makes it easier to sleep. I can bring up the inducer on the monitor and see that it's still working and I know everything is fine.  And if something does go wrong I'm right here in sickbay.  

EMH: Lt. Kel, even the cardiac technology of  21st century Earth medicine was quite reliable. Modern cardiac inducers are nearly 100% reliable. As I placed it in your body myself, I can assure you it was done exactly as the procedure should be performed.
Toz/Brodie: Response

V'Len:  ::angrily:: Well of course I know modern cardiac inducers are nearly 100% reliable, but it's not in your chest it's in mine!

The EMH watched as V'Len looked down at the floor.

EMH: Lt. Kel, I don't think I need to remind you that I technically don't have a chest, or a heart. This allows me to remain objective in these types of situations.
Toz/Brodie: Response

V'Len:  The truth is I don't feel much like V'Len Kel anymore.  V'Len Kel was optimistic and energetic, he didn't sleep in his office or check his pulse to make sure he was still alive.  I think V'Len Kel is gone (beat) I'm just not sure what's left.

EMH: V'Len, usually at this point I would refer you to the Ship's Counselor. As he is standing right here, and you have requested Doctor Toz to care for you, I will respect that and return to my office. ::turning to Toz:: I will review your charting thoroughly, and if any assessments were missed you will be hearing from me. ::to Brodie:: It is my recommendation that Lieutenant Kel be removed from duty until his physical and mental condition can receive the proper assessment.
Toz/Brodie: Response
With that the EMH walked through the doors into her temporary office. She wasn't confident in her future aboard the ship, and the capabilities of the ex-Thor's medical staff to care for its crew. She was programmed to do her duty, and she could not do this if she was relegated back to emergency response only. 
She imagined it was like sleeping for non-holograms when she was turned off, although she did not dream. The EMH pondered if she was a different kind of being, would she feel scared about never being turned back on again? 
With that final thought, she pulled up the logs of the U.S.S. Voyagers Doctor and began to review them once again.
End scene for 'Oumuamua EMH Mark IV
'Oumuamua EMH Mark IV
Acting CMO
USS 'Oumuamua




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