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Ensign Katsim Peri - "There. Go Over THERE!"

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This has been a fun scene to write and is a nice departure from the action/adventure and dark drama that's been looming over the Thor for the last couple of missions.  Just a crew enjoying shore leave together.  Amanda adds some really excellent narration to the already excellent writing by everyone else in the scene.  Keep it up. I'm having fun with this one!



((Clareram Bay, New Bajor))

Teller:  Something else they don't put on the recruiting posters.  ::Geoff chuckled::  The hazardous life we lead.  I think that deserves a drink.  Peri, Wes, Quen - join me.  Alieth ::Geoff scowled::...you'll find some chocolate in that cooler if you dig a bit.  

Alieth: ::rummaging in the cooler:: You have learned well.

Greaves: Deena… is that… hard lemonade? Oh man. I haven't had that stuff in ages. Toss me a bottle.

The ship was in full motion now, slicing through the water, leaving a disappearing trail behind them.  Everyone began to break out the drinks, and one was pressed into Peri’s hand.  She wasn’t sure what it was, didn’t seem like the nectar Deena had brought, and she wondered if she should imbibe since she hadn’t contributed.  Then again, they wouldn’t have given her one if they had cared about that, so Peri popped the top off and took a sip.

Katsim: Thanks.

There was a distinct sting of alcohol and a tartness along with a dryness that were a little startling, but pleasant.  After taking a sip, Peri paused, wondering if she should consume the entire bottle.  While she did drink from time to time, she didn’t consume regularly, and she wanted to make sure she had a clear head.  She decided to simply take it slow, and she’d stick to only one. 

During a slow pull, another bomb fell from the side, but thankfully hit the water off to the left.  Peri inched away, not wanting to fall prey to another and she eyed the bird, he tilted his head down, as if trying to decide who to aim for next. 

Teller:  Cap, we may need to take evasive action.  These 'Birds of Prey' are launching torpedoes, and I don't think my stomach can take much more of this.  

Alieth: ::playfully:: I suggest a tight turn to starboard that slopes the mast by 45 degrees

The bird took to the sky, but made no attempt to fly away from the boat.  If anything, it seemed to be following it.  Another bomb let loose, this one just barely missing off to starboard.  

Greaves: (With [...] bravado) Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

Peri hid her smile behind the narrow rim of her bottle, eyes turning to light upon the rather exuberant marine.   

Teller:  Aye aye.  We've come this far, we'll not be stopped by a few birds.  Isn't that right, Peri?  

Katsim: Right sir.  Uh. Teller.  Uh...Goeff...rey...John…

What was she supposed to call him?  

Greaves: That's the spirit!

The boat continued to cut through the waves, and either the birds couldn’t fly quite so fast or, which is what Peri suspected, they got board with the little game.  

Quen: Coast looks clear...

Teller:  So Wes, I can't help but notice that we're on a boat.  At sea.  I think you know what that means.

For the briefest moment a look of confusion crossed Wes's face before the first officer’s meaning struck him.  Slowly,, a grin grew across on his face, but there was no recognition from Peri.  She raised both eyebrows in a silent question, but there was no immediate answer.  

Alieth: ::faking dread:: Geoff, do not even think about it. Geoff NO

Katsim: What?  No what?

Obviously Alieth knew what was happening.  Now if only Peri did.  

Greaves: (With a huge grin) Here we go again…

Teller cleared his throat, took another drink, then cleared this throat again loudly.

Even Deena looked...expectantly worried?  Peri glanced from person to person, and finally that answer came.  

Teller:  OoOooOoOoOoooOoOoOoohhhhhhhhhhh......Come get your duds in order, For we're going to leave tomorrow, Heave away, me jollies, heave away!.......

Peri froze.  The sound coming from the mouth of hte second in command of the Thor was nothing less than like a targ’s claws scraping against the side of a newly commissioned ship.  Staring, her eyes got wide and she wondered how much she’d be able to take before her ears began to bleed.  

Teller: Come get your duds in order....For we're going to cross the water...Heave away me jolly boys, we're all bound away!

Would it get any better?  It wasn’t getting any better.  Yet, despite the caterwauling that escaped the second officer’s mouth, she had to admit, he seemed to be having fun.  Then, an even greater surprise sprang upon the scientist. 

Alieth: ::with a strikingly melodic voice:: Sometimes, we're bound for Liverpool, Sometimes, we're bound for Spain, Heave away, me jollies! Heave away!

Peri turned, much like a robot might have, her body frozen save for her feet which swiveled her around so that she could stare again, that time at the Vulcan.  Alieth was singing.  Not only was she singing, she was singing well.  Peri had no idea. 

Greaves: I wrote me love a letter, I was on the Jenny Lind, Heave away, me jollies, heave away,  I wrote me love a letter and I signed it with a ring…

Slowly, Peri lowered herself down onto one of the benches.  Now Wes getting into it.  Unfortunately, she didn’t know the song, but there did seem to be a chorus that repeated.  It was to that Peri caught on at the very least.  

Quen: Heave away, me jolly boys, we're all bound away!

The song rolled around again, the screeching on Teller’s part softened by the voices of the other, and she could pick up the depth of Wes that rumbled below.  Peering down at her bottle, she picked up on the chorus and joined in, though very softly, her own voice lost among the volume of the others.  

Suddenly, it was cut off, and her face lifted in a smile as the laughter surrounded her, its music far sweeter than the song that had precluded it.  Even Teller’s laugh was pleasant, and the sound spurred a gentle warmth within her.  People were happy, having fun.  And she got to be a part of it, part of their lives.  That thought alone brightened her smile. 

