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Acting Shipmaster Nokzu – The UMF Comes to the Rescue?


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It's always a pleasure to see a writer put himself in the skin (or chitin) of a new species, but @Wes Greaves does it magnificently here, giving us a great perspective about the Zets.  The trick with the font (which unfortunately doesn't display correctly in half the browsers, so I don't know how it will translate here) is just top notch.

Excellent work!



Acting Shipmaster Nokzu – The UMF Comes to the Rescue?

((Management & Oversight Center - Endless Golden Penetrator))

The last several hexaclicks had been some of the worst of her life. Nenni rubbed the horny protrusions on the back of her head to try and relieve some of the pressure in her head. They had failed to secure the hull breach and had lost too much fuel. Instead, being able to land on the planetoid they had intended on, instead they were now hurtling toward it with no means to slow down. Many of the centrifugal compartments had been compromised and slowed to a grinding halt and they had taken more hull breaches. A third of the ship had already vented into space. Moreso, they had detected something out past the edge. At first, they couldn’t be entirely sure it wasn’t a comet, but as time had ticked by it became increasingly apparent that their sensors had detected a vessel of some kind, and it was coming right for them.

That was nearly five hexaclicks ago. Now the room was dimly lit and nearly abandoned. Nenni had sent the ship’s crew into hiding in the compartments that still had air in them. Either another company had been able to make it past the edge in secret, or there was about to be aliens approaching them. Neither option was a particularly safe one. Especially since they’d received no communications from the approaching vessel.

With mere clicks left until intercept, Nenni and Saulan were the only crew in the management center. Silently they waited together wondering what might happen next when suddenly a bright shimmering light filled the front of the massive room. Vaguely Zetenoid shapes began materializing inside the shimmering light. Raising to their full height off their back spurs, the two sprinted to a table and flipped it on its side to take cover.  Whispering softly, Nenni turned to Saulan.

Nokzu: Have you ever heard of technology like that?

Saulan: ?

Nokzu: Dear Klin’thu, these might be real aliens… (pause) Be ready for anything my friend.

Saulan: ?

Nenni unholstered a small handheld device with a tiny protruding metal barrel and kept it pointed toward the ground. Peaking from the corner of the table, she watched as the creatures began making noises to one another.

Teller:  I heard stories of Orion Slavemasters who us̶̯̅̈́ed to display material wealth like this as a form of...bragg̵̱̀̓ing. Showing off to the others. I think whoever designed this place ̶̠̬́had them all beat. You two getting any readings?

Alieth/Jehe:  Response

Teller:  Damn, if spin-ĝ̵̛͈ravity is failing it's going to make our job that much harder. Ensign Jehe, start setting up those pattern enhancers. There seems to be plenty of space. Doctor, let’s see if we can find ạ̷̼̅n interface for the ships computer. If there is one.

Alieth/Jehe:  Response

Nenni turned back to her friend, her eyes wide after watching the short pink and harry things on her ship. As she moved, the object in her hand collided ever so gently against the table and a soft metal clank resounded throughout the compartment.

Geoff's head snapped around, a flash of movement on the very edge of his peripheral vision.  On the other side of the room, crouched down behind an overturned table, something had tried to sneak a glimpse at them. 

Teller: Greetings. We're responding to your distress call. Can you understand me?

The noises the creature made began twisting through the air and in Nenni’s mind until finally they resolved into something coherent. In common. oO How… Oo She traded looks with Saulan and stoof from behind the table. Compared to the deathless Nenni was short, but being face to face with these hairy creatures she felt like a towering presence. oO Is this how the deathless see us? Oo 

Nokzu: I… I understand you. How… is this possible? Who are you?

Saulan:  Response

Teller:  My name is Commander Geoffrey Teller, from the Federation Starship Thor.  We're here to help you.  ::Geoff tried to be diplomatic::  Nice..uh...nice ship you've got here. 

Nenni blinked her six eyes simultaneously. Federation? The United Mercantile Federation? That made no sense. Sure, they were working on a competitor ship to the Golden Penetrator, but the company’s best information said that the Penetrator was years ahead of them on development. Besides, how could they have this technology and no one know about it? And this crew, the creatures that spoke in strange noises, but somehow, she could understand. It all made no sense.

Saulan:  ?

Nokzu: And I am Acting Shipmaster Nenni Nokzu. The UMF sent you to our aid? I’m sorry, I don’t exactly understand.

Teller/Alieth/Jehe: ?

Saulan: ?

Nenni tried to take in it all. The noises the creatures made seemed to echo slightly from their language into common, and some of their words were hard to follow.  

Nokzu: You said you’re here to help. Saulan can describe the damage we have, but our biggest issue right now is fuel. Does your ship have any to spare?

Teller/Alieth/Jehe/Saulan: ?

Tags! and TBC!

Nenni Nokzu

Acting Shipmaster

Endless Golden Penetrator 



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