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Writing Challenge 2021

Jo Marshall

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As our winner of last year’s challenge, Commander @Geoffrey Teller has come up with the prompt for our community this time around. A throwback to flashbacks for everyone, this calls to mind themes of the little things which can affect characters in those huge ways. Maybe your character will venture on a voyage on discovery about themselves, or explore themes of finality and endings, retribution and redemption, even a bit of mortality thrown in? Star Trek has consistently shown us these small, focused moments can be at the very heart of the human (and alien!) experience. You could go anywhere with this one!

"I always loved the wind…
...until that mission on Telstrus 3."

How would your character react to this situation? What's going through their mind? What scene immediately pops into your head? Is there a word-fire kindling? Does it transport you somewhere? If so, bust out the virtual pen and paper, brew that Earl Grey and get cracking! 

One judge will be chosen from each ship to help select the winner. 
Rules & Guidelines: 

  • Word count should be a minimum of 300 and a maximum of 3000.
  • Members are welcome to submit solo stories, or team up with a buddy to submit a collaborative epic, but only one story per person, please!
  • Your submission should be in the format of a short story. Prose, not sim formatting. (See here for examples.)
  • All members are welcome to submit entries for the community to read, but only those from active simmers will be reviewed by the judging panel for the final winner selection.
  • Submissions are, by default, non-canon – if you find a way to shoehorn this into your own backstory, you're free to use it if you wish, but certainly not a requirement.
    • You can create whatever characters make sense for the story. You don't have to use or reference any of your current characters.
    • Rank is not an issue here – write as an Ensign or a Captain, civilian, whatever makes sense for your story!
    • And you're free to use characters you've already written for in sim, but please don't include anyone else's.
  • Submit your story directly into the first post of a new thread. Use the following format for the thread title: 
    • [Primary Character Name(s) of author(s)]: "My Story's Interesting Title"
    • Tristan Wolf: "Five Ways to End Your Starfleet Career"
  • If you want to submit a story but don't want to enter it into the challenge, prefix the forum post with "showcase" and let us read your good stuff! 

All stories must be submitted by Sunday, May 23 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Good luck!

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