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Ensign Genkos Sim - GS Call Home

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((Genkos Sim's Quarters, Deck 8. USS Gorkon))

:: Returning back to his quarters from his busy day carrying out medical exams, Genkos plopped his cane into the rack he'd had made specially before plopping himself down on the bed. As much as he fancied sleep, he thought he had better check his messages. Shifting himself over to the monitor, he tapped at a few buttons. There were a couple of messages, one about how the Rangers were going to be folded into the rest of the crew, another about the shift patterns in sick bay, and the last one was from somebody called Tillul Sim.::

oO Dad! Oo

::Reading the message it was an incredibly formal enquiry into Genkos' health and time aboard the Gorkon. Genkos smiled - his father was incredibly personable in real life, but on paper (or PADD) he wrote in an oddly staccato manner. He thought about writing an equally staccato response - mum would like that - but checked the time. He had ages until his next appointment - the CMO had postponed their appointment, so he had the rest of the day off. ::

oO Do you know what, I'm going to call them! Oo

Genkos: =/\= Computer, connect me to the house of Tillul and Laxe Sim, on Betazed. Put it on my monitor. =/\=

:: After a brief pause, his monitor flashed and the friendly face of his father appeared. ::

Tillul: Genkos! What a pleasant surprise!

Genkos: Well I have some time, thought I'd give you all a call.

Tillul: You're looking well, wait until your mother sees you! ::calling off:: LAXE! GENKOS IS CALLING!

::Just off-screen, Genkos could hear his mother's faint response.::

Laxe: What?

Tillul: Just a second son.

::Tillul stood up and walked off-screen, leaving Genkos to mull over his decision - he'd not really spoken to them since joining the Gorkon. Did he give them the abridged version, or the warts-and-all tale that might not paint himself in the best light. But before he could make a decision, his father returned, this time with his mother. Tillul was a tall thin man, much like Genkos, but with white hair and a face line from smiling and laughing so much. Laxe was a little fuller, but not what one would call fat, and was a little sterner of temper. Not much, but still. ::

Laxe: Hello my boy. Don't you look well? They feed you well on that spaceship?

Genkos: They do mum, I'm getting my three square meals.

Laxe: But you do get to eat non-replicated food sometimes right?

Tillul: Laxe, replication is just as safe and nutritious as grown food.

Laxe: I'm not so sure.

::Genkos smirked. Some things never change. ::

Genkos: So, how are things with you?

Tillul: With us? We're just the same as the day you left for your ship. Nothing's changed here.

Laxe: But what about you? What's jetting around space like?

Genkos: Pretty exciting. I -

::Without meaning to, Genkos gave them a complete history of the his time aboard the Gorkon. Starting with the tail end of the rescue aboard Starbase 173, the construction of Tasha MacFarlane's arm, shore leave aboard the Cloud Skipper, and then a detailed retelling of his time at the Sikuna colony, from his first encounter with the Governor, to his harsh words to Dhisuia and the beating she received because of it, and finally telling them all about the fight for her life that followed. His parents laughed and cried along with him - feeling immense pride when he detailed just how he designed and attached the Ensign's new arm, feeling appalled at his harsh words to the Romulan, expressing anxiety as Genkos described his and Commander Vess' struggle to keep Dhisuia alive. At the end of it all, Genkos was an emotional wreck.::

Tillul: Son, I cannot pretend to be proud of what you said to that Romulan. But - and I'm sure your mother agrees with me here - you did everything to atone for your words.

Laxe: Actions speak louder than words Genkos. And you saved that woman's life. You kept your oath and kept her alive. She wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.

Genkos: But she might never have been in that position if not for me.

Tillul: That's a mighty leap of logic son. A Vulcan would scold you for that. What's to say that she, or somebody else, wasn't going to get beaten bloody that day? Tempers were running high.

Laxe: It was inevitable.

Genkos: Thanks guys. I miss you.

Laxe: We miss you too. Maybe next time, convince your CO to have shore leave here.

Genkos: Maybe I will, maybe I will.

Laxe: We love you son.

Genkos: I love you.

Tillul: We'll have to love you and leave you though - we're going for dinner at the Costanz's and I'm not ready. Mentally or physically.

Genkos: ::laughing:: Have a great time.

:: And with that they were gone...::

Ensign Genkos Sim MD
Medical Officer
USS Gorkon

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