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Ltcmdr Rustyy Hael - Who Prayed for Warpcore Meltdowns

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On the one side I feel sorry for @Rustyy_Hael, on the other side his suffering is really entertaining :D That's what you get if you leave him alone with a squirrel lady and two trill ensigns 
Fantastic sim, I read it, re-read it, and read it AGAIN. 


((Si’Laan Migration Ship - Engineering))



If there were a few things Rustyy hated it would list as; People who kicked machines to get them to work, People who tried to fix machines not  having a clue what to do, Bugs…. And out of those three, there was only one thing he actually _hated_, the rest just went on to annoy more than anything. To those that didn’t know him well, the answer is BUGS. 


Alaska wasn’t known for bugs and when he went to the academy on Earth, he quickly found out that the world was covered in them… Made his skin crawl. Space didn’t have mocu for bugs, which suited him perfectly.


But then, even out here, nothing was for sure or absolute. 

Velix: So what do we do? Just wait for Commander DeVeau to find a solution?  

Y’zyr:  Staying out of the way?

Hael: Nah, ther’ always be work to be done few engineers. ::he smirked.:: An’ ‘cause yer workin’ with me, yer engineers fer’a bit. 

Velix: Hey. Sure. Just letting them talk and decide what to do, other than wait until someone finds a solution. 

Y’zyr:  I’m not sure I know what to do here.  I was hoping the engineers could tell us what we need to do.

If Rustyy was an eyeroller, he would have done so by now. If he was a little less oblivious to all things save for engineering, he might have noted the flirtyness between the two he’d brought with him. Rustyy would always be a third wheel, though never notice it or the awkwardness of it either. 

Velix: True. Well you could sit down here and look at these weird plants. And one of my symbionts hosts was a botanist - weird plant is my professional description. Look. 

Rustyy had already turned back to the funny words on the computer screen, more focussed on the graphical and gauge layout and readings. He could see - kind of - where the power output was going, including the extra strain where Commander Dal was located. That spot needed to be cut off from main power, and soon. It was like a bad oil leak like in an ‘80s GM or mid ‘90s Nissan. 


He made a few faces for no reason in particular. 


Y’zyr:  You said weird plant?


Velix: Weirdo plant, that’s what I said. Why?


Rustyy caught the word ‘weirdo’ and turned. He’d missed most of the rest of the conversation. He glanced around to look for something weird. Truth be told, he’d put most of the things here in that category. Though, likewise would classify things as unique, different, unusual. His vocabulary had lits of words that to him, meant the same thing. 


Hael: Uh… ev’rythin’ good. ::he spoke in hushed tones to his team.:: 


Ya’faemi: What in the names of all the ancestors are you doing?


Velix: Y’zyr noticed something weird.


Y’zyr:  Actually… ::his nose turned up under his mask slightly:: … are those plants *supposed* to be crawling with bugs?


Rustyy opened his mouth - but the scratch that came from the tiny, squirrel chief engineer, cut him off in an instant. He cringed, embarrassingly. He didn’t stop to peer over at the plant in question. 


Ya’faemi:  What! Well I never. This is a clean ship, we have no such pests here! If you see them then you and your parasite brought them on board.


Oh no… this didn’t seem like a good time. They weren’t making a very good, lasting impression at all. And he was very much out of depths on the matter, not sure how to redirect or fix this at all… and he outranked the other two which made him responsible!


This was his teen years all over again… herding toddlers at family reunions.


Only this had a bigger impact on peoples and future interactions. Well shit… 


Velix: I don’t see anything. Are you sure they’re not *inside* your suit?


Hael: How’s ‘bout we focus - 


Y’zyr:  Geoff.  You can see them?  ::the spider bot nodded his adorable head::  Can you grab a few of them for me?


Geoff:  Sure thing, dad.


It very quickly turned into a stooge moment. Rustyy threw his hands up and turned away, forgetting for a moment he was in an area that wasn’t tall enough and whacked the top of the helmet he was wearing. He cursed under his breath and grumbled. He’d already forgotten the tiny, creepy, menace had been brought along. 


And it was still creepy. 


He kept his back turned turned as he worked to catch his breath and will away a sudden pain in his head… and another part of his anatomy. 


Geoff:  Got two!  They’re fast.  ::pause, then blustering::  But I’m *faster!*


Velix: You are a little weird, you know? And I mean that in the most positive way possible.


Ya’faemi: :: She shuttered with suppressed revulsion :: And they’re the ones accusing us of carrying pests.


Hael:  I know…. ::he mumbled to the squirrel woman. His face expressed his feelings and thoughts plainly.::


Y’zyr:  I’m telling you, they’re there.  They seem to be *flickering.*  Like… they’re fading in and out every second or so.


He mentally willed the cyborg, his creeper and the dark skinned polka dotted woman to … well to do anything other than this. Meanwhile, Rustyy worked to continue to converse power and facilitate where best the ships should settle in next to each other for maximum coverage and minimal strain. 


Y’zyr:  These bugs seem to have contained some sort of radiation… or chronitons?  It’s hard to get a clear reading on them… half the time it’s like the scanner can’t even find them.  :::he pried Geoff off his face and then got a better look at his fellow companions suspicious faces::  I swear I’m not mad.  They’re there!


Rustyy turned, his eyes went wide and he ducked down and back away. As in “I don’t know you crazy people!” He looked like a person trying to avoid getting tagged by a hot poker. Unreasonably enough, his first thought “cyborg ocular implants were jacked up.” but if creeper was out there catching them… 


Velix: I am a scientist. Trust me. ::pause:: I mean, you can trust me, I’m a scientist. And I’ve seen bugs before.


Oh he could hug her! Saved him from a horrible death, death by fear of bugs… bugs in his suit! Oh no… he closed his eyes and pretended anything else was happening. Who prayed for warp core meltdown? He did…


Lieutenant Commander Rustyy Hael

Chief Engineer

Starbase 118 Ops

USS Narendra



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