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Lieutenant JG Noa T'Nessa Levinson - Feelings Astray

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I just love the glimpse we get at the emotional rollercoaster Noa goes through as she works through what she's seeing and hearing. Such a beautifully complex character. Amazing, @Noa T'Nessa Levinson. Keep up the amazing writing. :)


((Ladonnik Nature Preserve, Eladar IV))


Katnar’fari: This is why we have taken you. This is what my people have lived with for centuries since the Feladoni realized that if they do not openly attack us, we won’t resist. Because they know they cannot beat us in battle. They never have.


Noa nodded once again. She believed she could understand the dynamics, at least from the Mekra’fari’s perspective. Yet, one piece of the puzzle still eluded her.


Qalipu’fari: Doesn't stop them from trying though ::beat:: This will. Now they will have to listen.


Snow: I still don't get it…


Levinson: I see. Yet I am still puzzled as to how... taking us would be of help.


Rosek: ::pauses and turns to Katnar’fari and Qalipu’fari:: If I’m correct, you believe that we are here to aid the Feladoni? That we are a threat and the means by which the Feladoni can completely overpower you?


Qalipu’fari: The Feladoni will not want to risk angering your people. They know they cannot beat us, but nobody on Fari knows your capabilities. They'll take you seriously.


Katnar’fari: You arrive on our world shortly after we reach into the stars and have already spoken to the Feladoni in charge of the test flight. You clearly have technology and understanding beyond our own and I know the Feladoni would not willingly include us in talks with such visitors. We have to be sure we can protect our people, even if they won’t raise a hand to protect themselves.


Levinson: I see. ::Beat:: I suppose there is a logic in that.


Snow: A few moments ago your people were complying with the Feladoni and wouldn’t resist. The Feladoni haven’t proceeded any differently, but you gave your people an order to fight back. Not that I disagree, it’s your world, but what changed?


It certainly was a valid question. What did the Mekra’fari consider the border between peaceful cooperation and resistance? Looking at the two Mekra’fari, Noa waited patiently for the response.


Qalipu’fari: ::curtly:: Your arrival, of course.


Katnar’fari: The Mekra’fari you saw fighting back were those who’ve chosen to risk being marked with dishonor in order to bring about change to our people. We are willing to become pariahs, ‘jit,  in order to give our children, my children and others, a chance for a life where we are not viewed as lesser. Or as pets.


Snow: And you didn’t fight back sooner because?


Noa turned to face Snow after she asked that question. Was she… inciting them? Questioning who they were?


Qalipu’fari: Mesgei' (I am sorry), Ma'am, we do things differently here.


Katnar’fari: Because some of us have had enough. I want my children to be able to live alongside Feladoni without being marginalized, only able to do the work that the Feladoni tell them they can do because they aren’t seen as smart enough, capable enough. Even though the willing take the metals we create to build their cities and use our scientists and engineers to build their Spacefold ship and the satellites in orbit to provide global communication.


Snow: Apparently we have different definitions of violence and self-defense.


oO That is for sure. Oo


Rosek: I admire you, Katnar’fari, for your integrity under duress. I cannot imagine it has been easy to hold to your beliefs given the circumstances. However, I hope you understand that it goes against the primary law governing myself and my officers to interfere in the natural development of a society.


Rosek seemed to attempt to shift the conversation to a less charged subject. Perhaps it was not that bad of an idea.


Qalipu’fari: ::under her breath:: That much is clear. ::turning to Rosek:: I think you'll find that you don't have much of a say in the matter this time.


Katnar’fari: I have had to sacrifice some of my beliefs to try and change things. I accept this. The dishonor I bring is my own. All of us here are among the dishonored now. But we will not sacrifice everything that we are if there’s a better way. I do not wish us to become like the Feladoni. ::She sighed softly:: Are you not interfering just by being here on our world? 


Levinson: Usually, when a civilization achieves faster than light travel, we perform first contact. Introduce ourselves.


In this situation, however, that did not exactly go well. At all.


Snow: Response


While this was not Noa’s first close brush with the Prime Directive, it was certainly the most direct one she has had.


Rosek: ::inclines her head:: It prevents officers from abusing their position for personal gain. The Prime Directive has served us well over the centuries since its inception.


Indeed. Its very existence was not only beneficial for security purposes, but also for research - by studying pre-warp civilizations without interference, one learned about their own past.


Katnar’fari: And if someone in that society asks for help?


Qalipu’fari: Or demands it?


Noa opted to remain silent on that one. Looking over to Commander Rosek, she hoped she had a better answer than herself.


Snow/Rosek: Responses


((Mini Time Jump))


Suddenly, the noise in the room beyond stopped. Immediately looking at the monitors, she saw a small group enter the main area. They were neither Feladoni nor Mekra’fari, that was for sure. They were not of their own either.


