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PNPC LtJG Wyss & LtCmdr T'Lea - B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

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First there was a line to go into the "Juneau's Rememberable quotes!!! IC".

Then another, another and another. After laughing... I mean reading it again I thought it best to post the hole thing here.



((Lightside Station – Mega Deck – Simulation Red River - Street))


Wyss: Yep. We’ll have to disconnect it carefully.


She handed Dekas a set of tools and gave him a lopsided smile as his hat disappeared once more.  It was like the thing had a mind of it’s own.  And since they were possibly dealing with telepathic technology she had to wonder if it really did.  It gave new meaning to the phrase, “put your thinking cap on”.


She stifled a laugh as she turned her attention to the problem at hand.


Wyss:  It seems to be connected to the mainframe.  Looks like it’s running on it’s own power source.  Do you see any connections?


Dekas: response


When she looked over at him his hat was back on.  Strangely, the accessory suited him handsomely.


Wyss: Let’s cut around the main line first to reduce the energy.  Maybe we can avoid catastrophic damage to the deck. 


Dekas: response


Wyss snickered.


Wyss:  Good point.


Meanwhile, the angry mob was approaching with guns, and farming tools.  Their intent was clear.  The burning torches meant they had something specific in mind.


T’Lea: :: to Karise :: If you can read their thoughts, can you send them thoughts?


Indobri: Um…. I’m not sure. Even with real people, it’s tricky because of my lack of training. And it would be painful for a real person. I’m not sure what to expect from a hologram, if it would even work. And besides, what would I say that wouldn’t clinch their ideas that we’re demon and witches?


T’Lea: I don’t know, tell them they’re sleepy.


Indobri: Sleepy? Do you think that would work?


No!  Of course not!  T’Lea was being sarcastic!  But she didn’t have time to explain her snarky remark before a voice from behind hurried the idea along.


Dekas: Preferably soon. Hopefully they get sleepy and think they’re dreaming.


This was going to be a disaster, thought T’Lea.  Indobri was the strongest telepath in the room and by her own confession not very well trained with her abilities.  The Romu-vulc would have touched one their holographic minds herself, but it would have required physical contact and that’s what they were trying to avoid.


Indobri: Are you sure we’re not the ones dreaming? :: beat :: Okay, fine. I will try, but I am not holding my hopes out on this.


Wyss:  Just a few more minutes.  ::at Dekas::  I’ve got the three couplings on my side disconnected.  How are you doing?


Dekas: response


T’Lea:  Somebody better do something soon.


Wyss: Almost there!


T'Lea reached for the two six-shooters on her hips and pulled them, only to realize they were no longer bright shiny metal but yellow.  In her hands were two bananas with triggers.  She closed her eyes and shook her head.  This would have been hilarious if it had been happening to somebody else.  With an egregious sigh she gripped stem-end of the bananas and put her fingers on the triggers.  Aiming was going to be a problem, but it didn’t really matter since she was a terrible shot anyway. 

The bigger question, other than her aim was what would come of the end of the bananas when she pulled the trigger.


T’Lea:  Doc…?


Indobri: Just don’t let them lynch me before I get done. This is going to take a lot of concentration.


T’Lea: They won’t get near you.


That was a promise.  And that was a promise from Nyka as well.  While Dekas worked on disconnecting his end, she was working on a back-up plan.


T’Lea’s eyes hardened to steel as the townsfolk closed the distance.  She held her deadly bananas firmly, but not too firm lest they squished.  She planted her feet and took awkward aim.


A glance to her side told her that Indobri was gathering her mental strength. 


Indobri ~ You are getting very sleepy. You need to go to bed. You are very tired. A nap would be good right about now. Go to sleep. ~


Wyss winced as a sudden headache stabbed at the front of her forehead.  She blinked her eyes and thought she heard Indobri’s voice telling her to go to sleep. It was so soothing, and familiar.  She found herself struggling not to obey.


Dekas: response


Wyss:  I think I’m getting tired.


T’Lea’s head turned and she saw Wyss rub her groggy eyes.  She looked to the town’s people and they were only a few yards away now, and still wide awake.


T’Lea:  ::at Dekas and Wyss:: In case you haven’t noticed, I am armed with fruit.  Please hurry.


Dekas: response


Indobri ~ You’re so tired you can’t keep your eyes open. Lay down and take a nap. ~


Making a mental effort to block Indobri’s telepathic influences, T’Lea saw a villager yawn, and then another.  Slowly half the crowd fell to their knees, and made their bed right there in the dirt street.  The other half were struggling to stay awake and now even more frightened.


T’Lea:  We have a problem.


The Gambler took aim and so did the remaining ten people with him.


Indobri: response


T’Lea:  No, not them.  Them.


She thumbed back at the two engineers.  Nyka was struggling to stay awake. 


Wyss:  Cut.  The main.  ::yawn:: Line.


She said to Dekas and slumped her shoulder against the arch.  She reached in with her hand and did something just as the first shot from the Gamblers gun rang out.  Then she literally fell to sleep on the ground.


The Gambler’s shot zipped past the Romu-vulc, clipping the brim of her hat.  T’Lea fired back, and the ends of her banana-guns exploded.  The banana and their peels splattered the Gambler and his friends in a stunning display of scatter-shot fruit.  


But what was more stunning was that the sun had turned into a spinning disco ball, throwing sprays of flashy lights all over the dusty town.  Suddenly, music from Wyss’s playlist sang-out loudly across the holodeck, and the remaining townsfolk started line-dancing.


ABBA: Dancing queen
Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah
You can dance
You can jive
Having the time of your life
Ooh, see that girl
Watch that scene
Digging the dancing queen...

Absurdity.  That was the best word to describe everything going on.  No, wait… Insanity.  Yes.  It was unadulterated insanity, thought T’Lea as she watched the Gambler and his friends toe-tap and slide along with the music.
The Romu-vulc glanced down at her banana-guns.  The tips were blown-out, and she had no idea if there was another round in the chamber... stem? Whatever.  So she tossed them. 
Dekas/Indobri: response 




Lieutenant Commander T’Lea
The Surly Gunslinger
Historian/Archaeology Specialist
USS Juneau
Author ID I238301T10


PNPC Lieutenant JG Nyka Wyss
The Singing Sheriff
Engineering Officer
Lightside Station soon to be assigned to USS Grace Hopper
Author ID I238301T10

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Oh man, love the ABBA inserted in there!  And banana guns!  Yes!

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