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Poll of the Week: Best Character of the Series - ENT

Jona ch'Ranni

Poll of the Week: Best Character of the Series - ENT  

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  1. 1. This week we want to know who you think is the best character of the series Star Trek Enterprise?

    • Captain Jonathan Archer
    • Subcommander T'Pol
    • Chief Engineer Trip Tucker
    • Doctor Phlox
    • Someone else (Tell us more below!)

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While Kirk and company started off the "wagon train to the stars", it was the prequel series of Enterprise that gave us a glimpse at the birth of the Federation that we have come to know and love. The intrepid crew of the NX-01 would need the explorer's spirit and nerves of steel to venture into the unknown. Who would be counted worthy of participating in this trek?

Captain Jonathan Archer was a kind man and epitomized what it meant to be human. He was ready to reach out a helping hand - sometimes to a fault. His father before him worked on the warp engine design that would carry the Enterprise on her mission of discovery, so he was no stranger to what it would take for mankind to take its place among the stars.

T'Pol was the Vulcan observer and represented the ever-watchful stare of the Vulcans. Because of her different views and manner, she sometimes found herself at odds with the rest of the crew. Eventually they seemed to settle into an understanding which brought us many storylines that helped us see the Vulcans as brothers and not just as rivals holding humans back.

Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III. The engineer with all the know-how and a southern drawl too. He was likable, quick-witted, and made a great mother.

Doctor Phlox introduced us to a new species in the Star Trek universe - the Denobulans. Phlox was also somewhat of an outsider. He did not always understand or agree with the decisions the captain and crew made but his gregarious personality stood in stark contrast to that of T'Pol. He was always viewed as a valuable member of the crew and seemed to have a never-ending supply of wise words.

Then we have crew members such as Hoshi Sato, Malcom Reed, and Travis Mayweather. And who can forget other regulars like the Andorian Captain Shran or Vulcan Ambassador Soval. Who's your favorite?

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Alert Spoilers!

Aside from outer characters, the one from the crew that I liked more was Malcolm Reed. From his professionalism in his duties, to his bond with Trip, his development in dealing with the MACO and showing that he had been an agent from Section 31. The fact that he didn't reveal personal information like his favorite food, or that he worried about being well groomed when facing death made him an interesting character for me. 

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