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Marine Captain Logan - A question about shuttles

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Logan is certifiably insane and that's what makes this all the better it's been fun to write this with him, but I have concluded he's insane 100% @Kurt Logan
((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, USS Atlantis, Deck 11, Main Engineering, Main Level))

Logan oO Coma or caught in headlights ???? I'm not sure but being of Russian decent judging by the accent, well the tiny bit of soft accent that floats along it could be Vodka. But I'm not brave enough to mention that Oo
Koerner: I don’t understand what is even going on. I won’t lie you have me confused Captain, but then again that could happen to any of us.
::Seeming to ignore the Engineers comments Kurt carried on ::
Logan: This ball of yours, how small could you make it without it losing any power?
Koerner: I have been dabbling in making a smaller version of it and according to all my test it could be about the size of a pea, but I am not hugely confident in the model as of the current time.
Logan: Intriguing, very pretty numbers tell me can they change color to say a sparkly.........red
::Her maybe but not mentioned clear alcofrolic beverage that isn't Vodka- stupified coma'd rabbit look became if possible more blank faced::
Koerner: I mean I could if I so desired, but why would I?

Logan: Because you could, and if you could then I might well be interested in one 

:: Natalya visibly shook her head the remark made her chuckle. ::

Koerner: My biggest question is why would you want one?

Logan: A disco ball, maybe with claws on to anchor it to the ceiling.
::Kurt looked at her as if to say what else ?. Her response was to blink at him ....twice:: 
Koerner: I don’t know if what you want it for can be considered practical Sir, but just to humor your question. Yes, I could do it, however, I see no practical applications in your design.

Logan: Of it could move as well then .... oh my moving numbers 
Koerner: Well Sir, if you can get someone to sign off on the idea I might help you with it, but until then I can’t see the reasoning in it.
Logan: Just like that Jazz festival disco light that shone of Eagles head 

Koerner: Well he did like music so I could see him at a recital, but I do not ever recall this event and I was with him for quite a while.

Logan: He was a man of hidden feathers...... 
::A sudden thought washed across his face, then Kurt started to giggle::
Logan: Feathers ha ha ha, I'm so sorry Jazz was Douglas half a mohican haircut. Eagle was a Blues man ha ha 
Koerner: Response 
Logan: He stood on the Disco ball. Anyway as you were talking about shuttle craft...
::Kurt looked at her waiting for an answer::
Koerner: Response
Logan: Engine over pressure. How far can you take a shuttles engine 150 percent, 200 percent ?
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You're only just now figuring this out? :P


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