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PNPC Petra Bjarnadottir-Stoyer - Why??

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((Captain’s Yeoman’s Office, Deck 2, USS Triumphant))

::Petra Bjarnadottir-Stoyer had suffered through a rough couple of days. When she’d left their shared quarters after tell Cory she was leaving, it took everything not to turn around and go back, but she knew that she couldn’t. It broke her heart. 

::With everything that was going on, Cory avoiding her and Ayiana not coming to her to tell her, she couldn't stay.  Captain Brunsig had been wanting her for the Triumphant for a while now, so she took him up on the offer.  

::A little separation would be good for everyone involved.  

::So, she transferred over and settled in.  Her quarters were a lot smaller here than onboard the Gorkon.  She didn’t plan on staying in there a lot.  The short amount of time she stayed in there the madder she got, spending hours pacing back and forth.::

oO What did I do wrong? Oo

::The words crossed her mind several times over the last couple of days. 

::She thought she was a good wife, whatever that meant. She risked her life and career following Brunsig in stealing the Yarahla and searching for the Gorkon. 

::Things seemed to be great. Weren’t they?

::But after waking up from the dreamscape, everything went downhill. Cory spoke about what happened, waking up in Ayiana’s arms. That shook her, but Cory assured her there was nothing between them. 

::She scoffed as she paced in her rooms. What a fool she was.::

::A day later, it changed. He came to her and told her that there was something between them.  It devastated her in ways she didn’t think it could.  

::Her husband and friend. The woman she chose as her maid of honor.::

::So, they avoided one other, when all three of them knew it wasn’t supposed to end that way.

::Petra wanted to go ask why, but decided to see if someone else would come first. She waited.  Nothing.  The silence was deafening, the hesitation damning. Cory had been actively avoiding her. She had been keeping tabs on him, the perks of being the Flag Aide to the Admiral.  After she found out he had been hurt during one of those darn programs she hated, Petra knew it was time. She visited him in medical, made her choice, and packed at home.

::Something inside her wanted to go back to Cory and shake him until he came to his senses, then drag him to the counselor.  She could not to that Ayiana, despite a deep longing to. Her friend hadn’t spoken to her. It tugged at her in places she didn’t realise it could.

::Frustrated she threw the stylus back on her desk and stood up. Throwing her braids back over her shoulder, she stretched.:: 

Bjarnadottir-Stoyer:  Why?

::She’d had enough of crying.::

::She’d cried for the first several days, hiding away inside her quarters on the Triumphant. Brunsig had left her to it; not asking, not disturbing either. But those days were over, buried and forgotten in a mass of pillows and blankets. She refused to shed another tear. She loved Cory; she loved him so much, and this had cut deep and hard, splitting her open. 

::Sitting back down, she finished getting everything ready for Captain Brunsig for the morning review.::

::He’d told her there was a small, impromptu gym set up in the Shuttle Bay. She had to work off this frustration or she would never get to sleep.::

(PNPC) Lieutenant Junior Grade Petra Bjarnadottir-Stoyer
Captain’s Yeoman
USS Triumphant

Simmed by

Lieutenant @Cory Stoyer
Mission Specialist
USS Gorkon

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