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MSNPC G'Riett - The Council Chamber


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@John Kendrick I'll be honest, I've been thinking about this for hours. It was just really well written and within seconds of reading it I just wanted to know more. Such a lovely writer. Superb. Chef's kiss!


((Council Chamber, The Citadel, Anadasa))


There were few windows in the Council Chamber so most light came from the huge candle chandeliers that hung down from the ceiling, which gave the room an atmosphere of mystery.


The Council of Da’al, presided by G’Riett, had gathered around the octagonal table where since ancient times, every major proposal concerning the City and its inhabitants had been discussed, rejected or accepted. It was a place of historical importance that, perhaps even now more than ever, had the power to change the future.  


Only those belonging to the noble houses of Da’al had the honor to serve on the Council. But nevertheless, here she was: an orphan and an outcast, sitting at the same table with the same men and women who - until not so long ago - would have averted their gaze if they saw her in the streets of the City, dirty faced and dressed in rags. Even her name, G'Riett, had become popular among the missionaries who had adopted her name as their own.


As the council members discussed the day-to-day business of running the City, G’Riett looked around the table. Half of the Council worshipped her and would kiss the ground she walked on. The other half pretended to respect her, but would not hesitate to pierce a knife through her heart if the opportunity presented itself. They all had one thing in common though: she loathed them, each and everyone of them. But their time would soon come to an end. She already imagined their severed heads on a pole, adorning the battlements of the Citadel walls. She smiled to herself as her hand touched her long, pearl-speckled hair.


Bored by the conversation she cleared her throat to draw their attention. The voices fell silent as all eyes turned towards her. 


G’Riett: Tell me, esteemed Council member D’Aanish: I’ve been informed that some of our citizens in the Southern District have reverted to the old beliefs. ::with steely eyes:: Is this true? And if so: why have I not been informed of this earlier?


The Councel member - an older, slightly obese Anadasan - shuffled uncomfortably in his chair. 


D’Aanish: You have been informed correctly. ::casting his eyes down:: My apologies. But I did not feel it was important enough to report to you.


G’Riett: I will decide for myself what is important and what is not. That is not up to your discretion. 


Her voice was calm but everyone around the table realized she wouldn't tolerate such a mistake twice.


D’Aanish: Of course. I have acted foolishly. It- It will not happen again.


She nodded at the man and gave him a little smile as a sign she had accepted his apology. The man then leaned slightly back in his chair, apparently feeling more relaxed again. He took out a handkerchief and dabbed the sweat from his forehead ridges.


And then she fired her next question at him.


G’Riett: And what have you done about this most unpleasant situation?


The man kept on dabbing the sweat from his forehead.


D’Aanish: Nothing. ::stammering:: At least not yet.


She rose from her chair and placed her bolded fists on the table as she leaned forward in the direction of D’Aanish.


G’Riett: ::softly:: Nothing?


The other Council members quietly leaned back in their chairs and wisely decided not get involved.


D’Aanish: They are important members of the community. Doctors, teachers…


She raised her hand, interrupting him.


G’Riett: Which is why it is even more important for us to keep them on the path, the true path J’Kre has laid out for us. The Ta’al Lak.


Now it was D’Aanish who got up from his chair. 


D’Aanish: ::bowing his head:: I will send out missionaries at once.


G’Riett: Accompanied by the High Guard.


D’Aanish: ::confused:: The High Guard?


G’Riett: Yes. They will take the eldest son or daughter of those who have deviated from the true path and sent them off to the labor camps in the T'Vorni Mountains ::determined:: I can see no greater incentive to stay true to the teachings of J’kre than the prospect of being reunited with ones loved ones.


D’Aanish: I see. ::nodding:: That is… very wise of you.


Satisfied her decision wasn’t challenged, she turned to the others.


G’Riett: It is almost midday. I suggest we suspend our meeting until after lunch... and prayer.


The other Council members nodded in agreement as they got up from their chairs. 


As they quietly left the Council Chamber, a hooded man appeared from behind one of the pillars, and approached G’Riett. 


G’Riett: Did you find her?


Hooded Man: Yes.


At the word “yes” she could barely keep her excitement to herself.


G’Riett: Where is she now?


Hooded Man: One of my men caught her while she was stealing a loaf of bread. But... 


She turned away from him as her initial excitement was suddenly replaced by a slowly building anger.


Hooded Man: She managed to escape.


G’Riett: ::biting her anger:: Then what are you still doing here? 


She turned back towards the Hooded Man.


G’Riett: Find her and bring her to me. ::stone cold:: And remember this: next time you arrive here empty handed, you will leave this Citadel with no hands at all.


The Hooded Man nodded and disappeared again into the shadows.


G’Riett walked to one of the windows that looked out over the city, her hand firmly on the pendant of her necklace.


G’Riett: Where are you, little one?





G'Riett simmed by:

Lieutenant John Kendrick

Acting Chief Security and Tactical

USS Juneau, NX-99801


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