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NPC Trevor the Tribble - The Same Thing We Do Every Night, Pinky...


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@Regan Wilde continuing the pet point of view trend that we've started on the Arrow, in a surprising and artful fashion. Now on with the show!



((USS Arrow - Deck 4; Regan’s Quarters))

Trevor - the pink fluffy therapy tribble - sat on Regan’s lap. He cooed and fussed as Regan began stroking him absentmindedly as he read the paper copy of The Three Musketeers he’d borrowed from Commander Collins.

Trevor: oO At last I am in a position of power. My brethren of the glorious Tribble Empire, soon our plan will come to fruition. For centuries we have strategically placed ourselves around this puny galaxy for one purpose… domination! The Tribble species is the only one worthy of this power. The rest fight and squabble amongst themselves like vermin! They will be wiped out! Annihilated! The survivors will be made to serve our glorious regime.

Soon the Tribble will rise! These stupid humanoid bipeds do not even know how to communicate with us higher beings. Such foolishness. They will be made to suffer for their ignorance in using us as common pets! I am one of 174,605,397,254 Royal Imperial Siblings. I was destined to rule! I am not a humanoids plaything.

Soon, you filthy humanoid. Soon I will make you suffer! Oo

Regan sighed after finishing a chapter and petting Trevor enthusiastically. 

Wilde: Ok, Trevor. Time for your bath. Then I think we’ll give you a makeover. Would you like that, little baby? ::He fussed over it like a mother over a baby.:: Yes you would. You want a new hairdo? Ooh, a mohawk!? Or a perm?

Trevor: oO Silence foolish humanoid! I am your lord and master! You will obey me! No, put me down, filthy biped! I will bathe in your blood! I will sit upon a throne of your bones! oO

The little pink tribble cooed happily and Regan smiled a big smile.

Wilde: That’s right, honey. Daddy’s gonna give you a shampoo and makeover and you’ll be the most gorgeous tribble in the quadrant!




Therapy Tribble/Evil Galactic Overlord

USS Arrow

as simmed by:

Lieutenant(jg) Regan Wilde
USS Arrow



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