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  1. I wanted to add this here to show my appreciation for @R'Ariel and to say thank you for such a fun JP. This was very fun to collaborate on and I LOVE the ending. Thanks!! --- ((USS Arrow - Deck 3; Counselling Suite)) Regan arrived a little ahead of the scheduled time for his first counselling session aboard the Arrow. It was ironic that a battleship like the Arrow had a counselling suite but no elaborate leisure facilities. Still, he imagined the past crews, particularly those of the Dominion War, would have issues they needed to work out. Regan had never seen war, yet still nee
  2. I voted for Line of Klingon Duty, but really I want to see something like Miami Vice with Klingons, or the typical buddy-cop aspect. One the rookie new cop, the other the grizzled old warrior a week away from honoured retirement 😂
  3. I'm keen to watch it. Hopefully it arrives in the UK soon!
  4. Marriage Term!? Starfleet recommends a marriage for one year if it's you're first marriage as a trial. Lol "I'd like a marriage for two and half years please. It's my first marriage and I'd like to make sure I like it..." Astounding. I think the medical exams and blood works etc would be in case of procreation. It's been noted a few times in the shows that certain species simply cannot have children with each other because the DNA just isn't compatible.
  5. And why do the '09 Romulans all have no hair and tribal tattoo's??
  6. I quite like the future uniforms, takes it back to the TOS days in a way, but I'm not a fan of the com. badge. But I agree with Hutch that it was nice bringing it in to play in all the later series. It kinda does suggest that Starfleet will use that uniform some day. I also like the options in ST:O for uniforms, but I think there are too many choices. As for The Motion Picture uniforms, now they were tacky. I think I'd resign my commission if I were forced to wear those! And count me in for the fuzzy slippers. Standing all day in those boots are killing my feet!
  7. It struck me the other day that we are now in 2389 IC, which is ten years after the conclusion of ST: Nemesis (set in 2379). All acknowledgements to timelines in the shows (TNG: All Good Things..., DS9: The Visitor, VOY: Endgame) suggest Starfleet adopts this uniform. Should we be simming this new uniform too??
  8. It's really good to see an influx of new members. I hope you all have a great time in the fleet!
  9. It sounds absolutely revolting. I'm with Chris on this one - chips and gravy (we northerners know our gravies...) or chips and cheese. Never together, you crazy Cannucks. Never! Mind you, we English can't talk. We have the likes of bubble and squeak and bread and dripping. I did chuckle at the way Tracey said 'brown gravy'. There I was thinking that the Canadian delicacy involved green gravy
  10. I think the RL getting in the way might get me, also. I do enjoy playing it though. Because I came to it quite late I was a little jealous of everyone else marauding the galaxy in their huuuuuge starships, while I plodded behind in my little Miranda class I know what you mean about the combat. I've just finished Klingon War missions and am now starting the Romulan ones, and it's getting a bit too "battle some ships in space then beam to the planet/facility and kill the baddies there." However there are more exploration missions out there,you just have to find them.
  11. Does anyone else play Star Trek: Online? I bought it last week, and am in danger of becoming quickly addicted! If you do, what are your thoughts?
  12. I've only seen snippets of it on YouTube, but will try and see the whole thing. I am a big fan of Shatner and will always defend him, and I'm glad to see he does his best in this.
  13. Me three! Maybe Lily can guest-sim as our Red Alert Bulb
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