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PNPC Lieutenant Sameh Neam - Stiff As A Board


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Okay, I had a good laugh at this one. The Lieutenant can't hear the Seiuri's telepathic communication with Raga, so his responses to it are just hilarious!


((Chief of Security’s Office, Security Complex, Deck 11, USS Chin’toka))

{{Day 27 of shoreleave}}

Sam made a quick stop by his new quarters to check them out and had arrangements made to have his stuff brought to them. He then proceeded to deck eleven to meet his new Chief, again avoiding stares as he went. He inquired a little about who it was from Commander Kiax and was a little intimidated when he found out his new superior was an Al-Leyan. He managed to somehow get in a bar fight with one on Risa. He couldn’t remember much from that night, just that he woke up in a lot of pain the next day and his mother had to fill him in on what had happened. He was lucky he survived the encounter. Hopefully this wasn't that man. What an awkward encounter that would be.

He took a deep breath, stepped to the door, rang the chime, and waited.

Raga: Enter. 

He stepped through the door, passing another officer who was making their way out. He noticed vibrant sapphire eyes staring at him as he made his way into the room. He wasn’t sure if he should offer a friendly smile at the raven haired Al-Leyan, so he just offered him the PADD.

Neam: Lieutenant Sameh Neam reporting for duty, Sir.  :: coming to an attention stance :: 

Raga: Cool winds be with you, Lieutenant. And at ease. ::He nodded:: 

Sam took a relaxed stance as instructed, folding his hands together behind his back. He relaxed inside a little as the emotions coming from the Commander were neutral and relaxed, but he sensed another set of emotions. They weren’t coming from the Commander. It was a sense of calm and curiosity, but who were they coming from? He looked around the office as the Al-Leyan looked over the PADD. It was decorated with Al-Leyan decorations and what appeared to be climbing gear. As he looked farther, his eyes then met a pair of eyes from something that was staring intently at him. It was sitting on top of a metal perch, a bird of some sort, and he suddenly found himself intimidated more by it than the man that stood before him. He wanted to look away, but couldn’t pull himself to do so, until the Commander spoke again.

Sylara: ~ Another mind voice animal. Afraid of Sylara. ~

Raga: ~ Afraid huh? ~ Well, it looks like everything’s in order, Lieutenant. 

He turned his attention back to the Commander and smiled.

Neam: Great, Sir. Quite the pet you have.

The Seiuri let out a soft hoot. 

Raga: No, you can’t eat him. 

Eat him? That was a joke right? Starfleet wouldn’t allow such a thing on board if it went around eating people. He wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that.

The owl’s head tilted slightly and she let out a slightly louder hoot.

Raga: Because. ::He said dryly:: You ate the last one. 

The color drained from Sam’s face. The emotions from the Commander were that of relaxed demeanor and those from the bird seemed to fit that she was indeed hungry. 

Neam: Umm.. Sir?

The Seiuri stretched her wings slightly then began bobbing her head up and down a little. 

Raga: Just don’t make any sudden movements and you’ll be fine. Sylara there used to hunt targs back on the homeworld. Among other things. 

Sam held as still as possible, even though his body told him to run. He nearly had a heart attack when the door behind him opened. 

McKnight: Am I interrupting something, boss?

Raga: Response

Sam still held still as the other officer spoke to the Commander and he remained silent. His heart was racing as he was still unsure if the bird was going to make a meal of him or not. Perhaps he should have stayed on the Churchill, but then again how did he know that coming to the Chin’toka would result in him being eaten by a large bird.

McKnight: Sorry for that then, this will be quick. I have something I need your approval of.

He politely walked past Neam and handed his friend the PADD.

McKnight: Per your approval.

Raga: Response 

Sam wondered how the man just walked in so calmly. Maybe the bird liked him? Maybe he could win the bird over? But how?

Raga / McKnight: Reponses

Sam let out a sigh of relief and chuckled. 

Neam: That was a good one, Sir. Your friend would certainly come in handy in scaring an enemy. That’s for sure.

Raga / McKnight: Responses

Neam: Lieutenant Sameh Neam. Nice to meet you, Lieutenant McKnight.

Raga / McKnight: Responses
PNPC Lieutenant Sameh Neam
Security / Tactical Officer 
As Simmed By
Lieutenant Elizabeth Snow
Chief Medical Officer
USS Chin'toka NCC-97187
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