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Sachiko - "Taxi Cat"

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@Alora DeVeau You must've been a cat in a former life because you write for one really well! 

((Pirate Ship Drowning Band – Somewhere in the Ventilation Systems))

Sachiko was not a normal cat. 

It hadn’t taken long for Alora to figure that out.  When she had been given the little critter, the only thing Gabi knew was that she’d gotten the creature from someone who had gotten her from someone else and no one knew why she had been given up in the first place . She’d been mostly a kitten still, older than a wee one, but still not fully grown, but neither had she achieved much more stature after she’d been taken in by the, at the time, Science Officer.   She remained quite small for a cat, and most thought she was still a juvenile.  But no, Sachiko was six years old, not that she acted like it. 

But that wasn’t what made her abnormal.  No, the fact was, Sachiko wasn’t normal for two reasons - she seemed particularly intelligent for a felis cactus, and there were times Alora couldn’t help but wonder exactly how intelligent she was. Even stranger was the almost magical way the creature managed to escape Alora’s quarters.  It didn’t matter what Alora did, she could not contain the cat, and she’d eventually given up. 

It was that very same cat who had managed to not only get out of Alora’s quarters again but who had somehow known to gain the attention of a certain pirate carrying a certain cage containing certain people, and get on board the pirate ship.  Once there, she’d performed the same little trick, snuck out of the pirate’s quarters, and had managed to finagle a way into the ventilation system, only to appear before miniaturized versions of people - one of whom was familiar to her.  Of course, she wasn’t going to eat them.  In fact, the feline was rather docile and even allowed the group to mount upon her.  When they had all settled ,she’d whisked them away to the ventilation shaft, mini people on her back, mini dog in her mouth.

Bailey: Not so fast! ::Speaking more towards the cat:: 

If Sachiko understood it, she didn’t really pay any attention.  Instead, she continued to slink through the system, unhindered by the request.  

A. Harper: I should not have eaten so much at the gala.

Galven: Ride like the wind, Bullseye!

That did seem to get the creature’s attention.  She turned her head ever so slightly, just enough for a single blue eye to cant in the direction of the Denobulan who had called out the encouragement, but once more, if she understood, there was no other real response to it.  

Yael: Response 

Bailey: Does anyone suppose they know where she’s taking us? 

A. Harper: Hopefully somewhere we can signal for help

There was a pause as they came to an intersection, just a brief one.  Sachiko’s ears twitched and, Alistair still gently in her mouth, she lifted her nose, silently sniffing the air.  She made her choice, turned down toward the left, then continued onward.  

Galven: I'm hoping the way she's going to wherever she came from. 

Yael: Response 

Bailey: I mean, I’d very much dislike to end up on the opposite end of the ship from where we likely need to be. 

Galven: I mean, it's better than where we were. 

There was another intersection, another pause, longer that time.  Those ears swiveled one way, then another, then back again.  The nose lifted, more sniffs were taken, then another turn chosen before she continued on.  Down one, through another, Sachiko only paused at intersections adjusting according to whatever feline fancy hit her.  

Yael: Response 

Bailey: It might be a good idea to see if we can get her to jump up to a console. 

A. Harper: That will certainly be a an experience, at least cats are graceful jumpers. 

Galven: ::to Ashley:: What are your orders for whenever we get to the location, Lieutenant?

Suddenly, Sachiko go stopped, her ears twitched, then one hind leg came up as she arched her head back and she proceeded to scratch mightily behind one year.  Doing so didn’t dislodge anyone, but for a moment, the bodies of the riders vibrated with the motions.  Finally, the itch was gone and the cat resumed her previous pace. 

Yael/A. Harper:Response 

Bailey: We could check the manifest a lot easier that way and it would take less time than climbing. 

Yael/A. Harper: Response

Galven: It appears that Sachiko is slowing down. ::indicating his assumption as he turned his head to get a better idea where they were. 

One turn, then another, and finally down a line which ended - at a grate, very much like the one she’d entered through.  Pawing at the barrier, the metal whined, then groaned and gave way a little.  Once again, the cat pressed against it, then used her head, and finally the grate fell three quarters of the way off, hanging on by a single bolt.  Old, and ill maintained, it had given up the ghost and now they had access to what lay beyond.   Which was...a dark room.   Sachiko dropped to the floor, then carefully set Alistair down - only to hold him down by one paw so she could set about grooming him with her large, sandpaper tongue. 

Yael/A. Harper/Bailey: Response

Galven: Everything looks so crude and different from anything I've seen. Even when I was taller. Where are we?

Sachiko paused in her group, twisted around to look at the Denobulan, then opened her mouth.  Only, words didn’t come out. Instead was a meow.  Well, not even a real meow, it was more of a squeak.  Whether or not it was in answer to Galven’s question, however, could not be known, and it seemed as if she didn’t really care, for she returned her attention back to Alistair, evidently not done bathing him. 

Galven/Yael/A. Harper/Bailey: Response

Finally, Sachiko seemed to think that she was done - for now.  The paw was lifted, Alistair was set free, and once everyone was off of her back, she shook herself, then sat down and proceeded to lick at her chest, quite unconcerned with the antics of the miniature people.  

Galven/Yael/A. Harper/Bailey: Response

There was a pause in the self groom, just long enough for Sachiko to open her mouth wide, sharp teeth stark against the pink of her mouth.  She finished yawning, gave a few more licks to her chest, then turned to her tail, though one eye seemed to follow the motions of the people who had moments before been riding upon her back.  

Galven/Yael/A. Harper/Bailey: Response

Taxi Cat
Starbase 118 Ops
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Title wasn't written right
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A little late to the party but I have to agree with @German Galven. @Alora DeVeau is a talented writer who must have had an excellent previous life as a cat. Loved the sim. ❤️ :) 

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