Levinson: Who are these?


Snow: Response


Rosek: ::nods:: Caraadians. But what are they doing here?


Caraadians. This region was close to their space, was it not? As for what they were doing here… there were multiple options. Considering her limited understanding of them, she did not assume they were exactly interested in first contact.


Qalipu’fari: ::sounding the word out:: Car-aad-eens?


Katnar’fari: You say that as if these are not from your own people. Are they not from your crew here to rescue you?


Levinson: They are not.


Snow: Response


Qalipu’fari: More of your coalition?


Katnar’fari: They are armed. If they are not here for you, then why have they come? 


The weapons discharge that was heard echoed through the caves. Looking at the monitors again, she saw that Caraadians… simply disintegrating them. They definitely were not there for a first contact, that was for sure.


Considering the system’s and planet’s properties, and the blatant disregard to local life, there was really only one explanation Noa could deem logical.


Feeling a bit of feeling building up, she knew she had to take a moment to calm herself down again. What did she feel? Was it anger? Fear? Disgust? A combination of them? Whatever feelings she was experiencing, they just yearned to slip outside of her shell, escape her cover. That wasn’t something she was going to allow.


Taking a long, deep breath of the cave air, she closed her eyes and focused her mind on remaining neutral, and saving those feelings for later. It was still not the time for emotions. Now was the time for logic. Logic and neutrality. Opening her eyes, she looked directly at the two bat-people. Her brow was slightly more furrowed than it was before.


Levinson: They are not of our coalition. I believe the most likely reason for their presence is your world, not you.


Snow / Rosek: Responses


Qalipu’fari: What do they want with Fari and her people?


Katnar’fari: Fari save us!!...they...they destroyed her. Her body...there’s nothing left for us to free her spirit. They destroyed her spirit. She can’t join our ancestors. 


oO Without even a proper burial. Oo


Levinson: My belief is that they are here for mining. Dilithium, the crystals you have shown us, is an important component for faster than light travel.


oO Belief?! How is that even logical?! Focus, Noa! FOCUS! Oo


Noa slightly shook her head sideways as she took another deep breath. It simply wasn’t helping. She needed to focus, and yelling at herself to focus was certainly not going to do that.


Snow / Rosek: Responses


Katnar’fari: Go, you’ve seen what the Feladoni don’t wish even their own kind to see. How they relocate us. You must survive to tell the truth..please. ::Her voice cracked slightly as she spoke, still in shock:: I know you said you cannot interfere, but please, if you die while under our care then it will bring even more destruction to our world. I would not wish to see Fari burn because your people might seek revenge or justice for your deaths.


Noa looked at the bat-like woman directly in the eyes. She could see her desperation. Her acknowledgement of defeat. Facing death. All they went through - from forced relocation to kidnapping literal aliens - so they could have a chance for true, moral freedom. And just like that, it was just going to be blown away in mere moments by a group of supposed “miners” who saw the planet, the system, as nothing but a collection of molecules.


Telling this story… would not be simple. As it stood, they didn’t really stand a chance. She had hoped for a better resolution, but with what she knew at the time, there wasn’t one. They stood no chance without phasers.


Levinson: ::Without sound:: I will.


Snow / Rosek: Responses


Qalipu’fari: We can get you safely to the edge of our cave, if you need.


Shaking her head slightly, Noa tried to shove her feelings to the side slightly.


Levinson: I believe that would be adequate. ::Beat:: We still require our technology, however.


It wasn’t exactly an easy request to make, but they couldn’t just go blind without their tricorders… Not with the danger of being shot to dust. Not to speak about their combadges...


Snow / Rosek / Katnar’fari: Responses


Qalipu’fari: We have caused you much harm, this is the least we can do.


Levinson: ::Nodding:: I understand.


Snow / Rosek / Katnar’fari: Responses


Qalipu’fari: As Katnar'fari has said, please. Tell our story.


Noa bowed slightly in the Mekra’fari’s direction. She couldn’t exactly bring herself to say a goodbye of some kind without breaking her cover down too much, so she opted to remain silent.


Snow / Rosek: Responses


With their technology back, the team was on its way back to the surface. Noa kept scanning for Caraadians consistently as they went, feeling a lot more comfortable with a scanning instrument and a torch to light the way.


Levinson: The metals around us interfere with my scans. I cannot get a clear reading of lifesigns.


Snow / Rosek: Responses


Levinson: I do not believe it will take us long to reach the surface.


Rosek: Response


Levinson: ::Turning around:: Commander?


Snow / Rosek: Responses


Levinson: ::Still considering what Commander Rosek said:: I... see, Commander. Very well.


Snow / Rosek: Responses


Lieutenant JG Noa T'Nessa Levinson
Science Officer
USS Chin'toka
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