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MSNPC Sogh (Lt.) Kelas Qevok: Klingon's salut shooting!

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((Klingon Territory, IKS O'griss))



Kregael: yaS! 'ar nI'qu' until latlh tlhIngan Duj ghom maH tlhIH'a'?! (Officer! How much longer until we meet the other Klingon ship?!)


Morlic:::trembling:: It should not... be much longer… Our ship is unable... to get to its highest warp capacity. 


Kregael: Get back up, you insufferable tribble maggot! Keep pushing forward! 

P'leeta: The

IKS Xiss is closer than we thought about a few lightyears away, sir. 


Kregael: About damn time you give me some good news! ::snarls a toothy grin:: Open a channel! 



Why aren’t they answering?! Launch a warning torpedo at the side of their ship. ::chuckles:: That’ll get their attention. 


P’leeta: Do you think we need to decloak so we can get a better connection?


Kregael: Gee, that sounds like a marvel idea! I’m sorry for thinking highly of my crew. I thought for sure YOU WOULD HAVE DONE IT ALREADY!


P’leeta: All yours, sir.

((Klingon Territory, IKS Xiss))

::The Klingon woman warrior growled like a wild targ when the O’griss appeared and the proximity bells start to dings. Normally that would happened in case of an attack, maybe a rival house that wanted to hit the Councilor ship to kill him and take his place in the Council.::

Kelas: Prepare for their boarding, we will defend until death the Councilor! Load the disrupters!!!

We’ll reduce in ashes those honorless.
::She barked just a second before they opened a channel. After all they use to shoot before to say hallo.::


Kregael: =/\= HoD Kregael to IKS Xiss =/\=

Kelas growled again. 

Kelas: =/\= Fek’hir is waiting for you in the Gret’hor! AK’tagh iihh yak a’ takk! Bahg! IK!! (What are you doing cloaked in our space?) =/\=


Kregael: =/\= Isn’t it obvious that we’re about to meet one another? =/\=


Kelas: =/\= Yes is obvious! Another second and we would destroy you! =/\=


Kregael: =/\= Let me speak to Councilor Odex directly. I have no time to speak to a sogh. =/\=


::Kelas growled again, louder and showing not so kindly her teeth!
She switched to the internal coms, kicking a console, like it would work better after that.::

Kelas: =/\= Councilor, HoD Kregael is here!  =/\=





Sogh Kelas Qevok  


House of Hok'Moc 

At the service of Councilor Odex

IKS Xiss 

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