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Lieutenant John Kendrick - Slap in the face

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((Bajor, Hendrikspool, Beachhead))

T’Lea:  Mr. Falt will be joining the expedition.

Kendrick: ::trying to sound excited:: That's great. 

Another awkward pause followed. Should he just get out of the water and pick up his clothes? He was starting to feel like a prisoner of the river with T'Lea as the guard, holding the key.

T’Lea:  Are you aware of the water-borne spike worm that enters in through the urethra to deposit eggs.

Kendrick: Wait… What? The ure-? Oh, frak!

He jumped up out of the water and looked down, checking if there were any kind of worms leeched on his legs or any other part of his body. And then he remembered the tricorder readings of the water sample he took yesterday, realizing it was another prank of hers.

Kendrick: Dammit T'Lea! Not funny!

And then, without thinking it through, he ran up to her, picked her up and threw her into the water.

He started laughing as she struggled to get back up on her feet.

T'Lea: You… I can’t believe – you…

Quite honestly,  he couldn't quite believe it himself. Had he just thrown Juneau’s First Officer into the water? Of course, fact was that they currently weren’t on a mission - they were on shore leave. But still, some kind of decorum had to be upheld too. He should’ve known better than to act on instinct. 

Kendrick: Come on now, it's just a little bit of water. 

T'Lea: Jackass.

If he felt any real regret at all, it disappeared very quickly when he saw T'Lea step out of the water. Her clothes clung to her body, accentuating those contours he remembered all too well. His thoughts drifted back to their adventure aboard The Wanderer.  

T’Lea:  Thanks, idiot.  I lost my comm. badge and data padd.

Her words made him snap back to the present. Not that it helped much. The way her hands ran through her beautiful long, wet hair. The drops of water, accentuating those sensual lips he wished to kiss. Every simple movement she made seemed to stimulate his primal senses. And then he realized he was still standing there… without any clothes on. His eyes darted around as he tried to remember where he’d left his clothes.  

Kendrick: Uh… Okay… Well, I downloaded all the data with my tricorder yesterday. I’m sure we’ll be able to continue without too much delay. 

He spotted his clothes and walked over them. He tried not to look at T'Lea. Not only because deep down he longed for her, and wanted to reign in those emotions, but also because her silence made him feel uncomfortable. She was angry at him. Disappointed. And it hurt. 

As he put on his trousers, from the corner of his eye, he noticed her stepping towards him. He kept his eyes pointed at the zipper of his pants. Somehow he was hoping for a kiss, but knowing T'Lea it might as well be a slap in the face. 

Realizing he couldn’t hold off a confrontation any longer, he looked up at her and felt paralyzed by her blue, menacing eyes. She was a predator and right now he was her prey.

She leaned in closer. He could feel the drops of cold water touching his skin as her cheek brushed with his. And then he felt her warm breath as it touched his ears. He closed his eyes as he felt a shiver going through his body. If only she knew how he longed for her right now.

T’Lea:  ::growly whisper::  The only thing saving you right now is the paperwork I would have to do.

What happened next felt like another hallucination… Her hand touched his other cheek as it slowly found its way down to his neck and finally to his chest. Suddenly it felt like his heart stopped beating. Time seemed to stand still… And then she just walked away as if nothing happened.

He turned around as he watched her disappear into the tree line. His cold fingers reached for his chest. She may have lost her combadge and datapadd… but John felt like he had just lost his heart.


@John Kendrick Dude!!!!! 

This one is brilliant and easily one of the best ones I have read from Kendrick. The descriptions are lovely, they way his feelings are conveyed is just superb. 
I suggest he have a drink with Arys from bro to bro and talk about how hot T'Lea is 

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