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PNPC - PO 3rd class Por'kus - Bed time


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((Corridor, USS Atlantis))


:: Por’kus waddled down the corridor with his arms piled high with packages and bags, so high in fact that he could barely see over them. Not that he really cared. All that mattered was that he not drop anything. ::


:: It did not take long before he reached the door to his room and he was grateful for the door sensors that automatically opened the door to let him enter. It had taken him forever it seemed to figure out how to carry all of this stuff and he was glad that he did not have to set it down and then pick it up again. ::


((His quarters))


:: Once inside his quarters he started to walk across his room when he stumbled and tripped on a pile of dirty laundry, he fell, arms flying wide and bags and boxes went everywhere. ::


:: It took him a moment but he pushed himself up and rolled over to sit on the floor, reaching up with one hand to rub his snout where he had banged it on the floor. It felt ok, no blood so he got the rest of the way up and started to pick up stuff. He had a large self-contained fridge in the corner of his room that had its own power source so he did not need worry if the ship lost power. He opened boxes and bags and put over half of the contents in the fridge, restocking his midnight snack supply. ::


:: It was an advantage being an engineer, as a result he knew how to build, maintain and customize just about anything, like the fridge and microwave. A replicator would have been more efficient but only officers had those in their quarters and they had to be hard wired into the ships systems in order to operate. The next best thing was his fridge and microwave. ::


:: When he started to pick up one of the bags it was soggy and easily ripped open. All of the congealed liquid from the Otherian squid soup gushed out making a mess on the floor. He tossed what was left of the bag and the container towards his garbage can and they bounced off the mound of empty food containers and fell onto the floor. ::


:: Looking around he spotted an empty bowl and near it his dustpan. Picking up the dustpan he scooped up as much of the soup as he could making sure that he got all of the chunks of squid then dumped the mess into the bowl. Then he kicked the dirty laundry over the puddle that was left and picked up the bowl and stuffed it into the microwave. ::


:: While the soup was heating up he finished putting away the rest of his food and snacks. ::




:: At the sound he stopped, opened the microwave and took out the bowl. It smelled fantastic. Looking around he spotted a large spoon sticking out from under his pillow and walked over to grab it. He pushed a half-eaten sandwich out of the way and sat on his bed, bowl in one hand spoon in the other. ::


:: As he ate, enjoying one of his favourite soups he wondered what kinds of foods they had on this Devron planet they were going to visit. Maybe he would get a chance to visit it and sample some of the local cuisine. He hoped so. The only think he liked more than eating was drinking and being a member of Starfleet gave him the opportunity to try lots of new and unusual dishes, foods and drinks. ::


:: Finished eating he tossed the bowl to land on top of the dirty laundry, stood up and stripped out of his dirty clothes, tossing them onto the pile. As he did he glanced over at his open closet. He had 3 more clean uniforms, then he would have to wash this stuff. ::


:: He yawned, scratched his butt through the huge hole in his underwear then sat back down on the sandwich. He rolled to the side enough for him to reach under himself and grab it, then he took a big bite and started to chew as he leaned back and rolled over to lay down on his bed. He fell asleep in moments with the remnants of the sandwich scattered all over him and the bed. ::    




PNPC – Junis Kov Por’kus

Petty Officer, 3rd class


USS Atlantis, NCC-74682


As simmed by


Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar

Chief Security & Tactical Officer

USS Atlantis, NCC-74682

Tal Tel-ar’s Writer’s ID: T237708TT0

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