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Ensign Lisa Hendon: The Chihuahua. NT


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So, below is actually two related sims. I really appreciated the humour and creativity in this scene. Something I definitely did not expect to read but thoroughly enjoyed. I hope y'all do too.

Edited to add a third sim, another in the ongoing, hilarious take of nurse vs snappy toy dog

Edited to add a fourth instalment that contains a pretty nifty twist. Didn't see that coming but it was pretty good!  

Edited by Blackwood
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OOC:- I just want to apologise to anyone who has a Chihuahua. I’m sorry but they give me the chills.

(( Embassy Medical Centre - Duronis II ))

(( Surgical area ))

Lisa walked along the corridor and noticed two nurses limping. One also had a bandaged hand.

Nurse 1: They only allow it in the room because she is matey with the Chief Surgeon.

Lisa: What and who?

Nurse 2: Mrs Van Peltz,

Lisa: She did that to your hand and legs?

Nurse 1: No. Mr Pom her dog,

Lisa moved towards the observation window. Bubbles Van Peltz was laying in bed , dozing. Suddenly something jumped up at the window. Making Lisa step backwards in alarm.

At first she was reminded of a very old movie. She had once seen on Earth. About a rather nasty Alien with a load of very sharp teeth.

The small dog had large protruding eyes pointed ears and a pair of nasty sharp little teeth. The growl that came from it. Seemed to belong to a creature. Twice the animals size. It stared at Lisa bearing those teeth. The creature snapped at the window. Falling off the ledge. It jumped up again growling.

The Chihuahua continued to jump at the window. Falling off the ledge each time. She pulled a face at it. Making the tiny biting machine more enraged.

Nurse 2: Great now it will never let us in there!

Lisa: Then do what my Uncle usually does. Use a phaser set on stun.

Nurse 1: Isn’t that a bit cruel?

Lisa: No. Cruel is giving it an injection of animal laxatives. While it’s twitching on the floor.
Ensign Lisa Tracy Hendon
Head Nurse
USS Thunder
Author ID:- W237809SP0
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(( Embassy Medical Centre - Duronis II ))

(( Surgical Suite ))

Lisa was glad the Chief Surgeons office. Had once been part of the medical conference room. This made it easy to discuss. The four legged problem. That was keeping them out of Recovery Room one. As they could watch as the evil little furry face. Kept appearing and disappearing. On the other side of the Recovery Room window.

Finally their lookout signalled that the Chihuahua. Had not appeared in the last ten minutes.

Nurse 1: Someones going to have to go in there. To check Mrs Van Peltz is ok.

The two nurses turned to Lisa. Who swore loudly and stepped back. Shaking her head.

Nurse 2: You are the head surgery nurse now. So really.....

Lisa: Yer Yer blah blah....  Ok I’ll go in there , but I’m going in armed!

Slowly she moved into the Recovery Room. Holding the phaser in front of her. After some funny looks. Lisa agreed to set it from kill to light stun.

She looked around. She couldn’t see Mr Pom. But he was in here somewhere.

Tip tip tip tip.

Lisa: I know your in here you little......

Tip tip tip tip.

Lisa: Come On show yourself I’m ready for you!!!

Tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip.

Suddenly something small and full of menace charged at her legs. But a pair of large arms reached out and grabbed the small dog.

Bubbles: Hello woe Mr Pom. Did who miss mummy?

The dog went from predator to cute mode in seconds. Giving its ‘ mummy ‘ a friendly lick. As zapping the dog who was in its owners arms. Would probably do more harm then good. Lisa hid the phaser and gave a smile.

Lisa: He loves his mummy...oO It’s just the rest of the Galaxy he hates...Oo

Bubbles: His mummy’s little boy, :: Letting the dog lick her lips ::

Vomiting over a patience was frowned on. Even if your uncle was Chief Surgeon. So after checking Bubbles bio bed readings. Lisa left the Room quickly.
Ensign Lisa Tracy Hendon
Head Surgical Nurse
USS Thunder
Author ID:- W237809SP0
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(( Embassy Medical Centre - Duronis II ))

(( Recovery Room 1 ))

Mr Pom: Grrrrrrrrrr!

