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Poll of the Week: All About That Broccoli

Jona ch'Ranni

What's your favorite Reginald Barclay moment or episode?  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your favorite Reginald Barclay moment or episode?

    • Obsessive Barclay getting addicted to the holodeck and then being found out by Counselor Troi and Commander Riker (TNG: Hollow Pursuits)
    • Bullseye Barclay accidentally being called "Lieutenant Broccoli" to his face - by the Captain! (TNG: Hollow Pursuits)
    • Excited Barclay engaging in hero worship when speaking to Zephram Cochrane (ST: First Contact)
    • Hypochondriac Barclay, afraid of the transporters, gets attacked in the transporter and freaks out (TNG: Realm of Fear)
    • Enhanced Barclay being affected by an alien device and become a super suave, super-smart version of himself (TNG: The Nth Degree)
    • Something Else (Tell us more in the comments below!)

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Lieutenant Reginald Barclay aka “Reg” is a fan favorite in Star Trek. Brought to life by the talented actor Dwight Schultz, this character diverged from many others in the cast. He was a character with obvious flaws. He was nervous and unsure of his own abilities. He exhibited phobias and concerns about social situations. We learn a lot about the man when Reg tells LaForge, “I mean I am the guy who writes down things to remember to say when there is a party. And then when he finally gets there, he winds up alone, in the corner, trying to look … comfortable examining a potted plant.”

Introduced in the season 3 episode of The Next Generation entitled “Hollow Pursuits”, we find Barclay to be a series of contrasts. His has a fine service record and a recommendation from his previous commanding officer but his actions on the Enterprise-D don’t seem to fit the man. Initially, the crew seems to view him as an outsider and even apply the nickname “Broccoli” to the man. But, over time, he becomes a recurring and beloved secondary character. He even makes the jump to several episodes of Voyager. 

Whether his is sword fighting holograms of LaForge and the captain on the holodeck, connecting his expanded brain directly to the Enterprise computer, or stammering through a conversation with Counselor Troi, we can be assured that if Reg is around it will be a great episode.

What is it that makes Barclay so endearing? Is it that he is flawed? We spend a lot of time throughout the different series focusing on the purely good and righteous qualities of the main cast. We know they will always do the moral and correct thing. Perhaps this makes Reg more believable as a real person. He is just like us with good and bad qualities and habits. Whatever the reason, Barclay’s popularity is assured as he returns for almost a dozen episodes and the movie First Contact.

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Agreed.  Spider Barclay is what sticks in my mind!

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Yep. I gotta go with Spider-Barclay myself.

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When he turned into a spider and scared the crap out of the captain.

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Spidey is great, but I really enjoyed seeing him in Voyager and him being the actual hero because of what he did to be able to communicate with them.  

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