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Lieutenant Cory Stoyer - Hook, line and sinker

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@Cory Stoyer is really getting in to his role of jilter lover. :D Had fun reading this.


((The Vortex, Leisure District, Nassau))

::Cory was sitting at one of the main bars in the Vortex club.  The music was loud and the beat hypnotic.  He was watching the crowd behind him using the mirror behind the bar.  Cory suggested a plan of action that his team was talking through.  To Cory it was a simple thing for him to do.::

Stoyer: We are running out of time, so if anyone has a better idea, I am all ears.

Neathler: What Doc said, we're not letting him go in alone. I'll find a way to accompany him if he gets an invitation. And I'll keep the commlink open so you two have a clue of what is going on, once we're inside.

::It made Cory feel better that his team wanted to join him.  But they had to get the door open.::

Tereen: Capricious human. Have you considered that she may turn you against us? She may attempt to take you as hostage if any part of your plan fails or, she may not see the need for a hostage and eliminate you immediately. ::Samira looked down towards Doc and Vad who gripped the jammer.:: How far does your plan reach, Dante?

Adea: Vad, you have a point, but there are four of us. We work together.

Stoyer: Yes, Vad I have thought about it a lot.  But I was hoping my team would save me from myself.

Tereen: ::Tonelessly.:: I am merely here to ensure that we thoroughly examine any action before taking it. It is illogical to assume any other intent. If we are going through with this…plan, then may I suggest we run a scan of the room—we need a better visualization of the interior as well as the exit routes and the number of occupants.

Stoyer: OK, but hurry.

Adea: Sensible, but can we triangulate the tricorders we have, gain more accurate readings?

Tereen: I considered this earlier. If you allow me to, I will quickly use your tricorder to discreetly send a modification code to Newt’s. Newt, you can then use that to give us eyes inside the room—I am particularly interested in that potential back exit. The jammer is complete. Once Dante has our target in position, I can remotely activate it, disabling any communications and/or transports specific to those signals in and surrounding that room.

Neathler: You'll need to bring the jammer with you in case we and our friend move to another location.

Stoyer: Good idea.  Kinda would like an idea of what I am stepping into.

Adea: That’s as safe as we’re going to get. Do it.

::Cory waited at the bar for Vlad to finish her scan.  He kept scanning the crowd behind him.  Doc's voice came over and got Cory started..::

Adea: Dante, feel free to start ranting and raving about Reynolds whenever you like. Make sure they can hear you.

::Cory nodded and got up from his seat.  It would be a bit weird to start ranting all of a sudden.  He wandered the floor watching dancers and brushing off the ladies that approached him.  Cory slowly headed to a bar near the door as he dared.  Sitting at an open stool.  The pretty Trill brunette bartender came over.  Her outfit did not leave much to the imagination.  The question of if the spots went all the way down was answered.::

Trill Bartender:  What can I get handsome?

::Cory gave one of his best roguish grins.  He saw her cheeks flush a bit.::

Stoyer: Got something to deaden pain and make me forget.

Trill Bartender: Sure thing.

::The bartender reappeared quickly enough with a large drink. Taking a sip and sighing out loud.  He looked up and saw her staring at him.::

Trill Bartender: Come on baby, tell me what's bothering you.  Maybe I can help?

::She flashed a dazzling smile.  Cory returned it.::

Stoyer: Thanks, but unless you can turn back time and give me the last 3 years of my life back. 

Trill Bartender: Oh, do tell.  Let me guess a woman? 

Stoyer:  Of course. 

::Cory paused dramatically.  This almost too perfect.  He felt a setup, but plunged in.::

Stoyer:  Let's see.  My wonderful now ex-wife who knew of my "occupation", didn't mind when she had the best of everything. Romulan ale, silks anything…  Being a minor Starfleet officer on a backwater Starbase was bad enough, so why not live a bit.

::The Trill nodded as he continued on.::

Stoyer: All that changed when she was selected as some Admiral's what do you call it……::a snap of fingers.:: aide.

Stoyer:  Now, her baggage can not be seen, lest it tarnish her Admiral.  I met her once.  What was her name...Reynolds.  Yeah, Admiral Reynolds.  An icy stare, I mean frozen.    ::Cory was getting into his impromtude story.::  Severe looking.  Soooo anyway where was I.  Now I am a liability.  So a quick divorce and a boot of the Starbase.  The ex moves to her wonderful starship….starts with a G….Greg, no….klingonish, Gorkon.  That's it.

::Cory was watching the Trill as he spoke.  He hoped it was passed off as ogling her, but he wanted to know if the hook was in.::

Stoyer:  So, some friends helped me and here I am.

Trill Bartender:  Baby, a customer needs me, don't go anywhere.

::Cory smiled on the inside.::

Stoyer:  I am not going anywhere.

::Cory watched her leave.  He continued to watch the crowd behind him.  A few moments and the bartender did not appear.  Cory started to get worried he over sold it.  A shadow fell over him.  He saw a very large Orion male standing behind him.  Cory turned in his stool and sized the Orion up.::

Stoyer:  Can I help you?

Orion:  Come with me.

::Cory got up off the stool and stood nose to nose with the Orion.  The guy needed lessons in bathing.::

Stoyer:  Why should I?  You are not my type.  I was talking to the pretty Trill bartender.

Orion: Sir, come with me or I can make you.

::Cory wasn't sure he could.  He trained with Lael Rosek and learned to hold his own.  But Cory knew the Orion had backup nearby.::

Stoyer:  My friends?

::Cory looked around to see if any of them were nearby.::

Orion: Last time come with me.

::With a sigh, Cory nodded.  It was a chance to get inside.  Cory was going to take it.  He hoped his friends would save him.::

Adea/Neathler/Tereen: Response

Lieutenant Cory Stoyer
Mission Specialist
USS Gorkon

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