As the song continued, Peri didn’t contribute loudly, but she listened, her lips moving with the words that she could eventually sing, but her voice was lost among the others.  That didn’t matter.  She enjoyed listening, let the joyful sound surround her, lifting her spirits with the pure elation it contained.  Suddenly, one voice raised above the others, calling the attention of everyone.  Peri tore her gaze away from the people and let it fall upon the water. 

On the leeward side, the water surface broke up and a family of small, furry animals began to advance parallel to the boat, peeking curiously at the small singing group. One of the animals jumped higher than the rest, spread a membrane between its fins and glided smoothly over the sea surface until it perched on the gunwale.  Peri gasped softly in delight.

Alieth: Look, a flying otter! Some Dominion cultures consider their meat a delicacy and they were hunted almost to extinction. ::Looking at Teller with a hint of a smile etched on her face.:: If anything could swing the odds in our favour or ''give us luck'' it would certainly be to meet these little friends

Quen: Looks like someone wants a snack!

Greaves: You can say that again! I'm starving.  You say they're a delicacy? (Hungrily eying the small creature).

Peri eyed Wes warily, but reached into the cooler and attempted to find something that might appeal to the little otter.  She pulled out something that was round and flat and crispy.  Carefully, she inched forward and set it upon the gunwale, not too far from the critter.  To her delight, the creature pounced upon it, scaring it down, and her eyes twinkled in amusement.  

Katsim: How could you eat something as cute as that, Wes?

Teller: Responses

Greaves: (Feigning hurt feelings) You guys are no fun. I'm just joking around.

Peri caught Wes’ eyes, casting a doubtful but playful look, then allowed herself another of the tart drink.  The little otter gobbled up the last crumb of the cracker like food, then returned to his pod in the water.  

Alieth/Quen/Teller: Response

From the helm of the ship, three beeps sounded in succession, and Wes turned his attention briefly to whatever had made it.  

Greaves: Oh! I almost forgot! I've got a surprise for the day! There's supposed to be a pretty significant meteor shower. Supposedly bright enough to see in the daylight. That was my timer. It should be starting any moment now.

Alieth/Quen/Teller: Response

Immediately, Peri’s eyes lit up, and she moved to the edge of the small yacht, turning her gaze toward the sky.  Despite the bright sunlight, little flecks of streaking fire began blinking in and out of existence in the sky along the southern horizon. It would have been a much better show at night, but the sight was still impressive to see.

Greaves: I figured our resident astronomy nerd would appreciate such a sight. (Nudging Peri jokingly with his elbow).

Ducking her head, Peri flushed slightly, but then immediately turned her gaze skyward, not wanting to miss a moment of the display.  

Alieth/Quen/Teller: Response

Several of the streaks began stretching out longer and longer in the sky before winking out, like tiny fireflies whisking across the heavens.  Then, another appeared, but unlike the others, it lingered.  Brilliantly, it shown against the brilliant blue of the expanse above them - then grew brighter.  And brighter.  Eventually, Peri realised it was getting closer, and soon enough, it was no longer just a twinkle, but a ball of burning material that rushed through the air, then petered out, a trail of smoke left in its wake.  There was a high, sharp whistle followed by a deep moan of the earth as the meteorite struck its target, an island only a few miles away from them.  Dirt and dust darted into the air at the impact, and a moment later, larter waves rocked the craft upon which the people stood and watched.  Peri stumbled, dropped her bottle into one of the circular holders next to the benches, then darted to the other side so she could get a better view. 

Greaves: Well… that's something you don't see every day.

No.  No it wasn’t.  Peri’s eyes widened and she leaned far over the gunwale, as if that small distance would give her a better look.  She hovered there, then straightened, eyes bright as she pointed in the distance where the smoke still rose up from the impact, her body trembling with her barely contained excitement. 

Katsim: Wes!

There was no doubt where she wanted to go, the enthusiastic smile that lit up her face accompanied with an energy that set her feet in motion.  All hands on deck!, she wanted to shout.  Hard to starboard!  Or port!  Or whatever!  As long as it was in the proper direction, it didn’t matter!

Alieth/Greaves/Quen/Teller: Responses

Evidently, Peri had found her sea legs in the excitement of the event, no longer even wobbling.  She scrambled over to the loaded jib sheet.  

Katsim: Ready!  

She called out, her gaze fixated upon the island off to their side.   

Alieth/Greaves/Quen/Teller: Responses

Peri already had her hand on the loaded jib, but had eyes only for the island in the distance.  As Wes set about giving commands, she nodded when he called to her, then immediately unwound the rope, letting it loose.  The boat began to turn and Peri had to force herself not to cross over to the other side so she could just stand and stare to make sure they weren’t going off course.  

A little less than a half hour later, they made land.  Peri was the first one off, splashing into the water and wading through to the dryer sand.  It was there she paused to see who, if anyone, was following, then turned and continued onward, setting a hard and fast pace.  

Alieth/Greaves/Quen/Teller: Responses



Ensign Katsim
Science Officer
USS Thor


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Peri froze.  The sound coming from the mouth of the second in command of the Thor was nothing less than like a targ’s claws scraping against the side of a newly commissioned ship.  Staring, her eyes got wide and she wondered how much she’d be able to take before her ears began to bleed.  

Everyone's a critic :)  Great scene guys, I'm glad everyone is having as much fun with it as I am!  

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