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[JP] Cmdr. Thelev & R. Adml. Reynolds - Out of the Blue

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@Hutch @Quinn Reynolds - Thought this was really well written, guys! Lovely look at two old friends!


((Earth, Copenhagen))

Jhen Thelev yawned as he lifted the ice-blue teapot from the kitchen counter, pouring hot amber liquid into the glass teacup. Replicating tea was quicker, sure, but he preferred the little ritual of a proper brew. He was looking forward to having the next few days off after a particularly gruelling week of work. Although ‘gruelling’ could also be read as ‘tedious’, ‘dull’ and ‘repetitive’. The Andorian sipped his tea and drummed his fingers on the work surface. It was time, he decided, to do something he’d been putting off for quite some a while.

Thelev: =/\= Computer, open a channel to the USS Gorkon, Admiral Quinn Reynolds. =/\=

As the Federation logo spun lazily on the screen, Jhen found himself hoping that Quinn wouldn’t be around so he wouldn’t actually have to ask her in person. He had no idea what the time would be on her ship — she could be asleep, or off the ship doing… things. More likely, crawling around in a Jefferies tube fixing stuff on the sly. The thought made him chuckle, and even if he wasn’t exactly thrilled with his reason for contacting her, Jhen still thought it would be good to catch up with an old friend.

The Starfleet logo blinked away, replaced by the sight of a mousy-haired woman sat in the panelled mushroom-grey ready room of a Sovereign-class starship. Light reflected off the admiralty brass on her collar, jacket discarded in favour of the grey-yoked vest afforded to command officers. The comm channel established, her eyes and smile came alive when she saw who was on the other end.

Reynolds: =/\= Jhen! =/\=

Her freckled face was little different to when he’d last seen it and very different to when he’d first seen it, all those years ago. He couldn’t help but smile.

Thelev: =/\= Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds, head of the Tyrellian Sector Taskforce… that’s quite a title you’ve got yourself there. =/\=

Reynolds: =/\= It's a mouthful. ::She grinned.:: But you're a sight for sore eyes. How the hell are you? =/\=

Thelev: =/\= I’d like to say older and wiser… but just older. It’s good to see you, Quinn. I’ve been meaning to get in touch for ages, but always something gets in the way. And I’m sure you’ve been more than busy out there. =/\=

Her expression turned wry, an eyebrow lifting while her head dipped in a nod. Still, the delight continued to dance in her hazel eyes, beyond pleased to see her old friend and academy classmate. He was one of the few people still in the fleet who'd known her back then, in all her easily startled, stammering, and awkward glory.

Reynolds: =/\= That's a polite way of putting it. =/\=

Thelev: =/\= I know the Gorkon spent some shore leave on Earth last year, but I got called away to Bolus at short notice. Bad timing. =/\=

Reynolds: =/\= I know. ::Her grin returned.:: You missed my wedding. =/\= 

Thelev: =/\= You got married?! ::Jhen was genuinely speechless for a moment:: But… how? Wouldn’t that have meant a whole day being the centre of attention? =/\=

Reynolds: =/\= Yes. Yes it did. ::She chuckled.:: Although it turns when you throw a really big party it's fairly easy to hide in the crowd, even when you're the guest of honour. =/\=

Thelev: =/\= Wow...  I’m sure you were thrilled with that part. =/\=

Jhen shook his head as he sipped his tea. Clearly there was a lot he had missed and he felt even more regret for not keeping in touch. He used the pause to regard Quinn for a moment - there was a lot more confidence about her now, hardly surprising given her rank and the fact she’d been commanding starships for years. But there was something else, a sadness maybe, that he couldn’t quite identify. He wondered briefly what those hazel eyes had seen… and thought it best that he didn’t know.

