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Fleet Captain Taybrim - An Open Ear (Tags: Bailey)

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@Sal Taybrim Even though I'm in this scene as well I really want to commended Sal for the way in which they wrote the atmosphere and emotions of this scene from their characters point of view.  I could more than 100% feel how sweet and caring Sal was being towards Sheila. In the end the sim gave me fuzzy warm feels. I also love how they changed there signature to best fit the context of this scene. 

((CO’s Office – The Hub – StarBase 118))

Now, back at StarBase 118, Sal felt he could relax more.  Reconnect with friends and crewmates, and, unfortunately, get some paperwork done.  That was, perhaps, his only dislike of command was the endless stream of official reports.  Even with staff to help him with the mundane part of the reports, there were always the classified bits and the things he needed to sign off on. 

Which meant that Sal was always happy to have a distraction while he was working on after-mission reports.  Fortunately he had a scheduled meeting so he tucked the paperwork away in his desk and leaned back to enjoy a moment of quiet contemplation.

It was calm in the CO’s office this late morning.  Behind Sal was a large bank of windows affording a wonderful view of the traffic coming in and out of StarBase 118.  He had the lights set to a soft golden glow, giving a warm feeling to the room.  Moby was nestled all warm and snug in his terrarium, cooing softly that his master was back home.  The air smelled of Rigellian orange cider, overlaid with the slightly spicy, floral scent of long pepper.

He looked up as the chime rang, feeling the emotional presence of Doctor Bailey before he called out.

Taybrim: Please come in.

Bailey: ::entering the office:: I’m sorry to be so forward. I want to thank you for meeting with me. Mind if I sit?

He smiled gently at her, in a welcoming manner, moving out from behind his desk to join her in a sitting area with a variety of comfortable chairs, some higher, some lower, some with arms and some without arms, gesturing for her to choose the one she liked.

Taybrim: Please do

Once she was seated he took a seat that was close by, but not directly next to her, pulling it forward to be able to converse comfortably.

Taybrim: Please, tell me what is on your mind, Doctor?

His voice was warm, open, calm.  Not pushing.  He watched her gently.  Empathy told him that she had heavy thoughts in her heart.  No, he couldn’t safely read her thoughts and wouldn’t do so even if he could.  But with the damage to his telepathy he navigated the loss of that sense with the compensation of his Empathy.  It was his guiding star in almost every interaction he had with anyone.

Bailey: I wanted to let you know of some personal details that could affect my work. So far it hasn’t but in this most recent mission I felt like it could have.

Sal nodded gently.  He did not judge crew who had such trauma in their past, and he was honestly very proud of her for addressing it before it became an issue.  That showed self-awareness and maturity, two things he valued in up and coming crew. 

Not to mention that almost every person had some sort of ghosts they were dealing with.  Including himself.  Having such ghosts was never a problem, but how one dealt with them spoke volumes about the person as well as how they would progress from those ghosts.

Taybrim: I know ghosts of the past are a difficult subject to discuss, but my ears are open for you.

Bailey: I would like to mention this to my friend not my CO if that’s okay?

He nodded to her in assent.  He could separate himself from Sal the commanding officer and Sal the person.  He was, in both roles, Sal the counselor.  But that had always benefitted him – not the idea that he was trying to shrink heads, but the idea that he had learned how to listen to people.  To ask good questions that prompted them to talk more.  A good counselor was never in the pilot’s seat.  Always the co-pilot.  The person speaking was the driver and the only one who could make true, lasting changes within themselves.

Taybrim: I promise you that this is friend to friend.  ::he reached up to his collar and removed his pips, setting them on the table, before he looked back at her.:: Off the record.

Bailey: Thank you. My Uncle, Marc Clarence, was not a nice guy. Not nice to me. He spent his life physically and mentally abusing me and my sisters. During this mission I was reminded of those instances while fighting Klingons and treating Commander Galven. Reminded me of how I had failed.

Sal nodded gently, leaning forward to rest his chin on his hand, full attention afforded to the Elaysian.

Taybrim: Why do you feel that you failed in the past?

The question was open, not accusatory.  But gently pushing her to consider how she saw herself.  And that was the one thing Sal immediately picked up on.  The feelings of shame and blame.  He could understand why someone would feel that they failed in an instance like this, but part of his role as a counselor and as a friend was to help people adjust how they saw their role in such things.  To reassign blame to those who deserved it and forgive themselves for past actions, eventually erasing that mark of failure from their mind.

Bailey: ?

Taybrim: Did anyone speak negatively of you beyond your uncle?

He wanted to know if she was told by someone else that she had failed, or if this was something implanted by Marc Clarence’s actions.

Bailey: ?

He shook his head slowly, reassuringly.

Taybrim: No, I do not need details of what happened, unless you would find it cathartic to speak of them.  I believe you when you state that he was abusive and I understanding how manipulative a relationship like that can be, and it’s entirely valid to feel like a failure after that.  ::He paused and caught her gaze::  However feeling like a failure does not make you a failure.   

Bailey: ?

Taybrim: ::Gently:: And why would you say that?

Bailey: ?


Sal Taybrim
Sometimes just your friend and counselor
StarBase 118 Ops


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