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  1. A lot of very, very, very worthy winners! congratulations to all!!
  2. The most congratulatory of congratulations to one and all! Like others have mentioned, I just want to say a huge THANKS to everyone who submitted a nomination - that recognition for your fellow writers makes this community as strong and solid as it is. Well, that and the outstanding leadership!
  3. Runabout's all day every day! It's so much more than a shuttle with the whole modular thing going on, which also makes them great to use in the game too.
  4. I always liked the Akira, but when it comes to ships in it for the fight, Defiant all day for me! its built to kick you in the teeth and get out of the way if retaliation, fast, and packs a huge punch for its size. The first to mount a whole host of new Starfleet weapons.
  5. I like the classics! I've opted for TNG as I think it's a good improvement on the original theme and is instantly recognisable as Star Trek. Plus, like some others have said, it has a nostalgia factor. Faith of the Heart, unfortunately, I absolutely cannot stand! Sorry!
  6. No fair! I can only vote for one! as much as I want to vote for the Defiant, it’s got to be the Miranda for me. I was always a huge Reliant fan as well as being a Drake alumni.
  7. Loxley avoids sports as much as possible (he has a note from his mum) but I imagine he tried his hand at acting... and found out he was absolutely terrible. But he still would have felt obligated to muddle his way through a bunch of awful productions of Shakespeare before finally putting his acting career out of its misery.
  8. A big, solid, juicy story to dig my teeth into, rooted in the Star Trek setting with some great characters, old and new, please.
  9. I’d love to see a show based around the Enterprise B or C, but I guess those are topics for another time. for prequels, I’d have to say Archer. I’m not really a fan of Enterprise, or of Archer, but something set in that period, with humanity on the cusp of such a huge moment, could be really interesting. The decisions they make, and the sacrifices, as humanity changes from its selfish last to selfless future.
  10. Damn that’s a good question! Jona makes a valid point - as soon as the ‘original’ Commander dematerialised, he ceased to exist. Which would mean both of the current versions of him are copies - neither of them is more or less real than the other. I’d also go for the option of relieving them both until the issue is resolved, which might involve merging them back into one person again.
  11. ((Research Outpost, Giáng Sinh)) Jona stood up one last time from his chair near the fire and bobbed his antennae at each person in turn. ch'Ranni: Counselor, ... Commander, ... James. Thank you all for the talk. I think I know what I need to do now. Thank you all. Fortune: Ah! Thank you for joining us! If you need anything, just pop back by, okay? Colquhoun: See you later, Jona. Sevo: It was an...interesting sort of pleasure talking. Jona slowly moved off from the group and toward his assigned cabin. He had a lot of thinking to do and a couple of letters to write. ((Timeskip)) After a few hours of laying in the prefab cabin's bunk - wide awake - Jona sat up and activated the light switch next to the bed. He grabbed the PADD sitting on the side table and cracked his neck each side. The Andorian tapped away at the tablet, calling up his personal communication repository. His thin, pale blue fingers danced across the surface as he queued up a new message. It was time to get something off his chest. ch'Ranni: Record personal communication. Authorization ch'Ranni delta zero one nine two. Lieutenant Jona ch'Ranni, USS Gorkon, to Vexa zh'Lev, Dehner Base, Delta Vega I. Dear Vexa... Jona paused. He didn't really know how to begin. How was he suppose to tell her everything that was in her heart? Could he even do that? Did he himself even know what was in his heart? ch'Ranni: Vexa, I've missed you so much this past month. It was so hard saying goodbye. I think we were both worried that the long distance thing wasn't going to be easy. Believe me ... it hasn't been. He stopped speaking for a second as he pictured the impish smile of his girlfriend. They had believed they had all the time in the world and then life and duty slashed that naivete to pieces faster than a rookie at a bat'leth competition. It was done and over far too soon. ch'Ranni: I just wanted to say that ... due to recent experiences ... I have been thinking a lot about life and the choices before me. Am I happy with the way things are going, the way they've turned out? No, not really. The Q's skewering of his personality and sum of life choices had really gotten to him. More than he wanted to admit, especially to his new shipmates. Was he stuck on autopilot? Was he caught in the current of life, destined to make the same decisions no matter what? ch'Ranni: I want to see you. I want to make this work. I'm not happy without you and I hope you feel the same way. I'm determined to be there for you. Don't give up on me, Vexa. Satisfied with the words, Jona tapped the send button and immediately saw that a message had arrived while he was composing his. It was from Vexa! Jona grinned and remembered a Terran expression about great minds thinking alike. He quickly opened the message and his grin slowly began to fade from his face. Vexa: Jona, this isn't working. I care about you very much. But, this isn't working. This past month has been hard on me and I'm sure it has been on you two. You deserve better. And so do I. I've met someone, Jona. A new addition to Dehner Base's security personnel. I'm so sorry. I hope you find happiness and peace. Jona powered off the screen and clicked the room's light off. He lay his head back down on the pillow as tears wet his face. -- Lt. Jona ch'Ranni Chief of Operations USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) C239510JC0
  12. I doubt Seven or Garak would want gifts which would make them very hard to buy for!
  13. Loxley is Earth-born and raised from a pretty close human family, so he’s definitely in favour of shindigs and get-togethers
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