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MSPNPC Rossk Shes Ar-Dev — Welcome aboard

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Justin is cementing his All-Star heavy hitter (as a writer) status. This has been such a well written antagonist. This sim in particular shows a friendly cultural misunderstanding and even a little jab at his own PC. MVP all the way.


(( Transporter Cube 1, Nascaik Transport Vessel 318-559 ))

Shes observed His son carefully from behind the control panel of the Transporter Cube.  He had ordered the boy to stand at attention nearly 10 minutes ago, and he was.  Foss was highly disciplined for being such a young boy; he would go far in the military.  Far, but by a quirk of genetics, not far enough.  Foss’ misfortune wasn’t the only one that this mission would put right.  Once Vionus IV was theirs, the Nascaik would have as many Hypermales as they needed.

Malyk arrived right on time, carrying the rebreathers, and Shes begrudgingly fitted the apparatus over His nose and mouth.  Tapping the control panel to test the seal and the airflow, Shes took a few deep breaths.  Satisfied the device was in working order, He nodded to Foss, and the boy mirrored his father’s actions.  Shes keyed in the transport coordinates and transmitted them to the Federation ship, then he, Malyk, and Foss all climbed into the cube to await transport.


(( Transporter Room 1, Deck 2, USS Resolution ))

Having never used a Federation transporter before, Shes found the experience curiously uneventful.  None of the usual hallmarks of a trip through a Nascaik transporter were there.  No dizziness, no nausea, no rotating limb syndrome.  His lips weren’t even numb.   Curious people these Federation types were, indeed.  If it weren’t for the change of scenery and the aliens staring back at him, he’d not have guessed he’d used a transporter at all.

As soon as the transport was complete and the strange blue beam had dissipated from around him, Shes took a deep breath in and immediately knew they’d been the second party to come aboard.

Ar-Dev:  oO It stinks of trees in here. Oo

MacKenzie: Rossk Ar-Dev – I’m Commander MacKenzie, and these are my officers. On behalf of Starfleet and the Federation, we’d like to welcome you aboard the Resolution.

Shes did His level best to remember the hundreds of bullet points in the dossier He’d been given.  The newly written Nascaik diplomatic protocol was full of unnecessary details and jangly words that would only shroud things in a haze of confusion.  However, as Malyk had reminded Him so many times in the lead-up to this mission, this was a unique battlefield with its own rules.  Shes stepped forward and took the Commander’s outstretched hand, momentarily surprised at the strength of her grip.  A strange ritual, the shaking of hands.

Ar-Dev:  Commander MacKenzie.  ::gesturing::  This is my aide, Terza Malyk Vey-Dex.  And this is my son, Foss.

MacKenzie: ::nodding:: Welcome to you both.

Vey-Dex: response

Ar-Dev:  ::steps from the transporter pad::  I suppose we should get started.  ::inhales::  I gather that the Thama delegates have already arrived.

MacKenzie: Actually, before we get to work, we have a tour of the shi-

Ar-Dev:  Your instructions said that we would be meeting in something called “Conference Room A.”  ::gestures toward the door::  I trust we can find the way ourselves.

The human opened her hands, which took Shes by surprise.  Surely the Federation mediators had been briefed on all relevant aspects of Shes’ professional and personal life, including the fact that He had been married for decades.  He could not believe the commander would so brazenly proposition Him in such a way, and in front of His own son, no less.  When she continued talking about the tour of the ship, however, Shes realized he must had misinterpreted her physical gesture.  He ignored the offense she had caused, but it was quickly replaced by a growing impatience.  Why were they attempting to stall?

MacKenzie: We just wanted to offer you a tour so that everyone can get acclimated to an unfamiliar-

Ar-Dev:  Commander, unless this ship is a gift you are presenting to us as part of some diplomatic custom, I am frankly not not interested in seeing any more of it than I have to.

The human clenched her jaw ever so slightly.  Shes was intrigued.  He had not expected to find the human species so fascinating and complex.  He could almost see the commander change tactics on the spot.  She would likely be a brilliant tactician, if given the training and discipline from six years of study at the Academy of War.

MacKenzie: I’m sure you’d rather dispense with the formality, but the tour won’t take very long, and you would do me a great honor by accepting this gesture. I’ve actually assembled a team of my finest officers to show you around. In fact, Commander Ilsam is our mission specialist – I’m sure you can find common ground discussing military strategy.

Shes regarded the officer whom the commander identified as Ilsam, and the two others flanking him.

Ilsam: Response

Vey-Dex: Response

Ar-Dev:  Very well.  If it would do you the honour, I suppose we can oblige.  A brief tour to inspect your facilities and your soldiers.

MacKenzie: I’m so glad to hear that. In addition to Commander Ilsam, I’d like to also introduce our helmsman, Lieutenant Yalu, and one of our security officers, Lieutenant Sherlock.

The trio of officers was a grab bag, indeed.  Ilsam, the military strategist, would perhaps give Him an insight into how this Starfleet military was constituted.  Even by glances, it was far removed from anything He was used to.  The security officer, Sherlock, excluded confidence and competence in equal measures.  He would be interested to know more about her role on this ship.  The helmsman, Yalu, was tall, but otherwise completely forgettable and not worth paper to describe.

Ilsam: response

Sherlock: Terza Vey-Dex, Rossk Ar-Dev, it's an honor to have two representatives of the Nascaik, as esteemed as you are, aboard. ::looking at Foss and giving him a smile and a nod:: Welcome.

Vey-Dex: response

Ar-Dev:  Very well, Commander, Lieutenant, Lieutenant.  Lead the way.

As the group of six exited this room and continued down a corridor, Shes tried to retain His focus, but the sheer foreign-ness of the ship’s layout was highly distracting.

Ar-Dev:  So, tell me, Commander.  How many planets has this ship conquered?

Ilsam:  response

Any:  response


Tag / TBC


MSPNPC Rossk Shes Ar-Dev
Military Commander, Nascaik Planetary Expeditionary & Defense Forces
Diplomatic Representative, Nascaik Defense Coalition

simmed by

Lieutenant JG Yogan Yalu
Helm Officer
USS Resolution NCC-78145


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I have the rare pleasure of writing a guest character during the Resolutions current mission and I am continually impressed with the incredible quality and rich humor of the prose from the whole crew.  @Yalu has already done some fantastic work exploring this new alien race and his place within it and I can't wait to see more as the mission continues on.  Well done!  

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