Reynolds: =/\= I survived, just about. ::Her smile refusing to budge, she sat back in her seat.:: What about you? It's been forever since we last spoke, what have you been up to? =/\=
Thelev: =/\= Me? Oh, I’ve been around here and there. After the Achilles was decommissioned I came back to Earth, spent some time working as a Starfleet liaison at the Federation Treaty Office. I even had a secondment to the Department of Temporal Affairs for a while. I’d say that I couldn’t tell you more because it’s classified, but really it’s because I had no idea what was going on most of the time. ::She grinned and he sipped his tea again, his antenna dipping in the Andorian equivalent of a shrug:: But last few years I’ve been part of Starbase Command. =/\=

Reynolds: =/\= Stuck in an office. ::A finger pointed upward and performed a circular motion.:: I know the feeling. =/\=

Thelev: =/\= That’s why I was contacting you, actually. Although I’d been putting it off because it felt too selfish. Hells, it feels even more selfish now…. ::Jhen sighed:: I want to get back out there, Quinn. Sitting in an office planetside, attending the odd meeting is, well, let's say it’s not exactly exciting. I miss being on a starship, on a bridge. I put in a transfer request months ago, but I’ve heard nothing. So… I was wondering if you had any ships that needed a new Chief of Ops or something...? =/\=

He left the question hanging, his azure features turning a little plum-coloured with embarrassment. Her smile softened in reply, a gentle amusement creeping into her expression. Quinn hadn't been asked for many favours in her career, usually only by those in desperate situations seeking an equally desperate escape. Perhaps she didn't seem the type, and perhaps she wasn't; the last time she'd pulled a significant favour for a friend, it had backfired to say the least. 

Come to think of it, the last time she'd been asked for a favour was over a year ago now, when Sienelis — resigned to what she'd thought had been an early doom, or at the very least, exile — had asked if she could let Johns' insubordination toward a JAG officer slide. Quinn had done that and one better; she'd promoted the young Petty Officer. A decision that in retrospect, had really turned out quite well.

Reynolds: =/\= I'm fairly sure I still owe you for hauling me and my ship out of an ocean, so... =/\=

Thelev: =/\= Ha! You know, I had actually forgotten about that. ::He shook his head slowly.:: So many crazy adventures, you need the memory of a Cardassian to keep track of them all. Or just be a highly organised flag officer. But that’s exactly the sort of stuff I miss. =/\=

Reynolds: =/\= Let me see what I can do. The Hawking is due to join our taskforce and the crew roster isn't finalised. How does an Oracle class sound? =/\=

Jhen’s dark eyes sparkled and her smile widened again, delighted to have delighted. Intentional or not, he'd picked the perfect time to ask and she was more than willing to oblige. Perhaps she'd accumulated a bit of a reputation for it, offering positions in the taskforce for officers like Walter and Harry, Sienelis and Bjarnadottir, who for various reasons had asked her or been asked by her for a posting in the task force.

Thelev: =/\= Well now! That would be quite something. ::he held up one blue hand:: But you know you don’t owe me any special treatment. If I was offered the job of technician on a prison transport right now I’d take it, just to get back out into the black. =/\=

Reynolds: =/\= I'm just offering a posting to a good officer. You'll have to do all the hard work. =/\=

Thelev: =/\= Ha! ::he laughed again:: Seems reasonable, Quinn. I’d like a challenge more taxing than sourcing a thousand stem bolts for Starbase 118. Although don’t get me wrong, those stem bolts can be tricky to find. ::The Andorian finished his tea with a flourish and placed the cup down on the surface in front of him.:: I appreciate it more than I can say. Thank you. =/\=

Reynolds: =/\= You're very welcome. =/\=

Thelev: =/\= Well, with that out of the way, I think there’s a few things you have to bring me up to speed on. Such as who is Mr Reynolds? =/\=

Reynolds: =/\= Well. ::She grinned, a familiar touch of pink colouring freckled cheeks.:: I don't think you ever met Walter Brunsig... 

And so the conversation ran on, two old friends with a great deal to catch up on. Conversation, laughter and reminiscence ran on long into the small hours, counted in cups of tea and aching cheeks, until the two friends bid each other good night, to meet again soon.

Commander Jhen Thelev
Simmed by
Lt (jg) Loxley
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon


Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
Commanding Officer
USS Gorkon

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