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Ensign R'Kala: The call, Part 1


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Yes!  This was great R'Kala!  We finally get a glimpse of this beautiful Klingon's past.  I love it!
OOC: Gonna be revealing some history of R'Kala via flashbacks this shore leave to flesh out her character more!
((Observation Lounge, Deck 1, USS Juneau))
With the mission over and her science reported finalized and delivered to T'Lea, R'Kala decided to take some time to simply think. She had hoped that no one would be in the observation lounge during this time, and she was right thankfully. The lounge was the only place that she knew of where she could simply stand and gaze out the deck windows into the vastness of space, alone to no one but her own thoughts. As she stood there, gazing at the stars, she reflected on her time so far aboard the Juneau.
She had enjoyed herself so far aboard the ship and had become well acquainted with some of the crew, particularly T'Lea, Kendrick, and Silveira, who was now, unfortunately, leaving the Juneau. Now she would have to make friends with a new roommate. Perhaps if she could manage to be offered a promotion past lieutenant junior grade, she wouldn't have to deal with the thought of meeting someone new. 
She crossed her arms behind her back, wondering what was so disturbing to her about meeting someone new and why she preferred to be so isolated from everyone else on the Juneau. Her work before joining Starfleet was such an isolating job that she had grown used to the silence of research database rooms at the Daystrom Institute. At the institute, there were no red alert klaxons, no phaser fire, no life-threatening assignments. There had only been the soft hum of the computers and the occasion "swish" of the doors opening and more researchers entering or exiting the labs.
She walked over to the replicator in the Observation Lounge.
R'Kala: Raktajino. Iced. ::she paused:: Betazoid chocolate syrup on top.
The replicator created the drink and she grabbed it and walked back to the edge of the lounge and continue to stargaze. She took a sip of the iced coffee. It tasted just fine, but certainly not better than what her mother, V'Pol would make her before she went to school on Qo'noS. Her relationship with her mother at that point had been fairly nice, with no conflict whatsoever. 
As she got older she remembered telling her mother that she had planned on applying to Science Institute on Mempa V, to much of her mother's disbelief. Her mother had clearly seen a role for her to adopt: handle the family affairs after her passing. Her father had died in the Dominion War, her brother would also no doubt die honorably serving in the Defense Force. 
((R'Kala's family house, Qo'noS, Stardate: 237905.20))
V'Pol ran her fingers through her graying hair and screamed. She swatted her hand at a vase that was sitting on a side table in the living space. She brought her hands from her face to stare at R'Kala who standing with a PADD in her hand. The PADD had confirmation of her acceptance into the Science Institute on Mempa V.
V'Pol: I suppose you care little what happens to the House of Noggra?
R'Kala: And I suppose you care too much what I do with my own life, mother.
V'Pol slapped R'Kala across the cheek and growled. R'Kala's eyes returned to meet her mother's. They both stared at each other in silence
V'Pol: I am still your mother and you will watch your tone with me, R'Kala. What is your father to think of this? You disgracing his household by abandoning his family, abandoning his Great House to do what--look at stars? RaKar will soon wed, and so will you, R'Kala. We must continue T'Surak's legacy.
R'Kala let out a sigh. She knew he mother would not leave this alone and would try every attempt to stop her from leaving. 
R'Kala: What am I to do, mother? Give up my life and my dreams for marriage? Even if it is my father's will?
V'Pol raised her hand again, ready to strike.
V'Pol: You speak so disrespectfully of your father as he resides in Sto'Vo'Kor. How dare you...Get out! I cannot even bear to look at you right now as you abandon your own family. 
R'Kala: Mother, I'm not abandoning--
V'Pol: ::loudly:: I SAID GET OUT!
R'Kala stood for a while and simply nodded. Her mother would need time to process the information, but there was certainly nothing else R'Kala could do at this moment to get her to understand her perspective. She left her family's home, closing the door behind, letting out yet another sigh. She looked down at the PADD in her hand which was asking for her decision: "accept" or "reject" admission into the Science Institute on Mempa V.
((End Flashback))
She took another long sip of her raktajino, appreciating the added chocolate syrup on top. Her mother had never added the additional syrup. It was something she had learned about during her time at Starfleet Academy and she only added it on certain occasions. Today's occasion was finally getting in contact, who she had not spoken to since her mother had told her she was on a path to Gre'Thor. 
Ensign R'Kala, Ph.D.
Science Officer
USS Juneau




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