A nasty little face with a mouth full of fangs. Looked at Lisa. As she tried to check Bubbles Van Peltz. After her heart operation.

Mr Pom: Grrrrrrrrrr!

Bubbles: Now now. Dats naughty. The nice lady is looking after mummy whummy,

Mr Pom: Grrrrrrrrrr!

Bubbles: He’s looking after his mummy,

Mr Pom: Grrrrrrrrrr!

Lisa: Really..... well so am I.
Mr Pom: Grrrrrrrrrr!

The tiny canine monster made a dive for Lisa’s hand. As she ran a scanner over Bubbles chest. But she was able to move her hand away quickly.Lisa mouthed ‘ you missed ‘ at the tiny animal. Mr Pom glared at her.

Mr Pom: Grrrrrrrrrr!

Bubbles: He does not mean any harm. Do you my little boy woy..
Mr Pom: Grrrrrrrrrr!

Was it her imagination? Or did it look like Mr Pom was planning something. The creature dropped to the floor.

Lisa knew there was no way. Her foot had trod on anything. But a second after Mr Pom had landed on the floor.


Bubbles: Oh my dear! What a fuss! What a fuss! Did she step on your ittle tooty. I am sure she didn’t mean it. Say your sorry nice lady.

Lisa: oO Yer I rather kiss a Targ who has been at the garlic ! Oo


Bubbles: He’s very highly strung,

Lisa: Yes He should be. But I am sorry he really should not be in here,


Bubbles: But your uncle said......


Lisa: I think he meant after you were back in the ward. Don’t worry I really like dogs. I’ll look after him.

Lisa grabbed the little mischievous creature, by the scruff of it’s neck.Once they were out of sight of Bubbles. She dropped the creature into a rubbish bin and closed the lid. Then lifting the lid slightly she said.

Lisa: Your [...] is in mine now. You little noisy monster. Your going to regret dropping me in it with your mistress......I have a nice little word for you.....castration....

Mr Pom: ‘ Gulp ‘
Ensign Lisa Tracy Hendon
Head Surgical Nurse
USS Thunder
Author ID:- W237809SP0
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(( Surgery suite ))

Once he had completed the twins medicals. Boris returned to the surgery suite. Hendon noticed the bandaged hands and ankles. Lisa and the other nurses. Where gathered around a dustbin. He smiled as they jerked back at his arrival.

Hendon: Let me guess. Mr Pom?

Lisa: The little **** is dead.

Hendon: You put it into that bin. To punish it for biting you,

Lisa: :: Mumbling :: and told him I was going to remove his *****. Must of been a heart attack,

Hendon: No it’s programmed to shut down. If threatened with castration. Just press the reset switch behind the ear and move away quick. The little monster is fast.

Lisa: You mean it’s not a real dog?

Hendon: Yep. The real Mr Pom died two years ago. When he rather foolishly attacked .The Klingon Ambassador to Earths two Jackal Targs. Bubbles had a more sturdy replacement made. Anyway I have completed Ambassador Brell’s twins physicals.

Lisa: I thought you don’t do those anymore? Won’t Dr Quen think your treading on her toes?

Hendon: It’s just a one off. After all I was the one who told Lyldra and Brell. They were expecting twins. I missed out on the births. It’s only correct I am the one. Who gives them their physicals. Now Brell and his family have returned.

Lisa grinned then reaching into the rubbish bin. She pressed the robot Chihuahua’s ear. Taking her hand away quickly. Boris looked into the rubbish bin.

Mr Pom: Grrrrrrrrr!!

Hendon: My friend Andrew manufactures these things. He gave me this useful code. Mr Pom. Abigail...

Mr Pom sat back wagging his tail. Boris reached in and picked him up. The little animal licked his face. But turned and showed his teeth at the others.

Hendon: Sadly it only works for me.

Lcmd Dr Boris Hendon


Chief Surgeon 
Duronis II Federation Embassy


USS Thunder-A
Author ID:- W237809SP0
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