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PNPC Lieutenant JG Wyla Avae - It's so fluffy I could die!


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And then there was this one ... Sorry, Captain. Looks like Serala's daughter started something.

(( Brew Continuum, Deck 10, USS Chin’toka ))

Long days. Too many long days. At least lately there hadn’t been many injuries to tend to, mostly just working on repairs and inventories and coordinating with the colonists with setting up temporary medical facilities until the more permanent ones were built. 

They had at least one biobed in need of replacement, a casualty from the power surge that had disabled part of their tactical systems during the worst month of her life, and that had spilled over into other systems. Turns out, when power conduits burst they can affect multiple systems. 

Wyla had just managed to finish her shift, well, it was over two hours ago and the Antosian Chief Nurse was working beyond her allotted time. It’s not like she had a social life to worry about. Still, she was drained and the purple haired nurse, still in her long teal medical coat, hands in her pockets shambled into the Brew Continuum for some much needed coffee. 

She vaguely was aware that the place was far busier than it usually was at this time of day, but made her way over to the bar. 

Peters: response

She smiled up at their Helmsman, moonlighting as a barista and shrugged. 

Avae: My usual, but make it a double. ::She blinked:: Wait, a Captain what plushie? 

She looked from Peters to the fluffy stuffed toy sitting on the counter and the bubbly Antosian’s eyes widened. Sitting there on the counter was the most adorable thing she’d ever seen, and she had seen puppies and kittens and even a few toddlers. 

Peters: response

An unexpected squeak of delight escaped the Nurse’s lips before she could stifle herself and she scooped up the offered plushie and squeezed it tightly, then held it aloft like she’d just discovered the Sword of Kah’less or the Holy Grail or any other civilizations lost artifact. 

Avae: Oh my stars it’s so cute and it’s got a Starfleet uniform and Captain’s pips and cute little ears that bend and oh it’s so fluffy I could almost cry and it’s so soft this just has to be the cutest thing ever I have to have this I have so many plushies already and this is just going to be like the centerpiece of them all when did you get this? 

True to form, the excitable Antosian didn’t even seem to breathe as she rambled off in pure joy. And then, the sensation of multiple eyes in the room filtered in. That feeling you get in public, especially when you’re the awkward, anti-social sort like Wyla was her anxiety senses started tingling and she slowly looked around the room. Oh, it was more crowded than usual alright. And in an instant the color both simultaneously drained from her face and then flooded her cheeks bright crimson as she saw at least one person in dress whites, and noted that most of the people in the lounge weren’t even from the Chin’toka. 

Wedding guests. The realization hit her and she had heard that at least one Commodore, or Admiral or something would be in attendance. Poor Wyla stood frozen, clutching the Captain Twibble plushie tightly both protectively and also for protection from the embarrassment. Causing the ears to poke out more and the cute little eyes to just barely peek out, bulged over the top of her arms. 

Peters: response

Anyone: response

Avae: Oh...I...I’m so sorry. Uhm, Captain I didn’t realize that threw would be so many people here and I just couldn’t help it cause it’s just so cute and that doesn’t mean that you aren’t cute or anything I mean you’re married obviously but that uhm isn’t the point and there’s so many people here uhm hello. 

Catching herself rambling again, Wyla, bright cheeked, tried to quantum merge with the molecules of the bar while waiting on her coffee and clutching the Captain Twibble plushie tightly. Despite her embarrassment, it was clear that the Nurse had no intention of being parted from the adorable toy. 

Peters/Anyone: response


Lieutenant JG Wyla Avae

Chief Nurse

as boisterously simmed by

Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga 

Second Officer/Chief TacSec Officer

USS Chin'toka NCC-97187

Chin'toka Staff Member

Writer ID: A239410TR0


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